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Double the salaries of Telangana State Government Employees

Double the salaries of Telangana State Government Employees

In a move that will almost double the salaries of Telangana employees, the state government announced implementation of the pay hike recommended by the pay revision commission (PRC) with a fitment of 43%.

Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said at a press conference on Thursday that the pay panel, headed by special chief secretary to the government K Pradeep Chandra, was the first PRC of Telangana.

"Ours is an employee-friendly government. We have recognised the employees' role in realisation of statehood. The notification of the implementation of pay hike will be issued on Friday which is regarded as goddess Lakshmi's day," said the chief minister.
The pay hike, which results in an additional burden of Rs 6,500 crore to the exchequer, will be implemented with retrospective effect from June 2, 2014 - the day Telangana was formed. The chief minister said that the arrears would be deposited in the employees' general provident fund (GPF) account which fetches 8.5% interest. The revised salaries will reach the employees beginning this March.

The announcement led to jubilation in the Secretariat and employees celebrated by bursting fire crackers. Over 3.5 lakh government staff will enjoy the benefit.

"We thank the chief minister for the PRC implementation. We know this would a burden on the exchequer. We assure that the employees will work hard to enhance revenue for the government," chairman of Telangana Non-Gazetted Officers' (TNGO) Association, S Devi Prasad Rao, said.

While the 10th PRC headed by PK Agarwal had recommended 29% fitment in its report submitted in July 2013, Telangana employees demanded 69% and a minimum monthly wage of Rs 15,000.

The government constituted the Pradeep Chandra committee to look into the demands of employees. After several rounds of consultations with representatives of various employee associations including TNGO and Telangana Gazetted Officers' Association (TGO), the committee recommended the pay hike formula.

The chief minister said that he hurried to announce the new pay since a notification was expected any moment for the state legislative council elections due in March. Once the notification is issued, the government could not have implemented the hike since the poll code will not allow it.

While there is no mention about the demand of the minimum wage of Rs 15,000, the CM said that the PRC would look into pending anomalies in the salary structure. "We hope that this issue would be addressed by the panel and employees will get their due," said chairman of commercial tax employees' joint action committee,

T Vivek.

CGEWHO Kolkata Phase II Housing Scheme: FAQ & Pre-Final Costing

Kolkata (Ph II) beneficiaries are raising some frequent queries. Following are the clarifications:-

Pt i) Annexures to be submitted alongwith the Possession Letter
Reply Please be informed that while applying for the said project, CGEWHO Scheme Brochure which detailed CGEWHO Rules related to the scheme was provided and it was stated that you will have to abide by the CGEWHO Rules as given in the brochure. All the Annexures are part of CGEWHO Rules and there will be no change whatsoever in any of the clause given in the Annexures. All the possession letters will be issued abiding by the CGEWHO Rules which is approved by Governing Council, CGEWHO.

Pt ii) Water Treatment Plant to be provided in the Complex
Reply  It is not out of place to mention here that nowhere in the Scheme Brochure or Technical Brochure it was mentioned that WTP would be provided, although in the contract it is written that the provision of WTP is subject to potability of water. Project Incharge, CGEWHO has been instructed to carry out the water potability test of all the four tubewells from Govt recognized Lab and the report reveals that the water is within the agreeable potability range.

Pt iii) Status Service Road to be communicated from National Highway
Reply With regard to the construction of service road which is to be undertaken by National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), CGEWHO is closely monitoring the progress and Jt Secretary (H), M/o HUPA & Chairman, Executive Committee, CGEWHO has issued a DO also requesting the Chairman, NHAI to expedite the issue at the earliest. CGEWHO officials are also regularly monitoring the progress with NHAI. However it is informed that CGEWHO through its contractor tried to construct the motorable road but due to local villagers and NHAI objections, not able to progress further.

Pt iv)  Status of land scaping work
Reply Please be informed that the common services of complex will be handed over to the elected AOA in a perfect condition and there is no urgency to CGEWHO to hand over the DUs/ complex in an unfinished condition.

Pt v) Status of Project
Reply The entire housing project is habitable and any beneficiary can move in and live comfortably.

Pt vi) Break-up of Final Costing
Reply The break up of the final costing is attached as Annexure I. The service tax is an integral part of the cost of DUs and it can’t be shown separately in the possession letters. Provision of the Reserve Fund is as per CGEWHO Rules.

Annexure I

1 Cost of DU's as per Contract including 449 Parking
2 Material & Labour Escalation 593489157
3 Difference Cost of Cement & Steel 154815999
4 Registration Charges 17005466
5 Proof Consultancy 1654500
6 Interest Paid to NHB Loan 29362073
7 Deficit / Surplus Allocation -59657000
8 Cost of Project Management Consultancy 14202295
9 CGEWHO Overheads 49556153
10 Service Tax on Instalment  63092273
11 Deviation Order ( Electrical & C. Coil B/W ) 18830184
12 Electricity Connection Charges 3204480

Sub Total Rs. (A) 2333934180
14 Miscellaneous Expenses and Contingencies 12500000

Sub Total Rs (B) 2346334180
15 Reserve Fund @ 1.5% of (B) above 35196513

Total Cost Chargeable to DU's and Parking (C) 2381630693
16 Recovery on account of Parking ( 449 @ Rs.275000/-) 123475000

Sub Total Rs. ( D) 2258155693
17 Amount Credited to Project

a) Intt. on a/c of Equalisation Charges credited to project 38698089

Total Cost Chargeable to DU's (E) 2219457604

Cost per DU's 2673.00
In Sq Ft
In Sq Ft

A 36 664.00 2673.00 1774872 26623 1801495
B 156 1196.00 2673.00 3196908 47954 3244862
C 192 1458.00 2673.00 3897234 58459 3955693
D 198 1716.00 2673.00 4586868 68803 4655671


Preparations for oral evidence before Seventh Central Pay Commission

Preparations for oral evidence before Seventh Central Pay Commission
Most Urgent
Shiva gopal mishra
National Council (Staff Side)
Joint consultative Machinery
for Central government employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi — 110001
E Mail :
Dated: February 5, 2015
The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,
Dear Comrades,

Sub: Preparations for oral evidence before Seventh Central Pay Commission

You are aware that the schedule of holding hearings by the VII CPC may appear on any day, and oral evidence is likely to commence from March 2015.

We must prepare ourselves for oral evidences as was produced before the previous Pay Commissions.
During VI CPC hearing, following 15 groups were formed:-
(i) Loco & Traffic Running Staff, including Supervisory and Inspectorial Cadres

(ii) Technicians of all departments

(iii) Signal, Telecommunication, Electrical & Mechanical Departments

(iv) Technical Supervisors of all departments.

(v) Transportation(Operating Staff), including Controllers and Station Managers

(vi) Accounts, EDP, Cashiers etc.

(vii) Stores Department and Printing Press Staff

(viii) Trackmen, Patrolmen, Gatemen, Trolleymen, Keymen, Mate and P. Way Supervisors

(ix) Production Units, Workshops and Scientific Staff

(x) Works, Bridge and Track Machines

(xi) Commercial Staff

(xii) Health & Medical Staff

(xiii) Legal, School, Canteen Staff, RDSO and Other Misc. Staff

(xiv) Ministerial Staff, viz. Stenographers, Rajbhasha/Official Language, Publicity Inspector etc.
(xv) General Issues, including working conditions, job hazards, career growth, allowances etc.(other than those mentioned in the NC/JCM Memorandum) represented by the leaders of the AIRF.
In addition to above, for the first time, Women Employees’ Group was also given patient hearing separately by the VI CPC on special efforts of the AIRF.

Every Zonal Railway Union must decide one representative for each group, having outstanding ability and dedication as also deep overall knowledge of the departments of the concerned group.

One representative from each of the affiliated unions in the  Production Units/Metro Railway Kolkata and RDSO for overall evidence in the same spirit.

Representatives, so decided, be guided to go through the memorandum of the AIRF submitted to VII CPC as also technological and system changes added in the railway system in various departments.

Video Clippings/PowerPoint Presentations of intricate posture workings, sophisticated works, locomotives, coaches, wagons, bridges, maintenance depots, sheds, yards, traction, RRIs etc. be also compiled for the presentation besides preparation to reflect human input in performing particular job content. Write-ups should be very brief and pointed so as to complete the evidence within maximum 10 minutes.

Like past, “Internal Meetings” of the AIRF will be managed one-day in advance of the hearing of the particular groups at the respective places, which will be communicated, once schedule of the hearings is finalized by the Pay Commission, and the names of the representatives to appear for the evidence will be decided after Internal Meeting, based on the limitation of the Pay Commission.
Hoping your due attention.
Yours faithfully
Source: AIRF

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