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Expected DA from January 2015 – The Next Episode Begins…!

Expected DA from January 2015 – The Next Episode Begins…!

The Centre has announced a  hike of 7% Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief for Central Government employees and Pensioners, with effect from July 2014 on 4th of this month. Soon, Finance Ministry will issue appropriate orders for payment of Dearness allowance to all. As and when orders are published by the Ministry of Finance, we will be posted in our website immediately.

According to the fluctuation of price index past six months from Jan to Jun 2014, the additional Dearness allowance has been arrived as 7% only. It seems there are a few employees who are unhappy with the single-digit number because until then they have been getting double-digit DA hikes.

The disappointment also reflects the high expectations that people have from the Modi government. Our readers have been raising a number of questions in this regard. While the previous Manmohan Singh government had twice given them DA hike of 10%, why has Modi government given them only 7% increase?

First of all, the ruling party at the Centre has no direct impact on the DA calculations. DA is calculated on the basis of AICPIN points, which are based on price rise.

The current system of DA calculations, which is being done as per the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission, will come to an end after two more instalments (Jan 2015 and July 2015). Recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission are expected to come into effect from Jan 2016 onwards.

Now, the next episode begins…’Expected DA from January 2015′

It is highly unlikely that there will be a two-digit DA hike in the next two instalments (January 2015 and July 2015). Kindly keep in mind the fact that despite a 6 point increase of the AICPIN from 246 to 252 for the month of July 2014, there was hardly an impact. Even if it increases by 3 points over the next five months, the DA would increase to 9% only. It is impossible for AICPIN to constantly increase in future.

We believe that, under current circumstances, the next installment of additional Dearness allowance from Jan 2015 hike would only be about 6% or 7%.
We have analyzed the impact of CPI number on increasing DA and given below a table to express the same for your information…

Month/Year CPI(IW) 2001=100 Points
Total of
12 Months
12 Months
% Increase
over 115.763
App. DA DA %  DA
in %
July 2014 252 6 2896 241.33 125.57 108.47 108 1.22

Month/Year CPI(IW) 2001=100 Points
Total of
12 Months
12 Months
% Increase
over 115.763
App. DA DA %  DA
in %
Jun-13 231 3 2648 220.67 104.91 90.62 90 1.66
Jul-13 235 4 2671 222.58 106.82 92.28 92 1.66
Aug-13 237 2 2694 224.50 108.74 93.93 93 1.66
Sep-13 238 1 2717 226.42 110.66 95.59 95 1.66
Oct-13 241 3 2741 228.42 112.66 97.32 97 1.73
Nov-13 243 2 2766 230.50 114.74 99.12 99 1.80


Grant of Dearness Allowance to State Government employees : DA Orders issued by Finance Department of Rajasthan

Grant of Dearness Allowance to State Government employees : DA Orders issued by Finance Department of Rajasthan

Cabinet Committee approved 7% additional DA for CG Employees and Pensioners form July 2014 on 4th September, but yet to issue any orders for payment by the Finance Ministry. The Rajasthan Government has decided to hike 7% additional DA for its employees and immediately issued orders…

No. F. 6(1)FD(Rules)/2008
Jaipur, dated: 8.9.2014

Sub:- Grant of Dearness Allowance to State Government employees.

The Governor is pleased to order that the existing rate of Dearness Allowance payable to the State Government employees, drawing pay in Rajasthan Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, under Finance Department Order No. F.6(1 )FD(Rules)/2008 dated 01-03-2014 shall be revised from 100% to 107% with effect from 01-07-2014.

The term ‘Pay’ for the purpose of calculation of Dearness Allowance shall be the Basic Pay i.e. sum of pay in running pay band and grade pay drawn and shall not include any other type(s) of pay like Special Pay or Personal Pay, etc.

The payment on account of Dearness Allowance involving fraction of 50 paisa and above may be rounded off to the next higher rupee and the fraction of less than 50 paisa may be ignored.

The amount of increase in Dearness Allowance for the period from 01-07-2014 to 31-08-2014 shall be credited to the General Provident Fund Account of the respective employees and cash payment shall be admissible from 01-09-2014 i.e. salary for the month of September, 2014 payable on 01-10-2014.

The arrear of DA from 01-07-2014 to 31-08-2014 to the employees recruited to the Civil Services on or after 01-01 -2004 and who are governed by Contributory Pension Scheme, shall be paid in cash.

By order of the Governor,
(Siddharth Mahajan)
Special Secretary
Finance (Budget)

Memorandum submitted to 7th Central Pay Commission : Corrigendum on the Proposed Pay Scales

Corrigendum – Revision of Pay Scales of Running Staff and Nursing Cadre from proposed pay scales in Memorandum submitted to 7th Central Pay Commission.

All India Railwaymen’s Federation
4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi – 110055
Dated: September 8, 2014
Hon’ble Chairman,
Seventh Central Pay Commission,
New Delhi

Respected Sir,
Sub: Corrigendum on the Proposed Pay Scales

This refers to detailed memorandum submitted by the All India Railwaymen’s Federation to Seventh Central Pay Commission on 30th July, 2014. Consequent upon certain internal deliberations, the proposed pay scales, as contained in our original memorandum submitted to VII CPC, need to be revised as appended below:-

S.No. Categories Existing
Pay Scales
Minimum of the
proposed scale
1. Guard(Goods) PB-I GP Rs.2800 Rs.56000
2. Asstt. Station Master, Pharmacist PB-I GP Rs.2800 Rs.74000
3. Loco Pilot(Shunting) PB-I GP Rs.2400 &
GP Rs.4200
4. Loco Pilot(Goods), Loco Pilot(Passenger), Motorman,
Loco Pilot(Mail/Express) Guard (Passenger), Guard(Mail/
Express), Shunting Master, Chief TNC and any other posts
in PB-II(GP Rs.4200)
PB-II GP Rs.4200 Rs.74000
5. Staff Nurse PB-II GP Rs.4600 Rs.74000
6. Nursing Sister PB-II GP Rs.4800 Rs.78000
7. Chief Matron PB-III GP Rs.5400 Rs.88000
8. Railway Stenographers may be provided with same pay scales
and remunerations as those of CSS/RBSS, as the Ministry of
Railways has not yet granted parity to them.
- As already
proposed in the

The VII CPC are earnestly requested to kindly consider the above proposal of the AIRF favourbaly.
With kind regards!
Yours faithfully,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary

Copy to: Member Secretary, Seventh Central Pay Commission, New Delhi – for kind information and taking necessary action

Source: AIRF

Confederation decides to protest nationwide for the demands including Merger of DA and Interim Relief

Confederation publishes the nationwide agitational programme starts from 11th, 19th and 25th September, 2014…

Phase I – 11.09.2014 – Protest Demonstration at all important places and submission of Memorandum to Cabinet Secretary and all Departmental Heads

NB: copy to the Memorandum, Charter of Demands and explanatory notes on Charter of Demands will be exhibited in the website on 10.09.2014.

Phase – II – 19.09.2014 – Nationwide Day Long Mass Dharna at all important centres.
Phase – III – 25.09.2014 – Mass Dharna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

Following are the Demands: –
1. Merger of DA with pay for all employees w.e.f. 01.01.2014 including Gramin Dak Sewaks and Pensioners.
2. Grant of Interim Relief to all employees including Gramin Dak Sewaks and Pensioners.
3. Inclusion of Gramin Dak Sewaks under the purview of 7th Central Pay Commission
4. Scrap PFRDA Act and grant statutory defined pension to all including those appointed on or after 01.01.2004.
5. Date of effect of 7th CPC recommendation should be 01.01.2014.
6. Regularisation and Revision of wages of casual labourers and contract workers.
7. Removal of 5% condition for compassionate appointment.
8. Fill up all vacant post and creation of New Post wherever justified.
9. Stop Downsizing, Outsourcing, Contractorisation and Privatisation of Government function.
10. Grant productivity Linked Bonus to all without ceiling; Compute bonus as weighted average of PLB for those not covered by PLB agreement.
11. Revise OTA and NDA and implement arbitration awards.
12. Settle all pending anomalies of 5th and 6th Pay Commission.

All CHQ office bearers, General Secretaries of State C-O-Cs, Chief Executives of all affiliates and Branch/District/Divisional Secretaries are requested to mobilize maximum employees in the above programme.


GENC declares agitation to remove bonus ceiling of Rs.3500

GENC will observe an Agitation Programme throughout the country from 15.09.2014 to 20.09.2014 to remove the ceiling of Rs. 3500/- per mensem under the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 and Productivity Linked Bonus Scheme


CENTRAL OFFICE: 2-A, NAVEEN MARKET, KANPUR – 208001, PH & FAX : (0512) 2332222
MOBILE: 09415733686, 09235729390, 09335621629, WEB :
No. BPMS/14/CIR/2014
Dated: 08.09.2014
The Office Bearers / CEC Members &
President / Secretary of the unions
affiliated to BPMS

SUB: AGITATION PROGRAMME FROM 15.09.2014 to 20.09.2014.

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Sadar Namaskar,

It has been decided by Government Employees National Confederation that all the constituent Federations of GENC will observe an Agitation Programme throughout the country from 15.09.2014 to 20.09.2014 to remove the ceiling of Rs. 3500/- per mensem under the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 and Productivity Linked Bonus Scheme. You are aware that Section 12 of the Payment of Bonus Act has been amended by Act 45 of 2007 (w.e.f. 01.04.2006) regarding calculation of bonus with respect to certain employees which states as under:-
“Where the salary or wage of an employee exceeds three thousand and five hundred rupees per mensem, the bonus payable to such employee under Section 10 or, as the case may be, under Section 11, shall be calculated as if his salary or wage were three thousand and five hundreds rupees per mensem.”
Meanwhile, Central Government accepted the recommendations of 06th CPC with effect from 01.01.2006 and fixed the minimum basic pay plus grade pay as Rs. 5200 + 1800 = 7000.

Therefore 28,06,369 Group ‘C’ (Non Gazetted) and 1,13,477 Group ‘B’ (Non Gazetted) total thirty lakh approx. Central Government employees are getting the bonus @ Rs. 3500/- per mensem under the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 or Productivity Linked Bonus whereas none of them is drawing wages less than Rs. 7000/- per mensem excluding other allowances which has beencausing discontentment amongst the employees.

In this agitation programme Gate Meetings, Demonstration at Main Gate, Rallies, Wearing Black Badges and may include other peaceful methods decided at your levels will be organized as per feasibility. This demand week will be concluded with the giving Memorandum to respective Head of Department on last working day (20.09.2014) addressed to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and copy to the Minister of Labour & Employment, Govt of India.We hope for full support and co-operation to give a great success to this programme.
Brotherly Yours
General Secretary
Source: BPMS

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