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OFB JCM III level council meeting and APC meetings held on 20, 22 & 23 November, 2017

OFB JCM III level council meeting and APC meetings held on 20, 22 & 23 November, 2017

Date: 01.12.2017
All Affiliated Unions of INDWF in OFB,
Office Bearers, Working Committee Members & Special Invitees

OFB JCM III level council meeting and APC meetings held on 20, 22 & 23 November, 2017 held at OFB Hqrs Kolkatta.

On 21.11.2017 the Piece work Correlation sub-committee meeting held at Kolkatta under the Chairmanship of Shri A.K. Agarwal, Sr. GM. OF Khamaria at OFB Hqrs, Kolkatta

The brief of discussions, progress and the outcome in the meeting are given below. Further, the 4th APC meeting discussions and proposals for the future of the Ordnance Factories is also given for the information of all the affiliated unions.

Discussions and the decision of the JCM III level meeting held on 20 & 22, November 2017.

After the rationalisation of posts in respect of Industrial Employees and Non-Industrial Employees sanctioned strength, large numbers of vacancies have arised in Ordnance Factories in addition to the normal recurring vacancies. Some factories have completed the exercise of conduction DPC/Trade Test and filled the vacancies. Whereas, some factories refused to fill the vacancies due to pending case before Hon'ble Supreme Court of India on the subject reservations in promotion treatment of SC/ST candidates promoted on their own merit. In the JCM III meeting it was raised and demanded that the promotions are to be effected based on the clarification given by DOP&T OM No. 36012/11/2016-Estt (Res) Dt. 30.09.2016.
The issue was discussed and OFB vide their letter No.CP(c) Np314/2016/Per/Resv(SCT) Dt. 20.11.2017 directed all Ordnance Factories as mentioned below:
"DOP&T OM No.36012/11/2016-Estt(res) Dt 30.09.2016 clearly indicates that the policy of effecting promotions to reserved categories persons to unreserved post is sub-judice in the Hon'ble Apex Court of India and till such time that the SLP's are decided by the Hon'ble Supreme Court, while considering promotions, the DOP&T OM Dt 10.08.2010 and Railway Board circular No. 14.09.2010 on the subject reservation in promotion treatment of SC/ST candidates promoted on their own merit, are to be relied upon".
Factories are requested to effect the promotions accordingly, for which necessary instructions may please be issued.
(Copy of the OFB letter posted in Comnet of OFB Dt 2.11.2017 in Per/Reser (SC/ST)

Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, vide their OM NO. 19030/1/2017-EIV Dt 13.07.2017 issued revision of Travelling Allowance rules for the employees which are applicable w.e.f. 01.07.2017 i.e., Travel entitlements within the country
  • Entitlement for Journeys by ‘Sea or River Steamers
  • Mileage allowance for journey by Road
  • TA on Transfer
  • TA entitlement of Retiring employees
It was made a request by INDWF that the above order has been circulated by Ministry of Defence. Department of Defence D(Civ-I) vide their letter Dt 17.07.2017 for implementation, but the same has not been circulated by OFB to the Ordnance Factories for giving effect, and grant the revised benefits on these allowance. OFB has confirmed that the above orders in this respect have been recently issued through Comnet to Ordnance Factories this order can be downloaded from Comnet of Ordnance Factories and can avail the benefits w.e.f. 01.07.2017.


The issue of granting relaxation in respect of the Defence Civilians employees was taken up with MOD and DOP&T to grant one time relaxation under LTC 80 Scheme. DOP&T vide their ID note No. 1193324/2016-Estt(A-IV) Dt 13.01.2017 and 03.07.2017 have advised the administrative ministry department to examine each case on the certain broad parameters/criteria and where it is satisfied to grant relaxation as prescribed by DOP&T. The same was circulated by MoD letter dated 18.07.2017 for examination of individual cases and proposals on these lines. In this respect, there are large numbers of cases, the final claims have been rejected and recovery has been effected by Ordnance Factories on the closed cases. It was demanded that OFB needs to issue necessary letters to Ordnance Factories to grant one time relaxation by verifying the cases/claims on case by case and accordingly it should be disposed, till such time the recovery should not be effected with penal interst.

OFB has replied that necessary instructions were given still remainders will be issued to process the cases by granting relaxation under LTC-80 Scheme.

It was mentioned that IR problems at RFI is creating severe discontentment among unions and employees. RFI management after the theft of some pistol components have arrested the concerned people but imposed restriction on unions. Works Committee Society members etc and total activities of welfare matters have been stopped. The production is not very appreciable the targets are far below than the expected level. RFI management instead of concentrating on production productivity affairs they are only serious about distrubing the IR. This needs to be interfered for restoration of peace and of IR. Member WV&E & Chairman assured that is would be reviewed and settled and at the same time requested the Federation to advice the respective unions to extend the co-operation to the present General Manager who is retiring on 30.11.2017.

The Ordnance Factories had sanctioned posts for Direct Recruitment an Industrial and Non-Industrial category to each Ordnance Factories and the job is entrusted to OFRC. It was claimed although necessary written test have been conducted in respected of Group ‘C' post in each Ordnance Factories but the results are abnormally delayed which raises apprehensions. The delay may lead to some kind of manipulations. The Staff side raised this issue and demanded to finalise without any further delay and time limit should be fixed after conducting the written examination. OFB assured necessary steps would be taken to release the results at the earliest.

Distance Education Diploma (Technical) obtained from various educational institutions were denied on the plea that these institutes are not recognised by AICTE. Recent judgement of Supreme
Court was issued.It was demanded that OFB should in consultation with AICTE and UGC needs to declare the institutes which are authorised to declare distance education diplams. Further the Diplomas already obtained from the Distance Education institution may be recognised for promotion purpose.

After raising the issue at MoD for lifting the ceiling of NDA i.e., Rs.12380/- (BP +DP on 6th CPC) was agreed and instruction were issued by OFB and CGDA on this issue. INDWF demanded OFB to issue necessary instructions notifying the categories both Non-Industrial Employees and NGO's who are performing Night Duty in Ordnance Factories. Industrial Employees are fully eligible without ceiling, for Non-Industrial Employees and NGO's they have assured on 21.11.2017 the notification was issued by OFB with the concurrence of PC of A (Fys) which has been uploaded in the Comnet of OFB. This may be downloaded from the comnet and claim is allowed to get the benefit even in the past.

Though MoD has already approved and granted 3% increment for MCM on their promotion to CM (Tech) having higher responsibility from Industrial to Supervisory post but the same has not been accepted by PC of A (Fys) yet, on the reasons that MCM is not the feeder category to Chargeman as per the existing SRO. After discussion PC of A (Fys) agreed to review and grant 3% increment for the promotee CM from MCM.

At present Overtime Allowance is being calculated based in the VI CPC pay scale due to the Overtime Allowance has not been granted on the VII CPC pay scale. It was raised in the meeting that even VI CPC pay scale the annual increments, promotional pay, MACP benefits on pay have not been taken into account for calculation of Overtime Allowance. The pay on 01.07.2016 is only taken for calculation of Overtime bacause PC of A (Fys) have made package on that day. It was demanded that the package is to be revised to add all this earning for calculation of Overtime Allowance as on accruing benefits PC of A (Fys) revise the package taking into account of all these earnings.

National Council JCM, Departmental Council JCM, OFB level JCM in all these forums Finance and Accounts official responsible for taking decisions are participating regularly, whereas in JCM IV level it has been informed by local union that the official from finance and accounts are not participating are they are deputing the auditors only who are not having any authority to take any decision. In this issue it was deliberated PC of A (Fys) agreed to issue necessary instruction to depute not less than Accounts officer.

The issue was discussed and demanded that the vacancies in the JCM are not filled for last 3 to 4 years. Therefore, it was demanded that the existing vacancies needs to be filled immediately. If there is any discrepancy of seniority in CM and also the senior people are left out, it can be considered for promoting through review DPC; because of discrepancy in seniority the total promotion should not be delayed. OFB agreed on 20.11.2017 and accordingly 1203 promotions have been effected/granted and the order has been issued on 21.11.2017. It was further discussed that Electrical and Clothing technology no promotions were ordered to JWM. It was requested that they may also be considered for promotion in order to maintain parity which can be adjusted in the future vacancies of JWM. This was agreed to reconsider.

In the absence of clarity after VII CPC for fixation benefit on promotion was not granted since DOP&T has issued necessary orders that provision of fixation of Pay under FR 22(a)(i)(a) existing. It was demanded that the provision of FR 22(a)(i)(a) for granting fixation of pay or promotion be implemented. OFB agreed to implement the same.

After VI CPC those who have been granted Rs.4200/- Grade Pay they were classified as Group ‘B'. Though their appointments are given by the General Manager as appointing authority by their disciplinary cases are being dealt by OFB and disposal of their Disciplinary cases are dealt by Chariman OFB. Since the number of persons are quite large and for dealing large number of cases of OFB. Since the number of persons are quite large and for dealing large number of cases by OFB takes lot of time and delay of disposal of cases makes more time. It was demanded by INDWF, the Chairman OFB should delegate power to Sr. General Manager / General Manager as disciplinary authority to handle the disciplinary cases at Factory level.

14) Regarding the declaring results of LDCE which was held in the year 2016 are not yet released because of pending Court Case at Madras CAT. The case will be expedited however OFB has clarified that to avoid litigation in the Direct Recruitment LDCE the answer key after examination will be declared in the public domain so that the candidates can verify the right answers and if any complaint is reported that would be rectified if found genuine. This practice is followed after this exercise only the results will be declared.

It was represented by INDWF that accumulation of leave upto 300 days for Industrial Employees was agreed by Government of India and orders were issued during November 2016. Whereas the disparity in respect of leave accumulation upto 315 days after June of every year is not allowed. This may be considered to include 15 days beyond 300 between July and December. This was agreed to reconsider.

The payment of Time wages for Piece workers between 44 ¾ and 48 hours ( 3 ¼ Hours) on Saturdays which was paid till March 2006 was stopped w.e.f. 01.04.2006. This needs to be restored justifying the reasons for payment of Time wages for Piece workers was submitted by the Staff side to JCM and was discussed. Two Sub-committees from Official side was formed, their reports are not in favour. Finance of OFB refused to recommend. Staff side jointly made a request; OFB should discuss in the Board meeting and may be forwarded to M of D despite finance refused. It was agreed by OFB to forward the proposal after duly approved in the Board meeting.

The issue of granting payment of incentive to Examiners at par with Maintenance workers i.e., 50% of the factory average who recommended by the Sub-committee of JCM III. The second part for extending to other employees is kept pending. Though the Board had agreed for granting of incentive to Examiners, OFB finance did not agree. It was demanded to refer to M of D for their approval. The same was agreed by OFB.

Ordnance Factories are not filling the 5% of vacancies in a Recruitment year. It has been informed to OFB that many factories are not filling the compassionate appointments for the last few years. The same was agreed and OFB vide their letter No.039/(6) Comp.Appt/Per/Policy Dt 29.11.2017 issued instructions to Sr.GMs/GMs directing to make all out efforts to fill up pending Compassionate appointment vacancies at the earliest.

Thousands of employees appointed in various factories through Direct Recruitment away from their hometown. They are making claims and approaching different levels politically and Trade Union/Federations. Very few are getting through but large numbers of employees are denied.
The issue was discussed in JCM III and a committee is formed from official side. The proposals submitted by Federation is under consideration on Transfer of the following methods.
- Compassionate grounds
- Transfer of the employees whose spouse is working away from them
- Mutual Transfers
- Public Transfer etc
The committee under the Chairmanship of Shri Rajveer Singh, DDG/Co-ord, OFB New Delhi office will submit the report and policy will be finalised and implemented.

Large numbers of employees including Industrial employees were deputed on deputation to carry out Official/Factory work to different places at far of places including border areas. The bills produced for stay and food were not approved after lapse of 2-3 years by local accounts for want of VAT/Registration No and made recoveries of advances with penal interest. Many are retired employers. It is requested to sanction the bills based on the 5th CPC rates without production of bills and settle the cases. PC of A (Fys) were requested to issue instructions to LAO to settle the cases which was agreed to review and settle.

After creating electronically generated bills and payment made through ECS, the revenue stamp affixing was dispersed. But, whereas some factories are insisting to affix revenue stamp beyond
Rs. 25000/- and some factories are insisting beyond Rs. 5000/-. It is requested PC of A (Fys) to give the clarifications and instruction to LAOs, OFB about this issue.

Source: INDWF

Central Government employees salaries and benefits as per the 7th Pay Commission

Central Government employees salaries and benefits as per the 7th Pay Commission
What is the first month salary of new Central Government employees?
"There is lot of curiosity among young job seekers to know the average first-month salaries of Central Government employees."

There is no defying the fact that almost all Indian youth, who have completed their education, do dream of getting a CG employment. The perks are plenty - job stability, good pay, regular increments and countless benefits…!

In its report, the Seventh Pay Commission has said that while the CG should be employing about 40,48,707 workers to carry out its tasks, it currently has only about 33,01,536 persons working for them. In other words, as on January 1, 2014, there are about 7,47,171 vacancies in various CG departments.

According to data, there are 9,47,586 Central Government employees between the ages of 50 and 60. Since, on an average, about one lakh employees retire each year, it is easy to conclude that there is a steady requirement for employees in Central Government departments.

UPSC and SSC are two different bodies that conduct exams for recruitment to central government. Between January 2004 and 2014, about 11,13,329 employment orders have been issued for various Central Government posts.

Central Government employees are currently classified as A, B and C. The designation, basic salary and other benefits of an employee are calculated based on this classification. As of January 2014, there are 91,501 higher officials in Group A; 2,80,892 officials in Group B; and 29,29,143 employees in Group C. Rs. 1,29,599 crores was the money spent on giving pay and allowances to all these employees in the year 2012-13. This is about 1.30 percent of the country's total GDP.

Central Government employees salaries and benefits are currently being paid as per the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission. Rs. 18,000 is the minimum wages and Rs. 2,50,000 is the maximum wage that is being paid. The table below provides detailed list of the minimum and maximum wages of Central Government employees as per all the Pay Commissions - from the First to the Sixth.


The Sixth Pay Commission had fixed the salaries as per the Grade Pay System. The Seventh Pay Commission has calculated the salaries as per the Level System. The new job recruitment Notifications for Central Government vacancies now mention the Grade Pay(6th CPC) or Level (7th CPC). One can calculate the basic pay of an employee with the help of the table given below.

Pay Band5200-20200
Grade Pay18001900200024002800
Pay Band9300-34800
Grade Pay4200460048005400
Pay Band15600-39100
Grade Pay540066007600
Pay Band37400-67000
Grade Pay8700890010000

Calculations of Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Transport Allowance are usually done based on the city where the employee is posted. A Central Government employee is entitled to many other benefits too. These are decided based on factors like designation, nature of the job, location, etc.


OROP: One Rank One Pension to all Pre-01.06.1953 Defence pensioners, Ex. State Force Pensioners and their families

OROP: One Rank One Pension to all Pre-01.06.1953 Defence pensioners, Ex. State Force Pensioners and their families

Circular No. 591
Dated: 13.11.2017
Subject: Implementation of 'One Rank One Pension' to all Pre-01.06.1953 Defence pensioners, Ex. State Force Pensioners and their families.

Reference:- GoI, MoD letter No. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen /Policy)-Part-II dated 3rd Feb, 2016 (Circular No. 555 dated 04.02.2016), Circular 557 dated 17.03.2016, Circular 58 0 dated 05.07.2017 & Circular 581 dated 02.08.2017

Under the extant Government Orders , revision of pension under OROP scheme shall be effective with effect from 0 1.07.2014 , and payment of arrears accrued on account of revision of pension, if any, shall be made in a time bound manner as stipulated in Para 17.1 of the Circular No. 555 dated 04. 02.2016.

2. In this regard, it is stat ed that as per Para 4 of GoI, MoD letter No.12(1)/2014/D (Pen/Policy)-Part-II dated 03.02.2016 circulated vide this office Circular No. 555 dated 04.02.2016, provisions of OROP are also applicable to pre-01.06.1953 retirees pensioners, Ex-State Forces pensioners and their families for revision of pension/family pension. Accordingly, the benefit of ORO P also has to be given to Ex-State Forces Pensioner s/Family Pensioner s as per applicable tables, who were in receipt of pension as on 01.07.2014.

3. Further, rates of Ordinary Family Pension, Special Family Pension, 2nd Life award of SFP, Liberalized Family Pension, 2nd Life award of LFP, Disability/ Liberalized Disability element for 100% Disability, War Injury Element (Discharged) for 100% Disability, War Injury Element for 100% Disability (Invalid out Case) are now provided in annexed tables of this Circular as Table No. 97A , Table No. 98A, Table No. 99A, Table No. 100A and Table No. 101A, as rates of these types of pension were not given in Circular No. 555 dated 04.02.2016 and demands for these rates were raised by various PDA and pensioners. These rat es are based on applicable percentage of rates in tables no. 97 to 101 respectively.

4. Therefore , to expedite the timely revision of pension in respect of all Pre-01.06.1953 pensioners, Ex-State Force Pensioners and their families, the Pension Disbursing Agencies are hereby authorised to revise the pension of all Pre-01.06.1953 pensioners, Ex State Forces Pensioners and their families as per the rates applicable to Regular Armed Forces Personnel without any Corr. PPOs.

5. All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.

6. This Circular has been uploaded on this office website for dissemination to all concerned.

No. Gts/Tech/0167/XXVIII
Dated: 13.11.2017
(Nasim Ullah )
ACDA (Pensions)
Click to view the tables


DoPT: Consolidated Instructions on incentives for sportsperson

Consolidated Instructions on Incentives for Sportsperson

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 3rd October, 2013

Subject : Consolidated Instructions on incentives for sportsperson - regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to the subject mentioned above and to say that various instructions have been issued by the Government from time to time to provide incentives for recruitment, promotion, increment etc. of meritorious sportsmen. All the instructions issued till date have been consolidated under easily comprehensible headings for the facility of reference and guidance of all concerned. These consolidated instructions have been uploaded on this Department's website http://www.persmin.nic.inin the dynamic form (OM & Orders-)Establishment.(B)Personnel+ (I) Service Matters (m) Sportsperson/Sports Quota). This may be brought to the notice of all concerned for information, guidance and necessary action.
2. Hindi version will follow.
(Arusnoday Goswami)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Source: Confederation

Comprehensive transfer policy - exemption from 5 years service condition

Comprehensive transfer policy - exemption from 5 years service condition


No. II/14/Part VIII
Dated: 04/12/2017
The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,
Sub: Comprehensive transfer policy - exemption from 5 years service condition - reg.

Ref: (i) NFIR's PNM Item No. 18/2016 and ATS given to Federation on 13th November, 2017.
(ii) Railway Board's letter No. E(NG)I-2005/TR/20 dated 10/02/2017.
(iii) NFIR's letter No. II/14/Part VII dated 21′ Feb, 2017, 23/02/2017 and 12/04/2017.
(iv) NFIR's letter No. II/14/Part VIII dated 15/05/2017.

Kind attention of the Railway Board is invited to NFIR's PNM Item No. 18/2016 on the subject and Board's letter dated 10/02/2017 wherein relaxation in five years service condition has been granted in certain situations.

Consequent to receipt of representations from the Defence Forces Personnel re-employed in Railways and the widows/widowers appointed on compassionate ground seeking relaxation of five years minimum service condition, Federation vide letters cited under reference had approached the Hon'ble MR and sought approval for exemption from 5 years service condition to enable those re-employed ex-servicemen and widows/widowers to seek inter railway transfer to join their families and look after children. Thereafter a period of more than six months has passed this genuine demand has not been favourably considered. It is also sad to note that negative stand has been taken by Board while conveying "ATS" to the Federation without discussing the PNM Item. Attention is also invited to the General Manager (E), Western Railway's letter No. EP/1140/0 Vol. IV dated 02/08/2017 to Railway Board on the subject.

NFIR once again urges upon the Railway Board to kindly review extant instructions and issue revised instructions for exempting 5 years minimum service condition for entertaining inter railway transfer requests of ex-servicemen re-employed in Railways and also the widows/widowers/wards of Railway employees appointed on compassionate ground. Federation also proposes that a separate meeting be convened at the level of "Member Staff" to discuss this PNM Item.
Yours faithfully,
(Dr.M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary
Source : NFIR

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