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Confederation of Central Government Employees in All India Conference


HELD AT Kolkata- FROM 4th MAY to 6th MAY 2013.

I. Resolutions moved by the Presidium:

Following Resolutions was moved by the Presidium:

    Resolution on Food Security – moved by Com. Duraipandyan
    Resolution on FDI – moved by Com. Rajagopal
    Resolution on Price Rise – moved by Com. Nageswara Rao
    Resolution on Natural Resources – moved by Com. M.S. Raja
    Resolution on women atrocities – moved by Com. KV Sridharan
    Resolution on FDI in Retail – moved by Com. K . Raghvendran
    Resolution on Casual Laborers – moved by Com. K.K.N.Kutty
    Resolution on GDS – moved by Com. K. Raghvendran
    Resolution on uniforms & stitching charges – moved by Com. Raghavendran
    Resolution functioning of JCM – moved by Com. Vrighu Battacharjee
    Resolution on appointing 7th Central Pay Commission- moved by Com. Jayaraj KV
    Resolution on merger of 50% of DA for all Govt. employees – including GDS Staff – moved by Com. Jayaraj K.V

II.            Resolution moved by the Resolution Committee:

A Resolution Committee under the convener ship of Com. Jayaraj KV was appointed. The committee invited resolutions from the delegates and affiliated organizations participated in the Conference. About 136 issues were brought to the notice of the Resolution Committee by the participants. 18 Federations/organizations were submitted their proposal.

Following were the members of Resolution Committee:

  Jayaraj .K.V                       Convener        National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees
     Giriraj Singh                       Member          National Federation of Postal Employees
     Nageswara Rao                 Member          All India Audit & Accounts Assn
     Yashwant Purohit               Member          Income Tax Employees Federation
     Chourasya R.K                  Member          All India Civil Accounts Assn

After scrutinizing the subjects, 48 resolutions proposed to adopt in the 24th all  India     Conference Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers. Following   are the resolutions moved by Com. Jayaraj K.V. Convener, Resolution Committee:

Against the anomalies in MACP/ACP

 To upgrade the Pay Scale of LDC & UDC with Grade Pay of Rs2400 and 2800 respectively
 To enhance the Rate of Overtime Allowance
  To enhance the Rate of Night Duty Allowance and to remove the ceiling
 Against the closure of the Government Offices
 To Rationalise all Minerals of the Country
 To declare 1st May – MAY DAY – as National Holiday
 Demanding stringent action against Scam and corruption
 To Scrap the New Pension Scheme
 To ensure Five promotion in the Service Carrier
 For permanent negotiating machinery with All India Federations/Associations recognized under CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 apart from JCM Forum
 To rectify the deficiencies in the existing DA pattern
 For parity in the pay of Secretariat Staff and filed office staff – ministerial and auxiliary staff
 To rectify the discrepancies in the Transport Allowance – IT Exemption, TA for field staff who are away from office on tour, etc
To improve the CGHS Facilities – entitlement of wards in Hospital under CGHS based on Pay in PB + GP, Revision of packages, Empanelment of more Hospital in CGHS, etc
To remove the restriction in compassionate Ground Appointment
To Amend the Bonus Act on various clauses – Ensure 8.33% of the Gross salary as Bonus, Removal of ceiling on Bonus, etc
    To ratify the ILO conventions No 87,98, 151 & 154 to grant of all civilian and trade union rights including the right to strike for Government Employees
    Against downsizing, out sourcing and contracturisation
    To fill up all vacancies in all Central Government Establishments and remove ban on recruitment
    To implement the arbitration awards
    For improvement in the House Building Advances – To reduce the rate of interest, One more chance to avail HBA who already taken earlier to improve the existing accommodation, allowing to avail HBA for extension, renovation of exiting own accommodations, HBA for purchasing resale flats/houses
    To exempt Children education Allowance from Income Tax
    To restore the Rate of Interest on GPF to 12%
    To revise various Allowances such as Winter Allowances, Hill Compensatory Allowances, Tribal Allowances, etc. and to ensure the rate on par with the concerned state Governments.
    To revise the Gratuity equal to last drawn one month salary and to extend the gratuity to the employees joined after 01.1.2004
    Restore two increments or more  on acquiring additional qualifications
    To enhance – double the CEGIS coverage limit
    To remove the anomalies in the pay of Direct Recruitees and the promotees in the all cadre
    To allow Air fare to the employees of North Eastern Region for the purpose of LTC, TA, Travel on medical ground on referral
    To enhance all Allowances such as DA, HRA, Special Allowances by 25% from the date of attaining DA 50%
    To extend CCL to the single parent – i.e. in case of the mother expired
    To sanction special leave for cancer patent for treatment
    To extend medical re imbursement for fertility treatment at least for first sitting
    To treat Kalpakkam as a satellite town of Chennai and Tarapur as a satellite town of Mumbai for the purpose of HRA
    To give one more option to  switch over from CPF to GPF
    To remove the ceiling of Patient Care Allowances
    To place the Temporary Status employees joined before 2004 and regularized later into Statutory pension Scheme
    To modify the OM issued by Dept of Expenditure to fix the Pay on promotion to a post carrying higher duties and responsibilities carrying the same grade pay by deleting the reference previous OM by the Department issued in the year 2000, i.e. prior to the implementation of 6th CPC
    For extending Pension to the employees of Brahmaputra Board, Assam
    To extend one increment to those employees retiring in between January and June
    To notify the Recruitment Rule/Promotion Norms for Canteen employees
    To Extend the payment of arrears  to all employees working in audit and accounting organizations from 01.01.1196 to 18.02.2003 as per the Supreme Court verdict pronounced in the case of Sebastian & Others Vs. Govt. of India
    To Extend the benefit given to Venkat Raman while implementing ACP by the Railway Board as per the Supreme Court to all other similar placed employees
    To stepping up the Pay Scale of Seniors on par with the juniors who are elevated on account of ACPs
    To abolish the license fee for the Departmental Quarters allotted to the employees since the HRA is recovering fully.
    To allow PF withdrawal for second or third time for similar purposes such as purchase of house Plot, Flat, construction of House, etc
    To vacate All Trade Union Victimisation

Next meeting with Trade Unions scheduled on 22-05-2013 due to the impact of Two days strike

ANSWERED ON      07.05.2013



Will the Minister of    HOME AFFAIRS  be pleased to state:-

(a)    Whether the trade unions have organized two days strike/bandh on 20 and 21 February, 2013 in the country;

(b)    If so, the details thereof and the reasons therefor;

(c)    Whether the Government has constituted a Committee to examine the reasons behind the protests and violence and if so, the details thereof; and

(d)    The details of the main recommendations of the Committee along with the outcome thereof and the follow-up action taken by the Government thereon?



(a) & (d): Yes Madam. Trade unions have organized two days strike/bandh on 20 and 21 February, 2013 in the country. The agitation is to press for their 10-point charter of demands including check on price rise, strict enforcement of labour laws, concrete measures for employment generation, universal social security cover for workers and creation of a National Social Security Fund, stoppage of contractorisation of work of permanent/perennial nature and payment of wages and other benefits to contract workers at par with regular workers, amendment to Minimum Wages Act for fixation of statutory minimum wages @ Rs. 10,000 per month and stoppage of disinvestment in PSUs.

(c) & (d): Hon’ble Minister for Labour & Employment had held a meeting on 13.02.2013 with the representatives of All the Major Central Trade Unions and requested them not to resort to strike on 20th & 21st February, 2013. Subsequently, GOM consisting of Senior Cabinet Ministers held round of discussion on 18.02.2013 and conveyed the serious intent of the Government to resolve various issues raised in their charter of demands. Inspite of the meeting, the Major Central Trade Unions have resorted to strike on 20th & 21st February, 2013. The discussions by the GOM with the representatives of the Major Central Trade Unions is a continuous process and is scheduled next on 22.05.2013 to resolve the demands.

No Madam, No committee has been constituted by the Government to examine the reasons behind the protests and violence. However, Hon’ble Minister of Labour & Employment has held a meeting on 13.02.2013 with the representatives of Major Central Trade Union and requested them not to resort to strike on 20th & 21st February, 2013. Subsequently, GOM consisting of Senior Cabinet Ministers held a round of discussion on 18.02.2013 and convey the serious intent of the Government to resolve various issues raised in their demand. Inspite of that all the Major Central Trade Unions resorted to strike on 20th & 21st February, 2013 throughout the country.


NPS (National Pension System) Schemes for Financial Year 2012-13 yields DOUBLE DIGIT return

NPS (National Pension System) Schemes for Financial Year 2012-13 yields DOUBLE DIGIT return
The National Pension System (NPS) regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has delivered double digit returns for the financial year 2012-13 and has evidenced itself as not just being the cheapest retirement product but also as the highest returns generating scheme.
PFRDA advises that various NPS schemes have earned the following average annual returns during the financial year recently ended on 31st March, 2013 (Weighted Average):

Details are as under:

Sr. No.SchemeAverage returns (in %)
1Central Government12.39
2State Government13.00
4Private: Equity8.38
5Private: Corporate Debt14.19
6Private: Government Debt13.52

Last year PFRDA had issued revised guidelines for Registration of Pension Fund Managers to manage NPS for Private sector, under which eight Pension Fund Managers have been registered so far- SBI Pension Funds Pvt. Ltd., UTI Retirement Solutions Ltd., LIC Pension Fund Ltd., Kotak Mahindra Pension Fund Ltd., Reliance Capital Pension Fund Ltd., ICICI Prudential Pension Funds Management Co. Ltd., HDFC Pension Management Co. Ltd. and DSP Black Rock Pension Fund Managers Pvt. Ltd.
Pension Fund Managers are now allowed to prescribe their own fee subject to ceiling of 0.25% to enable an economically viable model for their operations.
PFRDA also recently revised its Investment Guidelines, with a view to improve performance of Pension Fund Managers by direct investment in equity & corporate debt and not through mutual funds etc. Further for better risk management prudential sectoral norms have also been introduced.
The National Pension System which was introduced by the Central Government in January 2004 for its new entrants and subsequently extended to the private sector in May 2009 has accumulated a corpus of Rs 33,000 crores contributed by 50 lakhs subscribers.

NPS (National Pension System) - Latest status of subscribers of NPS as on 7 May 2013

NPS (National Pension System) - Latest status of subscribers of NPS as on 7 May 2013

 The PFRDA published a new latest table of subscribers of National Pension Scheme as on 7th May 2013. 

The NPS status report as on May 7, 2013 is given as under: 


SI. No.Employer/Sector Number of Corpus under NPS subscribers(In Rs. crore)
1.Central Government11,55,30718,693
2.State Government16,84,64911,741
3.Private Sector2,27,1811,529
Till date 8,817 Tier II accounts have been activated

Status of Implementation of NPS by various States Number of States
Total Number of States28
Number of States joined NPS23
States notified joining NPS but are yet to adopt NPS architecture 2
(Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu)
States yet to notify NPS (West Bengal, Keralab, Tnpura)3
* Kerala has indicated n-pnnciple approval for joining NPS w.e.f. 01.04.2013


Model Calculations - FAQ of CSC-2012

FAQ of CSC-2012 : The department of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) has issued illustrations to calculate the pension at revised rates for OROP Pensioners and family pensioners...

Some model Calculations are done here

Being a commissioned officer of Regular Army, the revision is to be done as per Annexure –A (table No 1) annexed to PCDA (P) Circular No 500. Look in relevant column for the rank and relevant row for qualifying service.

The revised pension w.e.f. 24.9.2012 comes out to 27795/- P.M.

Case - I      
    Name of Pensioner     J.S. Bala
    Name of Bank     SBI Chandigarh
    Existing Pension    26050/- ( Circular No. 397 )
    Rank    Colonel
    Qualifying Service    26 Years 05 Months
    Date of Commencement    07/06/1990

Being the family of a commissioned officer of Army, the revision is to be done as per annexure –A (table No -2) annexed to PCDA (P) Circular No 500. The revised pension w.e.f. 24.9.2012 comes out to 10923/- p.m.

Case - II      
    Name of Pensioner     Smt. Amarjit Kaur
    Name of Bank    SBI Mohali
    Existing Pension    8679/- ( Circular No. 397 )
    Rank    Major
    Date of Commencement    19/07/1990

Case - III      
    Name of Pensioner     Sukhvinder Singh
    Name of Bank    SBI Ropar
    Existing Pension    13500/- ( Circular No. 397 )
    Rank    MWO-Hony.Flying Officer
    Qualifying Service    34 Years
    Date of Commencement    01/01/1985
    Date of Birth     08/12/1929

The existing pension of the pensioner is not in order. Firstly, it needs to be raised to 13590/- from 13500/- P.M. wef 01/07/2009 as per PCDA (P) Circular No 482 dt 19/04/02012. Then look for revised pension for the Rank and QS in Table -20 (Air Force) annexed to Circular NO 501. The revised pension should be 15465/- wef 24/09/12.

Moreover, as the pensioner is more than 80 years old, he is also entitled to additional pension corresponding to revised pension.

Nodel Officer for Queries Complaints Related to CSC 2012

Shri S. K. Mahajan, SAO
O/o The PCDA(P)
Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad
Contact No. : 0532- 2421877, 2421879
Ext : 307, 327
Email Address :,



FAQ in relation to One Rank One Pension:

FAQ of CSC - 2012 : The department of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) has issued clarifications as Frequently Asked Questions on implementation of One Rank One Pension to pensioners / family pensioners...

FAQs on Implementation of OROP vide Govt. Order dated 17.01.2013

Q: 1 Are these orders applicable to those pensioners also whose date of commencement of pension is exactly 01.01.2006 ?
A: Yes, these orders are applicable to all the pensioners/family pensioners whose date of commencement of pension is on or before 01.01.2006.

Q: 2 The date of commencement of family pension in respect of a family pensioner is 01.04.2006 whose late husband had retired from the service on 31.08.1999. Will the family pension of the family be revised under these orders?
A: Yes, the family pension will be revised under these orders because the deceased soldier was a pre-2006 retiree.

Q: 3 It is being contended by some pensioners/their associations that the arrears on account of this revision should be paid w.e.f. 01.01.2006 as the orders are merely an amendment to GOI, MoD letter dated 11.11.2008. Please clarify?
A: As the provision of these orders are effective from 24the September 2012. Hence no arrears shall be allowed for the past period.

Q:4 Will the additional pension also be revised accordingly ?
A: The improved pension will be the basic pension from 24.09.2012 and hence additional pension payable will also be revised accordingly by the PDA.

Q:5 The basic pension of a pre-2006 pensioner (Rank - Havildar , Group ‘D’) of Army having total qualifying service of 15 years is slated to be increased from 3500/- p.m. to 5301/- P.M. Is such a high increase in Basic Pension is in order?
A: The increase in BP from 3500/- to 5301/- P.M for the pensioner with particulars as mentioned above is in order. It is evident from the existing basic pension of 3500/-PM and the particulars given above that the PDA has not revised pension of the individual correctly w.e.f. 01.07.2009. The correct entitlement of the individual is as under:

Basic Pension w.e.f. :
DateAmount (Rs.)PMCiruclar No.

Q:6 In most of the cases neither the pensioner has applied to the PDA for revision of their pension nor any Corr PPO or instructions have been received by the PDA from the PSA. Please supply the proforma of application in this regard?

A: It has been clearly mentioned in the orders that the revision of pension by PDAs has to be made with reference to Pension Tables annexed to the orders. No further authorization from the PSA or any application from the affected pensioner is required to carry out the revision.

Q:7 The tables annexed to circular No 501 & Circular No. 502 start from QS of 15 years onwards. How to revise the pension of a pensioner having less than 15 years if qualifying years?
A: Following elements of pension / type of pension are to be revised by PSA.

    Special Pension
    Invalid pension
    Service element of disability pension in respect of PBOR discharged with less than 15 years qualifying service
    Service pension of TA personnel irrespective of their QS service and
    Service element of War Injury Pension and Liberalized Disability Pension

Q:8 Mr. ‘X’ who is a Hony Nb Sub, Gp ‘D’ pensioner having total QS of 24 years is already drawing a basic pension of 7750/- PM. However as per table – 4 (Army) annexued to Cir No 501, his basic pension w.e.f. 24.9.12 should be 7601/- PM. Please advise how to regulate such cases.
A: The existing pension of the pensioner in such cases might have been revised by PCDA (P) by issuing Corr PPO (s) based on some courts orders etc. No action by PDA is required in such cases.

Q:9 Mr ‘X’ is a DSC pensioner in receipt of two pensions, one for regular Army service, and another for DSC service. Are both these pensions to be revised by PDAs?
A: The pension for regular Army service will only be revised under these orders by the PDA. A reference for revision of pension for DSC service will be sent to PCDA (P).

Q:10 The tables annexed to Circular No 501, in respect of DSC pensioner seem to be incomplete e.g. the table in respect of Sep of DSC are only up to QS of 23 years. How to revise pension of a sep of DSC who has total QS of 24 years or above?
A: Sepoy in DSC have maximum engagement period up to 20 years only with the exception that the maximum term of engagement can be up to 23 years in case of pensioner retired on or 30.5.98. Hence QS in such type of cases may be restricted to the maximum permissible and pension revised accordingly. Period-wise complete list of maximum terms of engagement for JCOs/ORs is enclosed in Appendix-X to Cir No 501.

Q:11 There is no table annexed to Cir No 502 to revise Ordinary Family Pension for NOKs of DSC Personnel. Please advise how to revise such cases ?
A: The family pension in respect of DSC personnel who are in receipt of family pension for only DSC service are to be revised at the same rates as given for family pensioners of Regular Army. DSC personnel on “clerical duty” and “other duty” are entitled for family pension of regular Army personnel of group “Y” and “Z” respectively.

Q:12 What are the basic fields/data required to revise pension under these order?
A: The basic fields/data required to revise pension under these orders are as follows:

Type of pension viz Retiring pension/service pension/ Ordinary Family Pension/ Special Family Pension/ War 1. Injury Pension/ Dependant Pension
2. Rank of the pensioner
3. Group of the pensioner (only for JCOs / PBORs)
4. Qualifying service (without weightage)
5. Record Office
6. Date of commencement
7. Date of Retirement

Q :13 How to look for the above information in the PPO or related record ?
A: In case of Post -86 retires all the information is generally available in the original PPO of the Pensioner. In cases where the required information is not available in the PPO or other record of the PDA, the missing information may be called for from the PSA concerned.

Q:14 In case of Pre-86 retires Qualifying service is generally not available in the PPO of the pensioner. Pl. advise the way out to regulate such cases.
A: The qualifying service in such type of cases can be looked for in the original Descriptive Roll of the pensioner or in the Corrigendum PPO(s). Original discharge book/certificate issued to the pensioner by the Record office is also an authentic source of such information.

Q: 15 Is capturing of information about Record office financially importance or can be done away with?
A: Following are the 4 major categories of JCOs/PBORs based on Record office.

Naval Record Office
Air Force Record Office
DSC Cannanore Record Office
All other Record offices except those mentioned above.

Different tables are available to cater to these categories and hence the importance of information about Record Office can’t be done away with.


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