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Grant of higher Grade Pay to Fire Engine Drivers

Grant of higher Grade Pay to Fire Engine Drivers


REF: BPMS / DGOS / WZ 75(1/4/L)
Dated: 25.08.2015
The Director OS (Pers),
Master General of Ordnance Branch,
IHQ of MOD (Army),
‘B’ Wing, Sena Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110011

Subject: Grant of higher Grade Pay to Fire Engine Drivers.

Respected Sir,

With due regards, your attention is invited to the structure of Fire Fighting Cadre in AOC which is notified as SRO 93 of 2006 and the hierarchy of this cadre is mentioned below:-

Subsequently, vide ID No. 2(1)/2009-D(Civ-I), dated 26.07.2010, MOD issued instructions for grant of upgraded pay scales to the Fire Fighting Staff as per 6th CPC recommendations which is mentioned below:-

Para 3 of the above MOD ID states that as for the four grade promotional scheme applicable to the civilian drivers as extended to the Fire Engine Drivers, they may continue where they exist at present and in remaining establishments, the posts of Fire Engine Drivers shall be merged with the Fire Fighting Cadre.
This upgradation and merger have disturbed the horizontal parity between Fire Fighting Cadre and Fire Engine Drivers as under:-

To remove this disparity some of the incumbents (FEDs) filed O.A. (No.060/00443/2015) in Central Administrative Tribunal – Chandigarh. On 25.05.2015 the CAT Chandigarh disposed off the O.A. with direction to respondents to take a view on the pending representations of the applicants by passing reasoned and speaking order in accordance with Law and Rules within a period of 03 months.

In such circumstances, you are requested to consider the above in correct perspective and issue necessary instructions so that the horizontal disparity between Fire Fighting Cadre and Fire Engine Drivers may be removed without further delay.
Thanking you.
Sincerely yours
Secretary/BPMS &
Member, JCM-II Level Council (MOD)
Source: BPMS

Submission of declaration Of assets and liabilities by CSS officers for each year- regarding

Submission of declaration Of assets and liabilities by CSS officers for each year- regarding
G.I., Dept. of Per. & Trg., O.M.No.21/2/2014-CS.I(PR/CMS), dated 25.08.2015

Subject: The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013- Submission of declaration Of assets and liabilities by CSS officers for each year- regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.M. of even number dated 9.4.2015, 23.04.2015 and 16.7.2015 regarding declaration of assets and liabilities by CSS officers under the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 and to state that vide Notification dated 27.04,2015 the last date for filing of returns by public servants as on 1.8.2014 and as on 31.3.2015 been extended to 15th October, 2015.

2. All CSS officers are requested to file the returns as on 1.8.2014 and for the year 2015 (as on 31.3.2015) online at cscms.nic.in at the earliest without waiting for the last date to approach to avoid rush and slowing down of the system at the last moment. All officers of US and above levels of CSS should also take a print out of the return filed online and submit to this Department duly signed.

3. Ministries/Departments are requested that the contents of this O.M, may be widely circulated among all CSS officers working under their control. They should also monitor and ensure that the returns are submitted by all officers within the stipulated period without fail through Web Based Cadre
Management System.
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Authority: www.persmin.gov.in

Children of Government servants should study only in Government schools – Allahabad High Court

Children of Government servants should study only in Government schools – Allahabad High Court

The Allahabad High Court has issued strict orders that the children of government employees should study only at government schools.

A Public Interest Litigation was filed at the Allahabad High Court stating that in Uttar Pradesh, led by its Samajwadi party Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, the government-run schools do not have sufficient teachers. The officials were not taking any steps to improve the standard of education in these schools and infrastructure was poor.

After hearing the arguments, Justice Sudhir Agarwal issued an order, excerpts of which are provided below:
All the government employees shall enroll their children only at government-run schools. The rule is applicable also to the representatives of the people, and the employees of the justice department. The state government can impose penalties to stop them from admitting their children to private schools.

The employees can be made to pay as penalty the sum that they had paid as fees to the private schools. The revenue thus generated can be added to the state exchequer. The Chief Secretary of the state was given six months to submit a report on this reform.

Commencement of Pension in favour of retired Railway employees: Railway Bord

Commencement of Pension in favour of retired Railway employees: Railway Bord

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
Railway Board

No. 2015/AC-II/21/10
New Delhi Dated:17.08.2015
General Secretary,
3, Chelmsford Road,
New Delhi-110055

Dear Sir,
Sub:- Commencement of Pension in favour of retired Railway employees.

Ref:- Your letter no. II/35/Pt.11 dated 29.7.2015.

The undersigned is directed to refer to your letter ibid and state that Board has taken various steps to streamline the pension payment system to ensure that payment of pension is commenced from the month following the month of retirement and the grievances, if any, are redressed promptly, as indicated below:
i. Single Window System has been implemented with banks to do away with delays in commencement of pension payments inherent in the earlier system. In brief, the scheme envisages that Railways will hand over the PPOs issued during a month to the nominated nodal branch of the respective banks (located at the HQ of PPO issuing Railways) by 5th of the following month. The nodal branch is responsible to forward it to their concerned Centralised Pension Processing Centre (CPPC) by 1oth of the following month so that the CPPC can commence pension w.e.f. last day of the following month. The scheme has already been implemented with 22 banks and remaining banks are under process of implementation.
ii. Further, at present, the pensioner is called to the bank for submission of an undertaking about recovery of excess/overpayments before commencement of pension. In order to obviate delays in the process of commencement of pension on this account, Board , vide letter no. F(E)III 2008/PN1/13 dated 17.3.2015 , has issued instructions that requisite undertaking may be obtained by HOD from the retiring employee before his retirement and forwarded to pension disbursing bank along with PPO by the Accounts Officer. The pensioner would no longer be required to visit the bank to activate his first payment of pension.

iii. In addition, it is planned to issue e-PPOs to the banks under the centralised Pension application (ARPAN) which would do away with the delays altogether. The same is being tested and is expected to be rolled out by end of this year. Railways are being advised to strictly follow the instructions and monitor timely commencement of pension to the staff.
iv. RBI was also addressed to direct the banks to put in place a sound grievance redressal mechanism for pensioners at CPPC/ Pension Paying Branches of the Banks . RBI has since issued the advisory to the banks to ensure expeditious redressal of pensioners’ grievances.
v. Zonal Railways have been advised to scrupulously follow the instructions issued by Board in this regard.

Yours faithfully,
for Secretary, Railway Board
Source: NFIR

MACP Anomalies: Railway Board's meeting with Federations

MACP Anomalies: Railway Board's meeting with Federations

Government of India
Ministry of Railway
(Railway Board)
New Delhi. dated: 19.08.2015

The General Secretary,
All India Railwaymen’s Federation,
4,State Entry Road,
New Delhi-110055

General Secretary,
National Federation of Indian Railwaymen,
3, Chelmsford Road,
New Delhi-110055.

Subject: Grievances of Staff – MACP Anomalies.

Ref.: Board’s letter No. 2013/E(LR)II/1/17 dated 18.02.2014.

In the above connection, a meeting of the Federations with Board (MS and FC) has been fixed for 27.08.2015 at 11.00 hrs. in the Committee Room (Room No. 237). A list of issues to be discussed is enclosed.

2. President and General Secretary of the Federations are requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the above meeting

Yours faithfully,

(Naveen Kumar)
Dy. Director, E(LR)-I

Enclosure to Railway Board’s letter No.2014/E(LR)II/1/4 Dated 19.08.2015
List of issues to be discussed
(1) Financial up-gradation under MCPS to the directly Graduate Engineer – Considering entry Grade Pay as Rs. 4600/- for the purpose of MACP to all the directly recruited Engineering Graduates in Design/Drawing Cadre and other Cadres
(2) Third financial up-gradation under MACPS on completion of 20 years of service from the first promotion or 10 year after second promotion or 30 years after regular appointment – whichever is earlier?

(3) Grant of financial up-gradation under MACP Scheme in the promotional hierarchy (instead of Grade Pay hierarchy) – as per judgment of various Courts’

(4) MACPS benefits to railway employees – cases of employees joining another unit/organization on request.

(5) provision of all benefits on financial upgrading under MACPS – including entitlements for travel & treatment in hospital etc.

(6) Non-grant of benefit of financial up-gradation under MACPS to the staff on North Western Railway.

(7) Grant of Financial Up- gradation under MACPS to the staff who are in the same Grade Pay for more than 20 Years.

(8) Abolition of pay Scale and Introduction of up-graded Pay Scale with revised designation – Senior Section Engineers (Drawing) – Clarification on entry Grade Pay.

(9) Non-grant of financial up gradation under MACP Scheme to the Stock Versifiers working in Zonal Railways/Production Units. ‘

(10) Grant of financial Up-gradation under MACP Scheme – Wrongful clarification issued by the Railway Board.

(11) Wrong implementation of MACP Scheme in IT Cadre/ Granting of financial benefit under MACP Scheme to EDP Staff.

(12) Grant of Transport Allowance to the employees availing the facility of Workmen Trains.

Source: NFIR

Directorate of Estates Guidelines: Withdrawal of guidelines related to sharing and close relations

Directorate of Estates Guidelines: Withdrawal of guidelines related to sharing and close relations

No. 12035/4/2014-Pol.II
Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates
Policy-II Section
Nirman Bhawan,
New Delhi-110 108..
Dated the 10th August, 2015
Subject: Withdrawal of guidelines related to sharing and close relations.

Reference is invited to the Directorate of Estates guidelines issued vide O.M No.12033/17/78-Pol.II dated 26.5.1978, O.M No. 12035/52/78-Pol.II dated 25.1.1979, O.M No.12035/58/79-Po1.II dated 31.8.1979 and OM No.12032(1)/74-Pol.II dated 21.12.1976 regarding sharing of accommodation and definition of close relations for the purpose of sharing of General Pool residential accommodation. In view of amendments made in SR-317-B-2 vide Gazette Notification GSR No.112 dated 13.06.2015 the above mentioned guidelines have become redundant. Therefore, the competent authority has decided to withdraw the above mentioned guidelines w.e.f 13.06.2015. 

(Swamali Banerjee)
Deputy Director of Estates (Policy)

Source: http://estates.nic.in/WriteReadData/dlpolicyorders/Withdrawal%20of%20Guidelines%20regarding%20sharing%20of%20GPRA.pdf

7th Pay Commission may be submitted in Second Week of September 2015

7th Pay Commission may be submitted in Second Week of September 2015 – Dainik Bhaskar News relating to 7th CPC also indicates abolition Grady Pay System and introduction of 15 new pay scales

Seventh Pay Commission is expected to double the salaries of government employees. The Commission’s report is to be submitted to the central government in the second week of September. The new pay scale will be implemented January 1, 2016.

According to sources, the seventh pay commission my abolish grade pay, and instead 15 new pay scales would be introduced. The pay will include pay in the pay scale plus the applicable Dearness Allowance. Based on this pay, allowances such as HRA and transportation allowance will be determined.

As per the 6th Pay Commission, presently in force, the employees get the full benefit of retirement after completion of 33 years of service. After retirement, they get gratuity to the extent of 16 1/2 months of pay. The retirement policy and benefits are expected to be the same in the 7CPC also.

The Seventh Pay Commission report is yet to be submitted to the government. Once submitted, the same will be examined by a committee of senior officers of the government.  This may take another two months. Then it will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance, which he will give the go-ahead to implement the recommendations next year January 1, 2016. Assuming a 2.86 times increase in salary, burden on the exchequer would be Rupees 1 Lakh 28 thousand crores.

Officers and employees of the organization have already put their demands before the government. The associations of central government staff officers have warned that they will go on strike if there is too much cut in the CPC recommendations report.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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