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7th Pay Commission wanted a direction from the Government to consider grant of Interim Relief to CG Employees

7th Pay Commission wanted a direction from the Government to consider grant of Interim Relief to CG Employees

The President of Karnataka Pensioners Association Shri Ramanatha Rao sent a letter to our email. The content of the letter is reproduced and given below for your information…

“The Pensioners Assns in Karnataka had met the 7th Pay Commission team at Bangalore on Aug 24. The Chairman clearly appeared to be in favour of the grant of Interim Relief. But, he wanted a direction from the Govt. to consider such an issue. Thereupon, I have already written to the Prime Minister on Aug 26. Copy is Attached”.

Rgds to all
SS Ramanatha Rao,

(Estd: 1974; Regn. S.No.143/1983-84 d/ 9th August 1983)
“Swarna”, 120/1, 2nd Main, Gayatri Devi Park Extension, Vyalikaval, Bangalore 56000
(Affliated to BPS New Delhi, AIFPA Chennai & KCCCGPAs Bangalore)

Email ID:
Tel: 23468438
RNI Regn No: KRENG/2008/27233
Postal Regn No: KRNA/BGE/200/2012-14
S S Ramanatha Rao
S S Kargudri
Ashok S Kololgi
K S Menon
Tel: 2661 9394
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Date:August 26, 2014.

The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
Government of India,
South Block, NEW DELHI 11001
Respected Hon’ble Prime Minister,

At the outset, we extend Good wishes to the Government. We are happy the 7th Central Pay Commission team came to Bangalore, and gave us an audience on August 24 to present our views on different subjects. Around 20 organisations representing different sections of serving employees and pensioners met the Commission, in groups. The interaction was very good. The Chairman and the members heard us all very well and gave convincing answers.

2. One subject of immediate interest is the Grant of Interim Relief. We stated that the very constitution of the Commission was as a sequel to the proposal of the Planning Commission about two/three years back. This meant that the Commission gives out its Recommendations within 2016, and thereupon the Govt could take its Decisions before 2016. This also meant particularly that the Government would not face a situation, as it did after the 6th CPC, wherein it had to pay out large sums to the serving staff and pensioners, which it did in two instalments, in 2008-09.

In this very background, to reduce payment of large sums in 2016, the concept of Interim Relief has been in place. A similar Pay Commission has recommended it in the past, and the Govt has accepted such a recommendation, in the interest of the serving and retired staff. The State Governments have sanctioned the Interim Relief along with the constitution of the Pay Commissions. If it could be stated, by 2016, when the Commission Recommendations come into force, some of the aged members may not be there. The Grant will also help the staff/pensioners face the rising food prices to some extent and the erosion in monetary value. The Interim Relief is thus justified.

3.When this position was projected to the Commission at Bangalore, on August 24, theChairman gave us all an Impression that the Commission was in favour of the Interim Relief; but the Government should give them a specific reference on the subject. He added that the Commission would consider the reference in a month or two, and give out its Recommendation on Interim Relief. The Quantum of Interim Relief and the Date of effect are to be decided.

It should be admitted that this IR would not be calculated for the purpose of DR/DA/HRA/CCA or any such Allowance; and the amount paid thus would be adjustable in the payments that would befall in 2016, about 18 months hence. This Grant of Interim Relief would be Dasara/Deepavali Gift.

4. We. therefore, very sincerely Request the Government to make a very specific reference soon to the 7th CPC to consider the Grant of Interim Relief.

Respectful Regards and Namaskar,

Yours faithfully,
SS Ramanatha Rao
Mobile: 0-9980204456


Cadre restructuring in CBEC – Cadre wise distribution of 1194 sanctioned posts of Appraisers

CBEC again make cadre-wise distribution of the posts and cadre-wise distribution of the 1194 sanctioned posts of Appraisers amongst three cadres is indicated below…

F.No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad.IV (Pt.)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise & Customs

Dated: 16th October, 2014
All Chief Commissioners of Central Excise & Customs,
All Chief Commissioners of Customs,
All Chief Commissioners of Customs (Preventive),
All Directors General,
Chief Commissioner (AR). CESTAT, New Delhi,
Chief Commissioner (Tax Arrear Recovery),
Director, Central Revenues Control Laboratories,
Chairman, Settlement Commission,

Sub – Allocation of posts in Group ‘A’. ‘B’ & ‘C’ amongst Reorganized Zones / Commissionerates and Directorates General / Directorates/Other Formations, consequent upon cadre restructuring of the Field Formations under CBEC- regarding.

Sir / Madam,

I am directed to refer to the Board’s letter F No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad. IV dated 01 08.2014, regarding allocation of the posts ïn various grades amongst the field formations under CBEC.

2. There are three Cadres of Appraiser grade posts, viz. Mumbai Custom Cadre, Chennai Customs Cadre and Kolkata Customs Cadre. Appraisers belonging to the said three Appraiser cadres are posted to Customs Commissionerates (including Customs Commissionerates manned by Central Excise Staff) as well as Central Excise Commissionerates. After notification of revised staff strength, vide Board’s order F. No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad. IV dated 01.08.2014; it has become necessary to again make cadre-wise distribution of the posts. Accordingly, cadre-wise distribution of the 1194 sanctioned posts of Appraisers amongst three cadres is indicated in the Annexure-A to this letter.

3. Customs Commissionerates (manned by Central Excise staff) and Central Excise Commissionerate will fill the posts of Appraiser allocated to them by concerned cadre controlling Zone, namely Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai.

4. All Chief Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise are also hereby authorized to post such Appraisers as drawn from the respective Cadre Controlling Authorities to any post of Appraiser under their jurisdiction.

5. Cadre Controlling Chief Commissioners of the three Cadres shall ensure that officers belonging to the cadre under their respective control are posted on rotational basis to all the Commissionerate sharing staff strength from the cadre under their respective control. Further, the working strength and vacancies in the cadre shall be proportionately shared with all the Commissionerates of Customs and Central Excise sharing the cadre strength.

6. Cadre Controlling Chief Commissioners shall also ensure that the number of officers deputed to any Commissionerate does not exceed the quota of posts earmarked to that Commissionerate.

Yours faithfully,
(Bharati Sridhar)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

(referred to in the CBEC Letter No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad. IV dated .10.2014)

1. Mumbai Customs Cadre of Appraiser :
(CCA- Chief Commissioner of Customs Mumbai-I)
(i) Mumbai Customs (General) :25
(ii) Mumbai Customs (Export-l) : 20
(iii) Mumbai Customs (Import-I) 25
(iv) Mumbai Customs Import-lI) 25
(v) Mumbai Customs (Export-li) : 20
(vi) Nahva Sheva-I : 35
(vii) Nahva Sheva-Il : 35
(viii) Nahva Sheva-III : 35
(ix) Nahva Sheva-IV : 35
(x) Nahva Sheva-V : 35
(xi) Nahva Sheva General : 35
(xii) Mumba’ Customs-I (AP): 10
(xiii) Mumbai Customs-lI :27
(xiv) Mumba’- Customs-Ill :27
(xv) Mumbat Customs-IV : 27
(xvi) Mumbai Customs-V : 27
(xvii) Mumbai Customs (P) : 20
(xviii) Goa Custom House : 35
(xix) Pune-I CE : 3
(xx) Pune Customs : 5
(xxi) Nashik-l CE : 1
(xxii) Aurangabad CE : 5
(xxiii) Nagpur-I CE : 5
(xxiv) Ahmedabad Customs : 14
(xxv) Kandla Customs : 11
(xxvi) Jamnagar Customs (P) : 6
(xxvii) Mundra Customs : 24
(xxviii) Delhi Customs Airport : 20
(xxix) Delhi Customs ACC Export : 4
(xxx) Delhi Customs (PPG & Other ICDs): 10
(xxxi) Chandigarh-l CE : 6
(xxxii) Jodhpur Customs (P) : 10
Total : 622

Chennai Customs Cadre of Appraiser (CCA- Chief Commissioner of Customs, Chennai)
(i) Chennai Customs (Airport) : 10
(ii) Chennai Customs Sea North : 35
(iii) Chennai Customs Sea CentraI : 35
(iv) Chennai Customs Sea East : 35
(v) Chenriai Customs Sea West : 35
(vi) Chennai Customs Sea South : 25
(vii) Chennai Customs ACC : 35
(viii) Chennai Sea General : 20
(ix) Cochin Customs (P) : 2
(x) Cochin Custom House : 25
(xi) Vizag Custom House : 20
(xii) Bangalore Customs (Airport & ACC):20
(xiii) Mangaore Customs : 10
(xiv) Thirvanthapuram CE : 5
(xv) Coimbatore CE : 3
(xvi) Tuticonri Customs : 5
(xvii) Trichy Customs (P) : 10
(xviii) Hyderabad Customs : 20
(xix) Guntur CE : 5
(xx) Delhi Customs Airport : 10
(xxi) Delhi Customs ACC Export : 3
(xxii) Delhi Customs (PPG & Other ICDs)’ : 10
(xxiii) Amritsar Customs (P) : 5
Total : 383

III. Kolkata Customs Cadre of Appraiser (CCA- Chief Commissioner of Customs, Kolkata)
(i) Kolkata Customs Port : 96
(ii) Kolkata Customs Airport & ACC: 39
(iii) Kanpur CE : 7
(iv) Meerut CE : 3
(e) NOIDA Customs : 6
(vi) Lucknow Customs (P) : 4
(vii) Shillong Customs (P) : 2
(viii) Bhubaneshwar Customs (P) : 4
(ix) Delhi Customs Airport : 10
(X) Delhi Customs ACC Export : 3
(xi) Delhi Customs (PPG & Other lCDs): 10
(xii) Ludhiana Customs : 5
Total : 189

Total Cadre-wise Strength:
I. Mumbai Customs Cadre : 622
II. Chennai Customs Cadre : 383
III. Kolkata Customs Cadre : 189
Grand Total : 1194


Armed forces want higher allowances for ‘hardship’ postings

Armed forces want higher allowances for ‘hardship’ postings

NEW DELHI: The armed forces are seeking an enhancement of allowances for their personnel posted in “hardship” areas on the pattern of high-altitude Siachen in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Many of the areas where the armed forces operate are hardship areas. So what one is looking at is an enhancement in allowances,” a defence official said.

While officials agree that allowances for other areas cannot be matched with that of the Siachen, they are looking at an increase in the 7th Pay Commission which is currently assessing the situation.

At present, a soldier posted in Siachen gets around Rs 8,000 per month as hardship allowance, which is the highest.

At present the allowances vary from area to area. Those involved in counter insurgency operations in northeast and Kashmir get an ‘insurgency’ allowance while those posted in higher altitude get other allowances.

The official said the Joint Services Memorandum, submitted about two months ago, has raised a number of expectations before the 7th Central Pay Commission.

Incidentally, the Pay Commission is on a four-day visit to Ladakh region, particularly world’s highest battlefield at Siachen glacier to meet soldiers performing their duties in challenging operational conditions.
The Commission headed by Justice A K Mathur and comprising former IAS officer Vivek Rae, full-time member Meena Agarwal, Secretary and 14 other members are vising Ladakh from October 12 to 15.
They were briefed on the peculiarities of difficult terrain, inclement weather and challenging operational conditions under which our soldiers are performing duties in various parts of Ladakh, including Siachen glacier.

The Commission members also visited remote posts in Eastern Ladakh and Kargil. They also landed at Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO), the scene of last year’s face-off between Indian and Chinese troops.
They interacted with soldiers from the Air Force, ITBP, BRO, and representatives of the DRDO.


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Shocking figures of attendance in central government offices – tracks minute by minute

Shocking figures of attendance in central government offices – tracks minute by minute
Government website throws up shocking attendance figures

Blame it on Urban development minister M.Venkaiah Naidu. He made a couple of surprise visits to his ministry in June and July and a government attendance website was launched, which is throwing up stunning figures of attendance in central government offices. If is to be believed, nearly 40% of central government employees tend to be absent from work on any single working day of the week. is a live website and tracks attendance minute by minute

For example, on Friday, October 10, of 50,587 central government employees registered with, the recently launched “attendance website” by the Modi government, only 27,553 were present. The remaining 22,000 odd employees had not turned up for work for whatever reason.

The story of this bureaucratic-lethargy started when, soon after taking charge of the Urban development ministry, Naidu checked into Nirman Bhavan, once on June 12, and then on July 28. “That is when late coming to office was noticed. Shri Naidu then directed ministry officials to take necessary measures to ensure punctuality at work,” says a PIB note issued on August 13.

Very soon biometric attendance marker systems were installed in Nirman Bhavan. Other ministries followed suit, and the ‘Babu’ was forced to answer to an electronic roll-call, mornings and evenings. was simultaneously launched. It took some days but now the website is in full flow, and throwing up numbers that tell the story in numbers.

Read more at :

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