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OFB: Clarification regarding ACP/MACP

OFB: Clarification regarding ACP/MACP
Clarification regarding ACP/MACP in r/o SAT/SCT
No.Pay/Tech-I/01(^th CPC) ACP
Dated: 3/05/2018
All Controllers of Finance & Accounts (FYS)
& Br. AOs
Sub: Clarification regarding ACP/MACP in r/o SAT/SCT
A copy Of OFB letter No. 01/6th CPC/MACP/Per/Policy dated 11.04.2018 regarding clarification for grant of financial up-gradation to departmental candidates of SAT/SCT Scheme is forwarded herewith for information and necessary action / compliance, please.

Encls: As Above.
Asstt Controller of Accounts (FYS.)

Source: http://pcafys.nic.in/

11th Bipartite Talks: Meeting at DFS on 2nd May 2018

(Registered under the Trade Unions Act 1926, Registration No: 727/MDS)
State Bank Buildings, St. Mark's Road, Bangalore - 560 001
DATE: 03. 05. 2018


We reproduce hereunder the text of AIBOC Circular No. 2018/15 dated 2nd May, 2018 contents of which are self-explicit.
QUOTE: The Finance Ministry invited us for a discussion based on the memorandum we had submitted to Department of Financial Services and RBI. The meeting took place at the Office of Mr. Ravi Mittal, Additional Secretary Finance. Mr. Amit Agarwal, Joint Secretary, DFS also joined.
Discussions were held on the following issues:
1. Wage Revision:  The talks have resumed but the issue of Mandate and Quantum has to be settled. Lady Officer's issues were to be taken care.
The response was positive. The addl. Secretary said “Your arguments are well taken. We will see what best can be done”
2. Appointment of Officer Director / Employee Director: The response was that steps have been taken.
3. Implementation of the recommendation of Parliament Standing Committee on NPA: The response was that the Standing Committee is going to come up with fresh recommendations soon.
4. Levy for Tax on Net Profit: The response was that it will be explored with the concerned ministries.
5. Tax on CRR: The response was that it is an issue RBI has to decide.
6. Reimbursement of Expenditure on Govt Schemes:  No response
7. Cross Selling: The response was very positive. The officials are also of the opinion that the income should be credited to the Banks commission account.
8. Review of RBI Policies; PCA, NCLT etc: Now no proposal for Bad Bank. The issues are to be taken up with RBI.
9. Service Tax on Banks for on Services Charges waived: The response was that efforts are on to solve the issue.
10. Superannuation Benefits: We have submitted detailed memorandum related to various issues concerning superannuation benefits.
11. General: The Banking Sector may take another two years to get rid of the problems. Image of the Banking system has to be restored by all of us together.
Comrades, this is the first time we were invited for an official discussion. The discussions were positive. The dialogue should continue.
Comradely yours,
Encl: Copy of the letter submitted to DFS today.

Text of letter No. AIBOC/2018/28 dated 01. 05. 2018
The Additional Secretary,
Department of Financial Services
Govt of India

Dear Sir,

Issues affecting Banking Sector
Thank you very much for inviting us for a discussion. We thank the Ministry for the following:
1. The IBA has called us for the Wage Negotiation on 5th May 2018 after our meeting with the Secretary, DFS on 21. 03. 2018.
2. The implementation of Ind As has been deferred by one year giving small relief to Banks.
3. RBI has reduced the provision for accounts transferred to NCLT by 40% instead of 50%.
4. The provision for Investment Fluctuation has been allowed to be spread for 4 quarters instead of one.
However the following issues remain and we request your urgent intervention.

Wage Revision: The issue of restricted mandate has not been settled yet. SBI, PNB, UBI, Indian Bank, CBI and BOB have given restricted mandate. This requires your personal intervention.
There is widespread disenchantment with the salary structure. Recently Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana Govts. have given a good salary hike. Hence, we request your intervention for a decent wage hike without looking at the Net Profit as Banks are instrumental in implementing the Govt. schemes without any compensation. Moreover, in the last 3 years Banks have written off Rs. 2,41,000 Crores and our Wage Revision cost will be negligible in comparison. Without employee satisfaction the Banks can't grow.

The starting basic of an officer in Govt is Rs. 56100/-
The starting basic of an officer in RBI is Rs. 35150 /-
The starting basic of an officer in LIC is Rs. 33745/-
The starting basic of an officer in Bank is Rs. 23700/-

Basic Pay is crucial for everything including superannuation. Hence we request that it should be similar to that of the Central Govt. Officers as presented by the Pillai Committee.
Our other demands are:

i) Five Day Week
ii) Regulated Working Hours
iii) Child care leave for ladies with salary
iv) Crèche facility
v) Assured Pension etc.

[Copy of Charter of Demands & Further Notes submitted to IBA enclosed]

Appointment of Officer Director / Employee Director. At present no Public Sector Bank has an Officer Director or Employee Director.
Implementation of the Recommendation of the Parliament Standing Committee on NPA. If the recommendations are implemented the entire Banking Industry can be saved. (Copy of the Report enclosed)

Please don't levy tax on Gross Profit. The tax should be on net profit. RBI should provide interest on CRR which at present is almost one lakh crores. This will help the Banks.

Reimburse Expenditure on Govt Schemes. The expenditure on Jandhan, Pension Yojana and other Govt Schemes if reimbursed will help the Banks.

Stop Cross Selling: In the name of Universal Banking we have allowed Banks to sell insurance, Mutual Funds & other products. The huge incentive has lead to misselling. Please intervene. (Note Enclosed)

Review PCA: The 11 banks under PCA have not improved their performance. Hence a review is needed.

Review IBC & NCLT: Both have created lot of problems. They are not helping Banks but benefit the defaulters and new purchasers of the companies. Urgent steps are needed.
Yours faithfully,
D. T. Franco
General Secretary
Encl: As above
Source: http://aisbof. org/

UPSC: Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination - 2018

UPSC: Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination - 2018
07 MAY 2018
Union Public Service Commission will be conducting the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination-2018 on 03.06.2018 (Sunday) all over India. The Commission has uploaded the e‑Admit Card for the convenience of the admitted candidates on its website (http://www.upsc.gov.in). The candidates are advised to download their e-Admit Cards and take a printout thereof. The admitted candidates will have to produce the printout of their e-Admit Card at the allotted Venue for appearing at the Examination.

In case the photograph is not clear, blurred or not available on the e-Admit Card, candidates will have to carry two (2) identical photographs (one photograph for each Session) along with proof of Identity such as Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID Card etc. and the printout of e-Admit Card at the Venue of the Examination for appearing at the Examination with an undertaking. No paper Admit Card will be issued for this Examination. In case of any discrepancy in the e-Admit Card, the same may be communicated to the Commission immediately by email (at email ID uscsp-upsc@nic.in) for taking the decision in the matter.

The candidates are advised to take a printout of the e-Admit Card well in advance to avoid the last minute rush. "Important Instructions to the candidates" must be read carefully by the candidates.
It may also be noted that entry into the Examination Venue shall be closed 10 minutes before the scheduled commencement of the Examination i.e. 09:20 A.M. for the Forenoon Session and 02:20 P.M. for the Afternoon Session. No candidate shall be allowed the entry into the Examination Venue after closure of the entry.

Candidates should also note that they shall not be allowed to appear at any other Examination Venue except the Examination Venue mentioned in the e-Admit Card.

Candidates are also advised to bring Black Ball Point Pen as the candidates shall be required to fill the OMR Answer Sheets and Attendance List with Black Ball Point Pen only.

Candidates may submit representations, if any, on the questions asked in the Question Papers of this Examination to the Commission through the "Online Question Paper Representation Portal (QPRep)" only by accessing the URL: http://upsconline.nic.in/miscellaneous/QPRep/ during the period from 4th-10 June, 2018. No representation through any other mode and after 10th June, 2018 shall be accepted by the Commission.
Mobile phone, (even in switched off mode), pager or any electronic equipment or programmable device or storage media like pen drive, smart watches etc. or camera or Bluetooth devices or any other equipment or related accessories either in working or switched off mode capable of being used as a communication device and calculator are banned inside the Examination Hall. Any infringement of these instructions shall entail disciplinary action against the concerned candidates including debarment from future Examination / Selection.
Valuable / costly items and bags are also not allowed inside the Examination Venue.


GDS Committee Report Implementation Indefinite Strike By Postal Employees From 22-05-2018

GDS Committee Report Implementation Indefinite Strike By Postal Employees From 22-05-22018

GDS Committee Indefinite Strike By Postal Employees


AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) has given notice for nationwide indefinite strike from 22nd May 2018 demanding immediate implementation of all positive recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report on Gramin Dak Sevaks.

All NFPE affiliated unions have also given call extending full support and solidarity to make the strike a grand success.

Nationwide protest demonstrations will be held on 10th May 2018 in front of all offices of Department of Posts.

Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers, National Secretariat calls upon all its affiliates and State / District C-o-Cs to extend full support and solidarity to the indefinite strike from 22-05-2018 and also to join the protest demonstration on 10th May 2018.
Yours fraternally
Secretary General
(M)&whatsapp: 09447068125
Source : http://confederationhq.blogspot.in

CGHS: Issue of Medicines prescribed by Specialists beyond the period

Clarification regarding issue of Medicines prescribed by Specialists beyond the period for which the medicines had been advised - CGHS Orders

"Medical Officers of CGHS can issue the same medicines to CGHS beneficiaries prescribed by the Specialists even after the expiry of the validity of the prescription in Chronic diseases"

Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of CGHS
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi 110 011
Dated the 1st May, 2018
Office Memorandum

Subject: Clarification regarding issue of Medicines prescribed by Specialists beyond the period for which the medicines had been advised

With reference to the above subject the undersigned is directed to state that this Ministry is in receipt of representations from CGHS beneficiaries, particularly from Senior Citizens regarding refusal of CGHS for issue of medicines prescribed by Specialists, immediately on expiry of the period for which the prescription has been issued.

The matter has been reviewed by the competent authority in view of the difficulties faced by the CGHS beneficiaries and it is now decided that Medical Officers of CGHS can issue the same medicines to CGHS beneficiaries prescribed by the Specialists even after the expiry of the validity of the prescription in Chronic diseases, where the clinical condition is stable and CGHS shall not insist on immediate re validation by Specialists.

However, in cases of Chemotherapy and immunosuppressant treatment regular follow up from Specialists would be advisable.

These guidelines are in super session of the guidelines issued earlier on the subject.
(Dr D.C.Joshi)
Director, CGHS
Source: Confederation

Air India LTC 80 Fare From May 2018

LTC 80 fare may 2018

 LTC Basic Fare LTC Basic Fare
Agartala Kolkata 8750 17880
Agra Delhi 8750 17880
Agra Khajuraho 8750 17880
Agra Varanasi 9500 19320
Ahmedabad Chennai 17500 35400
Ahmedabad Delhi 11050 22440
Ahmedabad Mumbai 8750 17880
Aizawl Imphal 8750 17880
Aizawl Kolkata 8750 17880
Amritsar Delhi 8750 17880
Amritsar Mumbai 17500 35400
Amritsar Nanded 17500 35400
Aurangabad Delhi 15050 30560
Aurangabad Mumbai 8250 21000
Bagdogra Delhi 15200 30600
Bagdogra Kolkata 8750 17880
Bengaluru Bhubaneshwar 15100 30600
Bengaluru Chennai 8750 17880
Bengaluru Delhi 19900 40200
Bengaluru Goa 9500 19320
Bengaluru Guwahati 19900 40200
Bengaluru Hubli 8750 17880
Bengaluru Hyderabad 8750 17880
Bengaluru Kolkata 17500 35400
Bengaluru Mumbai 11050 22440
Bengaluru Trivandrum 9500 19320
Bhopal Delhi 9500 19320
Bhopal Mumbai 12400 26960
Bhubaneshwar Delhi 15100 30600
Bhubaneshwar Hyderabad 11350 22440
Bhubaneshwar Kolkata 8750 17880
Bhubaneshwar Mumbai 17500 35400
Chandigarh Delhi 8750 17880
Chandigarh Leh 8750 17880
Chandigarh Mumbai 17500 35400
Chandigarh Pune 17500 35400
Chennai Coimbatore 8750 17880
Chennai Delhi 19900 40200
Chennai Goa 9700 19320
Chennai Hyderabad 9500 19320
Chennai Kochi 9500 19320
Chennai Kolkata 17500 35400
Chennai Madurai 8750 17880
Chennai Mumbai 15100 30600
Chennai Portblair 17500 35400
Chennai Trivandrum 9500 19320
Coimbatore Delhi 19900 40200
Coimbatore Mumbai 15100 30600
Delhi Gaya 11050 22440
Delhi Goa 17500 35400
Delhi Guwahati 17500 35400
Delhi Hyderabad 15100 30600
Delhi Imphal 19900 40200
Delhi Indore 9500 19320
Delhi Jaipur 8750 17880
Delhi Jammu 9500 19320
Delhi Jodhpur 8750 17880
Delhi Khajuraho 8750 17880
Delhi Kochi 19900 48240
Delhi Kolkata 17500 35400
Delhi Leh 11100 19320
Delhi Lucknow 8750 17880
Delhi Mumbai 15100 30600
Delhi Nagpur 11350 22440
Delhi Patna 11350 22440
Delhi Port Blair 28700 51600
Delhi Pune 15100 30600
Delhi Raipur 12050 22440
Delhi Rajkot 13300 22440
Delhi Ranchi 15100 30600
Delhi Srinagar 9600 19320
Delhi Surat 13300 22440
Delhi Tirupati 19900 40200
Delhi Trivandrum 20500 49680
Delhi Udaipur 9500 19320
Delhi Vadodra 11250 22440
Delhi Varanasi 9500 19320
Delhi Vijayawada 17500 35400
Delhi Vishakhapatnam 17500 35400
Dibrugarh Kolkata 11600 22440
Dimapur Kolkata 9500 19320
Gaya Kolkata 8750 17880
Gaya Varanasi 8750 17880
Goa Mumbai 8750 17880
Guwahati Imphal 8750 17880
Guwahati Kolkata 8750 17880
Hubli Mumbai 8750 17880
Hyderabad Kolkata 15150 30600
Hyderabad Mumbai 9500 19320
Hyderabad Tirupati 8750 17880
Hyderabad Vijayawada 8750 17880
Hyderabad Vishakhapatnam 9500 19320
Imphal Kolkata 9500 19320
Indore Mumbai 9500 19320
Jaipur Mumbai 12050 22440
Jammu Leh 10250 17880
Jammu Srinagar 8750 17880
Jamnagar Mumbai 8750 17880
Jodhpur Mumbai 13900 26960
Khajuraho Varanasi 8750 17880
Kochi Mumbai 15100 30600
Kochi Trivandrum 8750 17880
Kolkata Mumbai 19900 40200
Kolkata Port Blair 17500 35400
Kolkata Silchar 8750 17880
Kolkata Varanasi 9500 19320
Kozhikode Mumbai 13250 22440
Leh Srinagar 8800 17880
Lucknow Mumbai 15100 30600
Madurai Mumbai 15100 30600
Mangalore Mumbai 9500 19320
Mumbai Nagpur 9500 19320
Mumbai Pune 8100 17880
Mumbai Raipur 13650 22440
Mumbai Rajkot 12850 23240
Mumbai Trivandrum 15700 30600
Mumbai Udaipur 9500 19320
Mumbai Varanasi 15150 30600
Mumbai Vishakhapatnam 15100 30600
Port Blair Vishakhapatnam 15150 30600
Raipur Nagpur 8750 17880
Raipur Vishakhapatnam 8750 17880

Ayurvedic / Homeopathic dispensaries under Staff Benefit Fund (SBF)

Ayurvedic / Homeopathic dispensaries under Staff Benefit Fund (SBF)
New Delhi,
dated 01.05.2018
The General Managers(P),
All Indian Railways
& Production Units.

Sub: Ayurvedic / Homeopathic dispensaries under Staff Benefit Fund (SBF)
Ref: This Ministry's letter of even number dated 07.07.2017.

Please refer to Railway Board's letter of even number dated 07.07.2017 enhancing the monthly honorarium for Ayurvedic/Homeopathic Consultants and monthly subsidy on medicines on the Ayurvedic/Homeopathic dispensaries being run by the Staff Benefit Fund Committees.

2, In continuation of these instructions, sanction of the Ministry of Railways is hereby communicated for revision of monthly honorarium for Ayurvedic / Homeopathic dispensers as per following:-
8 hours duration Rs. 11,250/-
4 hours duration Rs.7,500/-
3. Annual allotment for Indigenous System of Medic under SBF (under which Homeopathic and Ayurvedic dispensaries function) at Rs.36 capita, if found inadequate to meet the increase in requirement of funds on account of the above revision in the honorarium, the additional expenditure (necessitated due to revision) under these orders would also be met through re-appropriation from the head "Medical Services" as additional ad hoc contribution to the SBF, and accordingly, the Medical Budget would be suitably augmented from Revenues. Hence PCPOs would advise CMDs about the additional funds required on this account so that the same could be reflected in the budgetary estimates.

4. The aforesaid revision will take effect from 07.07.2017

This issues in consultation with the Health Directorate and with Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railway,
Executive Director Estt (IR)
Railway Board.
Source: NFIRIndia.com

Important Announcements and Approvals in Board Meeting of PFRDA

National Pension System (NPS): Important Announcements and Approvals in Board Meeting of PFRDA to improve the operational and regulation issues

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
04-May-2018 16:18 IST
Important Announcements and Approvals in Board Meeting of PFRDA

Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) is established by the Government of India for regulation and development of Pension Sector in order to protect the old age income security of subscribers. PFRDA takes various initiatives from time to time in order to simplify and improve the operational issues in National Pension System (NPS) like new functionality development under NPS architecture, simplification of account opening, withdrawal, grievance management etc.
In this regard, during the recently held Board Meeting some important decisions were taken to improve the operational and regulation issues in National Pension System (NPS). Some of the decisions taken in the Board Meeting are as follows:
  • Budget announcement- Rating criteria for investments- Proposal on changing the investment grade rating from ‘AA’ to ‘A’ for corporate bonds was approved. The change is subject to a cap on investments in ‘A’ rated bonds to be not more than 10% of the overall Corporate Bond portfolio of the Pension Funds. This initiative will enlarge the scope of investment for the Fund Managers while ensuring credit quality.
  • Introduction of a Common Stewardship Code: The proposal on adoption of Common Stewardship Code, as a measure of good Corporate Governance, was approved. Further, it was also approved that the Principles enumerated in such code shall be circulated to all Pension Funds for compliance and implementation. Adoption of these Principles by Pension Funds will improve their engagement with investee companies and benefit subscribers.
  • Modification in Partial Withdrawal rules under NPS: Partial withdrawals will now be allowed to NPS subscribers who wish to improve their employability or acquire new skills by pursuing higher education/ acquiring professional and technical qualifications. Further, individual NPS subscribers who wish to set up a new business/ acquire new business will also be allowed to make partial withdrawals from his contributions. Other terms applicable to partial withdrawals will remain unchanged.
  • Increasing cap on equity investment in active choice to 75% from current 50% for Private Sector Subscribers: Presently there is a cap of 50% on equity investment under active choice in NPS. The proposal on increasing cap on equity investment in active choice to 75% from currently 50% has been approved by the Board. However, it comes with a clause of tapering of the equity allocation after the age of 50 years.
  • Currently, NPS and APY have a cumulative subscriber base of over 2.13 crore with total Asset Under Management (AUM) of more than Rs. 2.38 lakh crore.
Source: PIB

Demarcation of CGHS Patna covered area under CGHS Wellness Centre

Demarcation of CGHS Patna covered area under CGHS Wellness Centre


No.5-2/2018-19/Covered Area/CGHS(PAT.)/ 3355
Dated the 17th April 2018.

Subject :- Demarcation of CGHS Patna covered area under CGHS Wellness Centre - reg.

With reference to the above noted subject the undersigned is to state that the demarcation of CGHS Patna covered area has been reviewed and now it has been decided that under mention areas will be covered by the CGHS Patna:-

West :- Danapur Cantt. Area to Danapur Railway Station, Khagaul along Danapur-Khagaul Road and adjoining areas upto 500 Metre.
North :- Upto the Bank of Ganga River
East :- Upto the Sabalpur along Patna Bypass Road and adjoining area upto the Beur, Patna area.
South :- Anishabad-Janipur Road including Phulwarishariff and along AIIMS-Khagaul Road upto the Khagaul and adjoining area.

The serving Central Government Employees residing outside the CGHS covered areas shall be covered under CS(MA) Rules. However, the serving Central Government Employees residing within the Municipal limits of the city, shall be given a onetime choice to opt for CGHS (instead of CS(MA) Rules) from the nearest CGHS Wellness Centre.
(Dr. Shib Shankar Shah)
Additional Director, CGHS
Source: CGHS

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