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23rd SCOVA Agenda- Action Taken Report and Gist of Discussion by Bharat Pensioner Samaj

23rd SCOVA Agenda- Action Taken Report and Gist of Discussion by Bharat Pensioner Samaj

Gist of discussions in SCOA 23rd SCOVA meeting on 23/09/2013

20.09.2013 MOS Sh V. Narayanasamy took the chair at 4.00 PM. Joint Secy. DOP &PW Welcomed the Minister, officers from different departments / Ministries & the SCOVA members. After JS welcome address introduction of members & officers started .S.C. Maheshwari Genl. Secy. BPS while introducing himself pointed out to the Minister  that while BPS was thankful to the minister for increasing frequency of SCOVA meetings, organization will   be grateful if  instead of few hours at least one full day is earmarked for these meetings and that a system need to be put in place to lay down as to what  type & numbers of items will be accepted for inclusion in SCOVA Agenda. After introduction the MOS addressed the meeting highlighting the  work of the DOPPW & the important circulars issued in the recent past.  He assured that pensioners issues will be dealt on priority by his Ministry.

Final ATR on 22nd SCOVA meeting was then taken up for review. Lively discussion followed each item members expressed their concern over the delay in issuing revised PPOs representatives of every Ministery/Department tried to blame pensioners for the delay stating that they were  not gtiings details from pensioners & sought assistance of Pensioners’ Associations. MOS however directed all departments/ministries to suo-motto issue PPOS to all pensioners within the  target dates.

Commenting on item No2 of ATR i.e. revision of exgratia to cpf/srpf retirees, Secy. Genl. BPS pointed out that the amount of ex-gratia of Rs 645/- per month was too little for the survival of a person. Secy DOPPW retorted that these retirees were not pensioners. Secy. Genl BPS pointed out that these retirees too have a right to survive but no positive reaction could be evoked from official side or the honorable Minister. Position of items 3to 9 remained the same as given in the ATR .However, While discussing item9 of ATR it was pointed out that the M/O Rlys was still not uploading on their website all the orders & circulars issued by Rly.Bd.

Regarding item 10 & 11 of the ATR regarding anomaly in fixation of pension to DOT employees &merger of78% IDA with basic pension benefit to the absorbed BSNL Pensioners, after discussion it was decided that the department of Telecommunication will put up positive proposals by 30.09.2013.

Discussion on new Ageneda items:

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
(Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare)


1.Submission of application in Form 14 be dispensed with for sanction of Family Pension:-
As details of family members eligible for family pension in the event of the death of the pensioner, joint photograph with the spouse and the amount of family pension payable in the event of death of the pensioner are available under Part II of the Pension Payment Order issued by the Pay and Accounts Officer or other designated authority. It is redundant and unnecessary to insist on submission of all these details in Form 14 for sanction of Family pension. On the death of the pensioner, a written request from the spouse along with a death certificate of the pensioner is sufficient to sanction the family pension. So the extant cumbersome procedure may be dispensed with and a simplified procedure introduced.
Action : D oP&PW
D/o P&PW :-
The matter has been examined in the Government. Necessary instruction for grant of family pension without Form-14 where pensioner has a joint account with the spouse and using Form-IA in other cases without having it attested are being issued shortly.
2.Extension of benefit of upgraded Grade Pay to pre-2006 retirees of S-12 grade :-
Benefit of upgraded Grade Pay Rs 4600, introduced subsequently in place of already implemented GP Rs.4,200/- for 5-12 grade in pre- revised scale of Rs 6,500-10,500 w.e.f 01.01.2006 in terms of 0.M No. F.No 1/1/2008-IC dated 13.11.2009 of Mb o Finance, Department of Expenditure is not extended to pre-2006 pensioners retired from S-12 grade. The clarification assumes importance in view of the need for protection of 50% of the minimum Pay in the Pay Band & Grade Pay in 0.M dated 28.1.2013.
(Action: D/o Expenditure, D/oP&PW)
D/o P&PW:-
The Department has sought following advice from D/o Exp:
(i) Whether the grade pay of Rs.4600/- is to be treated as the grade pay corresponding to the pre- revised pay-scale of Rs.6500-10500/- or it is to be treated as upgraded grade pay.
(ii) In case, Grade Pay of Rs.4600 is to be treated as grade pay corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.6500-10500/-, the pre- 2006 pensioners who retired before 2006 would be entitled to the benefit of this Grade Pay in terms of Para 4.2 of this Department's OM dated 1.9.2008 and OM dated 28.1.2013 issued by this Department. The D/o Expenditure has been asked to clarify as to what would be the minimum pay in the pay band plus grade pay as per the fitment table, which is to be reckoned for calculation of minimum pension for those pensioners who retired from the scale of 6500/- 10,500/- in terms of OM dated 28.1.2013
3.Complaints Against The System of Lodging of Pension Grievance :-
At present the complaints lodged with Public Grievances is forwarded to the Ministry. Therefore, complaints on Subordinate Officer take a long time to reach them (Subordinate Officer). It is therefore necessary that the complaints are forwarded directly to the officers against whom the complaint is lodged to avoid undue delay.
(Action: D/o P&PW)
D/o P&PW:
This Department has been forwarding the grievances on pension related matters, received in this Department either on line through CPENGRAMS or otherwise, to designated nodal officers of concerned Ministries/Departments/Organisations. Since even for monitoring those grievances, this Department has been interacting with the designated nodal officers, it is neither prudent not feasible to send grievances directly to subordinate formations.
4.Broad Banding of Disability Element for Pre-1996 cases. Welfare):-
In implementation of the 5th CPC recommendations, Dept of Pensions & PW had issued OM dated 03.02.2000 for revision of disability and family pensions for post 1996 disabled pensioners which, inter alia, applied the principle of broad- banding to compute reckonable percentage of disability. Vide OM dated 11.09.2001 the same benefits were extended to pre-1996 pensioners with effect form01.01.1996, These orders, like others issued by D/o P&PW, are equally applicable to civil as well as defence pensioners. MOD, however, extended the broad-banding benefit to post-96 disabled pensioners only, vide its order dated 31.01.2001, denying it to the pre-96 lot. The 2009 Cabinet Secretary's Committee, agreed to eliminate this anomaly. However, MoD(DESW) orders dated 19.01.2010 granted the benefit w.e.f 01.07.2009 only, completing ignoring the fact that the same benefit on the civil side has been extended w.e.f 01.01.1996. The matter was asain raised with Deptt/ESW in August 2010. The need to apply the orders w.e.f 01.01.96 was accepted. However, the revised orders are yet to be issued even after lapse of nearly 2- 1/2 years.
(Action: M/ o Defence )
M/O Defence (D/o Ex-Servicemen Welfare):-
The matter regarding extension of benefit of broad banding to pre-1.1.96 invalided out individuals was processed and referred to MoD(Fin) for concurrence. But MoD(Fin) returned the matter back for knowing the financial implications involved. CGDA, expressed its difficulty in furnishing the requisite information. MoD(Fin) was persuaded to process the matter without the financial implications. The case has been referred to M/o Finance by MoD(Fin) in March,2013. The DESW has been in constant touch with the D/o Expenditure to get the case finalized.
5.Appointment of Specialists and General Medical Officer in CGHS :-
Aged Pensioners are unable to go to crowded Government hospitals and obtain specialist's prescription as the Specialists in the Government Hospitals are not only reluctant to issue such prescription on one hand but also the waiting time is enormous in the hospital. It is suggested that Specialist of various disciplines may be appointed on contract as is now resorted to.
( Action: M/o Health & FW_)
M/o Health & FW:-
Keeping in view the difficulties being faced by the aged CGHS pensioner beneficiaries, feasibility of appointing specialists of various disciplines in CGHS dispensaries on part time/contract basis is being explored
6.Problems faced by non -Smart Card (old card holders) of CGHS:-
As per instructions issued by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare vide letter No.6024/2007/CGHS(HR)CGHS(P) Dated 17.12.2012 the beneficiaries of CGHS can get treatment in all CGHS covered cities in India and there is no need for obtaining temporary attachment while on a visit to another CGHS city. It has been brought to the notice of this Association by the members that if they carry CGHS cards while on visit to out stations, their dependant members, who do not accompany them, face great difficulty in case of emergency as without card Wellness Centers do not entertain any patient. Even in case of serious emergency empanelled hospitals do not entertain any patient if the CGHS card is not produced to them within four hours of admission and treat the CGHS beneficiaries as ordinary patients and cashless treatment is not permitted. Similar is the position of the card holder if he leaves the card behind for use of his dependents in his absence or the dependent(s) goes to outstation. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare is requested to find out a viable solution to this problem so that the beneficiaries of CGHS do not suffer during their visit to outstation. ( Action: Mb o Health & FW)
M/ o Health & FW:-
It was decided to replace the old cards by the plastic cards meant for each beneficiary including dependent family members. Now, a beneficiary can avail CGHS facility in any wellness centre anywhere in the country on production of his CGHS Plastic Card or Paper Card. Inpatient medical treatment facility is also available in empanelled private hospitals on production of the same.
CGHS has already started issuing plastic cards at all its locations (except Jammu). Beneficiaries may apply for the same with the requisite details and get their plastic cards made from the Office of Add. Director, CGHS of the city concerned.
7.Extension of benefit of OM dt. 28.1.2013 w.e.f 1.1.2006 instead of 24.9.2012:-
Govt. of India, M/o P&PG & Pensions, Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare, New Delhi's Order No. F-38/37/2008-P&PW(A) dated 28.1.2013. In the light of the judgement of the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi dated 29.04.2013 delivered with reference to Writ Petition No's WP(C) 1535/2012, WP(C) 2348/2012,WP(C) 2349/2012 and WP(C) 2350/2012 read with Hontle Supreme Court of India's decision in SLP (C) 23055 of 2013 of the Union of India Vs CG S-(29) (SAG) Pensioners Association dated 29.07.2013, the date of effect mentioned in the GOI order dated 28/1/13 may be revised retrospectively from 1.1.2006 and arrears paid to the eligible Pensioners.
( Action:DoP&PW)
D/o P&PW :-
The advice in regard to further course of action on the dismissal of SLP No. 23055 of 2013 by the Hon'ble Supreme Court on 29.7.2013 has been sought from Department of Expenditure. The advice

Item No1.position as given under comments was agreed-item closed.

Item 2.Members were informed that DOE has not agreed. However, on the insistence of members, item kept open.

Item3.while discussing this item following was brought to the notice of the Minister

(1)That though quiet a number of buildings are lying vacant over the Indian Rlys but inspite of the fact that Pensioners Associations are ready to pay the rent,  vacant accommodation is not being allotted to them & that some Rly. Divisions do not accept pensioners associations to be the welfare organizations.  Honorable Minister took note of it.

(2) That  several items submitted by the members for inclusion in SCOVA agenda were forwarded by  DOP &PW vide their letter dated 23.8.2013 to the concerned Ministries/ Departments for direct reply but no replies have been received & that departments generally do not reply

(3) That inspite of repeated assurance given in earlier SCOVA meetings M/O Rlys is not uploading on its website the circulars/orders issued by different Directorates of Rly Board neither these are circulated to SCOVA members

(4)That though as per Indian Rly Master circular on Pension Adalat. Pension Adalat at Divisional level are to be conducted quarterly but these instructions are not being followed & that SCOVA members are not being informed about the date/place of Adalat and the Agenda


8.5% on PF deposits expected, EPFO board meeting likely on 4th October 2013

8.5% on PF deposits expected, EPFO board meeting likely on 4th October 2013: Financial Express

The reconstituted EPFO's Central Board of Trustees (CBT), which has to take a call on interest rate on PF deposits for the current fiscal, is likely to hold its first meeting on October 4. The meeting of the CBT headed by the Labour Minister is likely to be called on October 4 for reconstituting EPFO's sub-panels like its advisory body Finance and Investment Committee (FIC), an Employees' Provident Fund Organisation's (EPFO) official said.

As per the practice, FIC vets financial proposals of EPFO and puts those before the CBT for a final call. The committee is supposed to vet and put forward the proposal for providing a rate of interest on PF deposits every year.

EPFO could not announce the interest rate on PF deposits for the current fiscal as the FIC is yet to be constituted after the CBT was reconstituted in June.

The sub-panels like FIC were dissolved after CBT was formed again in June. Once FIC is reconstituted, the EPFO would provide official estimates to it for vetting and putting forward its view before CBT for taking final call.

According to sources, EPFO is likely to announce an interest rate of 8.5 per cent on PF deposits for 2013-14 to its over five crore subscribers, the same as provided for last fiscal.

The preliminary estimates indicate that the payment of 8.5 per cent rate of interest will leave no deficit for EPFO and could rather leave some surplus for the body.

EPFO paid 8.5 per cent interest rate to its subscribers in 2012-13, which was higher than 8.25 provided in the 2011-12 fiscal.


Submission of Form 14 by the spouse to the pension disbursing bank after the death of the pensioner - instructions reg

Submission of Form 14 by the spouse to the pension disbursing bank after the death of the pensioner - instructions reg

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi
Dated: 20th September, 2013


Sub: Submission of Form 14 by the spouse to the pension disbursing bank after the death of the pensioner - instructions reg.

The undersigned is directed to draw attention to the requirement of applying for family pension in Form 14 as given in rule 81 (2) (A) (ii) of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972.

2. This Department has been receiving representations from various quarters to do away with the condition of applying for family pension in Form 14 as it is causing inconvenience to widows, who find it difficult and embarrassing to present themselves before two Gazetted Officers/persons of repute for attestation of Form 14.

3. Before commencement of family pension, personal identification details of the spouse such as specimen signature, personal mark of identification and left hand thumb impression, proof of age/date of birth of spouse and an undertaking from him/her for recovery of excess payment are to be obtained by the bank. Form 14 serves as a standard processing sheet, which defines and delineates the exact requirement of information to be given to the pension disbursing Bank. It was apprehended that in the absence of this standard, the widows may be asked to submit any relevant or irrelevant information by the bank. This could also lead to delay in commencement of the family pension.

4. The matter has been examined and it has been agreed that in case the pensioner and spouse are holding a joint account, the possibility of claim for family pension from someone else does not arise. Therefore, in such cases, there is no requirement of Form 14. The spouse may inform the Bank of death of the pensioner and request the bank for commencement of family pension, through a simple letter. He/she may enclose a copy of death certificate of pensioner, PPO, proof of his/her own age/date of birth and an undertaking for recovery of excess payment. In other cases, i.e., where the pension is not being credited to the joint bank accountbank accountbank account of the pensioner and his/her spouse, Form 14 will be continued to be obtained by the banks.  However, the condition of attestation of Form 14 has been done away with and witnessing by two persons has been considered as sufficient.

5. For all future cases, Head of Office will forward to the PAO, along with similar details for the pensioner, the specimen signature, personal mark of identification, left hand thumb impression, the proof of age/date of birth and an undertaking from the spouse regarding recovery of excess payment. After the death of the pensioner, the spouse of the deceased pensioner will be required to provide only death certificate to the paying bank, who will identify the spouse based on the information given in the PPO and its own "Know Your Customer" procedures. Where the pensioner and his/her spouse do not have a joint account, Form 14 will be required as in para 4 above.

6. This issues with the concurrence of Department of Expenditure, vide their ID No. 601/E.V/2013, dated 13.09.2013.

(D.K. Solanki)
Under Secretary to the Government of India


Defence Pension Adalat at Jamshedpur on 29th and 30 th October, 2013

Defence Pension Adalat at Jamshedpur on 29th and 30 th October, 2013

As per the Annual action Plan of Controller General of Defence Accounts, New Delhi in consultation with the Ministry of Defence, the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) Allahabad will be organising the 119th Defence Pension Adalat at Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) on 29th and 30 th October, 2013 for redressal of grievances of Defence pensioners including Defence Civilians drawing pension through PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS, TOs’ and DPDOs in the State of Jharkhand and adjoining areas.

Any Defence Pensioners / Defence Family Pensioners / Defence Civilian and their families having any specific grievances relating to sanction or disbursement of Defence pension are requested to submit their representation, in writing, in duplicate to :

Sri K D S Parmar,
Pension Adalat Officer
O/o Principal CDA (Pensions),
Draupadi Ghat,

A format of the representation is given on this website. Applicants are advised to apply as per the format, for easy processing of their applications.

Kindly Note
Applications can either be sent by post or by E-Mail
Two copies of the applications should be sent
Photocopies of Pension payment order, Corr PPO, discharge certificate (wherever required) and other documents must be enclosed
Each application will be allotted a unique Adalat Registration Number. The same should be quoted in all future correspondence.
Individual call letters notifying the date and venue of the Adalat will be sent in due course
Incomplete and unsigned representations will be rejected.
The Date of the Pension Adalat on dt 29 th & 30th Octobar, 2013 at Tulsi Bhavan, Near Gopal Maidan, Bishtapur, Jamshedpur (Jharkhand).

TA/DA will not be reimbursed to pensioners/individuals attending the Adalat for redressal of their pension related problems.

Source :

Finmin Orders: Fixation of salary in Public Sector Banks to re-employed ex-servicemen

Finmin Orders : Fixation of salary in Public Sector Banks to re-employed ex-servicemen

NEW DELHI-110 001

F. No.4/1/2012-SCT (B)

Please refer to your D.O. No 12(35)1211/D(Res-I) dated 24/04/2012 regarding grievances of ex-servicemen re-employed in Public Sector Banks for fixation of their salary in banks.

2. In this connection, I would like to mention that the Department of Financial Services had circulated instructions/directions/Circulars such as of the DoP&T’s earlier OM No. 3/19/2009-Estt.Pay II dated 8.11.2010 as well as the Ministry of Defence (MOD)’S letter No.1(4)/2007/D(Pen/Policy) dated 09.02.2011 to all Public Sector Banks(PSBs)/Financial Institutions (FIs) and Insurance Companies (ICs) for compliance.

3. The Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) sought clarification from DFS on re-fixation of pay to ex-servicemen re-employed in their Public Sector Banks on or alter 01.01.2006. Based on DoP&Ts O.M. dated 8.11.2010, it was pointed by this Department vide its letter No. 4/1/2010-SCT (B) dated 23.03.2012 that Ex-servicemen re-employed in banks who retired on/or after 01.01.2006 are eligible to pay fixation in banks based on the pay drawn by them at the time of discharge from the Defence Services which would include band pay plus grade pay but it does not include MSP. As it created confusion among banks over uniform implementation of the DoP&T’s Office Memorandum dated 08.11.2010 the circulars war treated as withdrawn.

4. It has therefore been reiterated that DoP&T’s above instructions may be followed in letter and sprit.

With regards,

Yours faithfully,
(L.K. Meena)





1. There were a No of issues which come into effect when both husband and wife are defence personnel or one of them is a defence person and other is a Central Govt employee. The issues also included whether one or both parents can be made members of the ECHS.

2. We had taken up the case with the MOD and clarifications have been issued vide MOD letter No 22(20)05/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 10 Feb 2006(copy attached). In brief it contains the following clarifications:-

(a) When Both Husband and Wife are Defence Pensioners

(i) Only one has to give ECHS contribution.

(ii) Both can cover their respective parents by making two ECHS contributions.

(b) When one is a defence person and other is a Central Govt employee, the latter has the choice to withdraw from CGHS when the spouse becomes a member of the ECHS.

Authority: Central Organisation ECHS DO letter No B/49701-MOD/AG/ECHS dt 24 Feb 2006.

KVS Orders 2013 - Extension of joining time upto 30th September, 2013 to the candidates of direct recruitment for the post of Assistant/UDC

KVS Orders 2013 - Extension of joining time upto 30th September, 2013 to the candidates of direct recruitment for the post of Assistant/UDC

18, Institutional Area Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg,



The Deputy Commissioner
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
All Regional Offices.

Sub: Extension of joining time upto 30th September, 2013 to the candidates of direct recruitment for the post of Assistant/UDC.


Kindly refer to this office letter dated 02.08.20 13 on the subject cited above, it has been decided by the competent authority to give one more opportunity to the candidates who have been offered appointment to the post of Assistant / UDC and could not join within the stipulated date due to certain reasons. Now they may be given another extended opportunity to join upto 30th September 2013.

You are therefore, requested to issue necessary directions to all the candidates to join their duties by 30th September,2013 failing which the offer issued to them would automatically be treated as withdrawn.

A consolidated report regarding joining/non-joining and withdrawal of offer of appointment may be given to the undersigned by 07th October, 2013 positively by email.

This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

Yours faithfully


Promotion Vacancy Position of Group 'C' employees working in Central Government Health Scheme, Delhi as on 1.10.2012

Promotion Vacancy Position of Group 'C' employees working in Central Government Health Scheme, Delhi as on 1.10.2012

Central Government Health Scheme, under Ministry of Family Welfare has issued lastest promotion vacancy position of group 'C' staff working under CGHS, Delhi. There are nearly sixty categories of employees working in CGHS, Delhi. The current position of each category and its sanctioned strength with vacant position are also highlighted...

Sl. No.CategoryScale of Pay (Revised Scale)Sanctioned Strength In PositionVacant 
1Liaison Officer9300-34800 + GP 4200001Nil001Revival
2Senior Refractionist9300-34800 + GP 4200002Nil002Revival
3Dietician9300-34800 + GP 4200001Nil001Revival
4Store Officer9300-34800 + GP 4200002Nil002Revival
5Family Welfare Extension Educator>9300-34800 + GP 4200001Nil001Revival
6Family Planning Welfare Worker5200-20200 + GP 2800001Nil001Revival
7Family Welfare Field Worker5200-20200 + GP 2800007003004Revival
8Labortary Mech.5200-20200 + GP 2800004Nil004Revival
9Medical Social Worker5200-20200 + GP 2800004Nil004Revival
10Orthoptist5200-20200 + GP 2800002Nil002Revival
11Projectionist - Cum - Mechanic5200-20200 + GP 2400001Nil001Revival
12Public Health Nurse9300-20200 + 34800 + GP 4800002Nil002Revival
13Asstt. Nursing Superintendent15600-39100 + GP 5400001001NilPromotional
14Accountant (Sr.)9300-34800 +GP 5400003001002Promotional
15Accountant (Jr.)5200-20200 + GP 2800002Nil002Promotional
16Asst. Office Superintendent5200-20200 + GP 2800001Nil001Promotional
17Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (Sr.)5200-20200 + GP 2400001001NilPromotional
18Asstt. Lisaison Officer9300-34800 + GP 4800001001NilPromotional
19Carpenter Gr.I5200-20200 + GP 1900001Nil001Promotional
20Driver Gr.I5200-20200 + GP 2800005002003Promotional
21Dark Room Assistant5200-20200 + GP 2000003003NilPromotional
22Duplicating Machine Operator5200-20200 + GP 1900003Nil003Promotional
23E.C.G.Tech5200-20200 + GP 2800001Nil001Promotional
24Hindi Translator (Senior)9300-34800 + GP 4600001Nil001Promotional
25Hindi Translator9300-34800 + GP 4200001Nil001Promotional
26Laboratory Asstt.*5200-20200 + GP 2000005001004Promotional
27Lady Health Visitor5200-20200 + GP 2800019005014Promotional
28Medical Record Technician5200-20200 + GP 2400003002001Promotional
29Office Supdt.9300-34800 + GP 4200008006002Promotional
30Panchkarma Asstt.5200-20200 + GP 2400006005001Promotional
31Store Supdt.9300-34800 + GP 4200003001002Promotional
32Sister Incharge (Ayurvedic)9300-34800 + GP 4800002002NilPromotional
33Sister Incharge (Allopathic)9300-34800 + GP 4200006002004Promotional
34Stenographer (Senior)9300-34800 + GP 4200006002004Promotional
35U.D.C.5200-20200 + GP 2400062050012Promotional
36Auxillary Nurse Midwife (Jr.)5200-20200 + GP 2400018002016D.R.
37Dental Tech.*5200-20200 + GP 2400008005003D.R.
38Dental Hygienist5200-20200 + GP 2400002Nil002D.R.
39Driver Gr.II5200-20200 + GP 2400   Promotion Failing
40Driver5200-20200 + GP 1900026022004Which By D.R.
41E.C.G. Tech*5200-20200 + GP 2400008008NilD.R.
42Lower Division Clerk*5200-20200 + GP 190027221006290% D.R. 5% Dept. Exam, 5% Transfer
43Laboratory Tech*5200-20200 + GP 280006005300775% D.R. 25% by Promotion
44Nurse Midwife9300-34800 + GP 4200039034005Direct Recruitment
45Phamacist-cum-Clerk(Unani)5200-20200 + GP 2800007005002Direct Recruitment
46Pharmacist-cum-Cler(Ayurvedic)5200-20200 + GP 2800034027007D.R.
47Pharmacist-cum-Cler(Siddha)5200-20200 + GP 2800001001NilD.R.
48Pharmacist-cum-Cler(Homeo)5200-20200 + GP 2800021020001D.R.
49Pharmacist Gr.I* (Allopathic)5200-20200 + GP 2800393321072D.R.
50Refractionist*5200-20200 + GP 2800003003NilD.R.
51Radiographer/X-Ray Tech.9300-34800 + GP 4800007007NilD.R.
52Staff Nurse(Ayurvedic)9300-34800 + GP 4600005003002D.R.
53Staff Nurse*(Allopathic)9300-34800 + GP 460017411605850% D.R. and 50% Absorption from NMW
54Stenographer (Jr.)5200-20200 + GP 2400005Nil005D.R.
55Operation Theatre(Technician)9300-34800 + GP 4200004004NilD.R.
56Operation Theatre Assistant5200-20200 + GP 190000800500350% D.R. and 50% Promotion
57Yoga Instructor5200-20200 + GP 2800004004NilDirect Recruitment
58Nursing Assistant(Sr.)/Technician9300-34800 + GP 4200008Nil008Filled by EMR
59Nursing Assistant9300-34800 + GP 4200036036NilFilled by EMR
60Technican* (Cardiology)5200-20200 + GP 2800001Nil001Direct Recruitment


Welcome Note and Toll Free Numbers are provided by PFRDA

Welcome Note and Toll Free Numbers are provided by PFRDA
NPS Information Desk : 1800 110 708 (Toll Free)

MS NPS to 56677(Standard Charges will be applicable)

PFRDA was established by Government of India on 23rd August, 2003.  The Government has, through an executive order dated 10th October 2003, mandated PFRDA to act as a regulator for the pension sector. The mandate of PFRDA is development and regulation of pension sector in India.

The National Pension System reflects Government’s effort to find sustainable solutions to the problem of providing adequate retirement income.  As a first step towards instituting pensionary reforms, Government of India moved from a defined benefit pension to a defined contribution based pension system by making it mandatory  for its new  recruits (except armed forces) with effect from 1st January, 2004. Since 1st April, 2008, the pension contributions of Central Government employees covered by the National Pension System (NPS) are being invested by professional Pension Fund Managers in line with investment guidelines of Government applicable to non-Government Provident Funds.

Twenty eight (28) State/UT Governments have also notified the National Pension System for their new employees. Of these,  24 states have already signed agreements with the intermediaries of the NPS architecture appointed by PFRDA for carrying forward the implementation of the National Pension System.   The other States are in the process of finalisation of documentation.

NPS has been made available to every citizen from 1st May, 2009 on a voluntary basis.  The NPS architecture is transparent and will be web-enabled.  It would allow a subscriber to monitor his/her investments and returns under NPS, the choice of Pension Fund Manager and the investment option would also rest with the subscriber. The design allows the subscriber to switch his/her investment options as well as pension funds. The facility for seamless portability and switch between PFMs is designed to enable subscribers to maintain a single pension account throughout their saving period.

PFRDA has set up a Trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 to oversee the functions of the PFMs.  The NPS Trust is composed of members representing diverse fields and brings wide range of talent to the regulatory framework.

The National Pension System has been designed to enable the subscriber to make optimum decisions regarding his/her future and provide for his/her old-age through systemic savings from the day he/she starts his/her employment.  It seeks to inculcate the habit of saving for retirement amongst the citizens.

PFRDA also intends to intensify its effort towards financial education and awareness as a part of its strategy to protect the interest of the subscribers. PFRDA’s efforts are an important milestone in the development of a sustainable and efficient voluntary defined contribution based pension system in India.


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Holidays to be observed in Central Government Offices during the year 2020

Holidays to be observed in Central Government Offices during the year 2020 CENTRAL GOVERNMENT HOLIDAY LISTS 2020 F.No.12/1/20...


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