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(This is applicable for all Civil Central Government Employees)

All regular postal employees can go for tour to anywhere in India along with his/her dependents i.e., family members (family members means the details of family given and recorded in their service books. This may be changed by the Government servant as and when either a new entrant i.e., newly married spouse, new born babies).

This tour can be availed once in anytime within the block year. These block years are already fixed by the department. At present the block year is 2014-2017. Now you and your dependents can avail the tour together with or separately depends upon your feasibility. i.e. as per your convenient you can alone go to anywhere in India at anytime. Likewise your dependents can alone go to anywhere in India at anytime i.e., in different time frame.

Now there is a chance to avail LTC for the previous block year 2010-2013 for those who have not availed till date they can avail now. i.e. their onward journey for anywhere in India is ensured the date of departure should be on or before 31.12.2014.

For this tour it is called as “LTC” i.e., Leave Travel Concession

Travelling expenses from your duty station to any place in India can be claimed as per fare for your entitled class in train by taking into the shortest route (as per your Grade Pay). Let us assume if you want to travel from Chennai (duty station) to New Delhi. But you may have travelled from Chennai Central to Mumbai VT and then New Delhi. In this connection your claim for travelling charges should be restricted to Chennai Central to New Delhi only even though you have preferred claim with support of tickets from Chennai Central to New Delhi en route Mumbai VT. Hence your claim should be preferred with tickets is mandatory. If it is necessitated to travel by bus when there is no train facility you should be travelled only by State or Central Government transport. It you have travelled by govt. bus though the places are connected with train route the bus fare is restricted with eligible train fare.

During on tour for LTC, the GS can be availed any kind of leave from his/her leave account. Casual leave is also eligible to avail LTC period.

Leave salary for 10 days can be utilized (10 days EL by deducting from the individual’s leave account) for tour expenses like boarding, lodging and miscellaneous other than travelling fare. This leave salary is calculated by taking account from the last emoluments (Pay in PB + Grade Pay + DA) drawn by the incumbent. This facility can be availed six times i.e. 6 x 10 days = 60 days in the entire service.

Travelling fare for entitled class in train based on Grade pay will be updated soon in my next post.

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 Those who were recruited and appointed as regular postal employee in various cadres like Postal Assistant /Sorting Assistant or Postman or MTS they are entitled for leave from the date of joining in the post as detailed below.

Earned Leave  : 15 days for 6 completed months of service
Half Pay Leave : 10 days for 6 completed months of service
Casual Leave : 8 days for calendar year
Restricted Holidays : 2 days for calendar year

As detailed above, therefore the Government servant can avail per year with full pay & allowances

EL : 30 days
CL/MC: 10 days
CL : 8 days
RH : 2 days

Total : 50 days.

EL and Half pay leave can be accumulated in the individual leave account without limit barring EL will 300+15 days. Hence the GS can avail as and when they need leave limited to maximum 180 days in a single spell. While on retirement from service Cash equivalent to leave salary will be paid for the balance of EL at their credit subject to maximum of 300 days.

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Newly Appointed Postal Assistant Salary as on date

Newly Appointed Postal Assistant Salary as on date

Postal Assistant Salary is higher than newly appointed bank clerk and Its more lucrative for aspirants who looks for government job. It became the first option as salary is concerned.

Now a notification is published by the Department of Posts, Government of India in connection with candidates are called for the post of POSTAL ASSISTANTS for the vacancies of 2013-2014. After their selection for the post of POSTAL ASSISTANTS they will be appointed in the scale of pay in Pay Band 5200-20200 with Grade Pay 2400.

Let us know How much of Gross pay as on 01.01.2014 will be drawn by the newly appointed Postal Assistant.

If appointed in the rural areas,
Basic pay - Rs.7510

Grade Pay - Rs.2400

Dearness Allowance @ 100% - Rs.9910.00

House Rent Allowance @ 10% (BP+GP) - Rs.991.00

Transport Allowance (Rs.800+100%) - Rs.1600.00

Gross - Rs. 22411.00

If appointed in the A1 cities like CHENNAI, CALCUTTA,MUMBAI & DELHI

Basic Pay - Rs. 7510.00

Grade Pay - - Rs. 2400.00

Dearness Allowance @ 100% - Rs. 9910.00

House Rent Allowance @ 30% (BP+GP) - Rs.2973.00

Transport Allowance (Rs.1600+100%) Rs. 3200.00

Gross - Rs. 25993.00

If appointed in the B1 cities (list of B1 cities issued by the Central Government)

Basic Pay - Rs. 7510.00

Grade Pay - Rs. 2400.00

Dearness Allowance @ 100% - Rs. 9910.00

House Rent Allowance @ 30% (BP+GP) - Rs .1982.00

Transport Allowance (Rs.800+100%) - Rs.1600.00

Gross - Rs. 23402.00

Apart from this you can draw hill station allowance if you are posted in the hill stations.
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 1. Revision of HSG I Recruitment Rules -- On the Way:
 It is informed that the Revised HSG-I Recruitment Rules has been approved by the DoPT. Now the clearance of Law Ministry is pending. As per the DoPT instructions, minimum 5 years service is required for promotion from HSG II to HSG I. All Circle Secretaries /Divisional Secretaries are instructed to take immediate action to fill up all the HSG I vacancies as per the existing HSG I Recruitment Rules if not already done especially before notification of revised rules.

2.  Cadre Restructuring Committee— Present Stage:
The DDG(P) & Chairman, Cadre Restructuring Committee intimated that the current Proposal submitted by the Staff side is to be put for discussion under internal meeting of the official side (Govt.side). Thereafter formal Cadre Restructuring Committee Meeting with the Staff side (Union side) will be convened shortly to finalize our current proposal.

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Ministry of Finance is launching a new website for 7th Central Pay Commission

Launching new website for 7th Central Pay Commission

Ministry of Finance is launching a new website for 7th Central Pay Commission

The official page is under the category of ‘Employees Corner’. Just you scroll down the Finance Ministry Official Website and get it in the right side of bottom. The page now contents only one official order that ‘Resolution on Terms of Reference of 7th CPC, which was published on 28.2.2014.

Click here to view the webpage here…

Minutes of the 1st meeting of the Pay Commission Committee (PCC) held on 26.02.2014

Minutes of the 1st meeting of the Pay Commission Committee (PCC) held on 26.02.2014

Minutes of the 1st meeting of the Pay Commission Committee (PCC) held in the Conference Room with the representatives of the Federations and Associations at 11.00 hours on 26.02.2014.

List of those present in the meeting is annexed.

1. At the outset, Smt. Arti C.Srivastava Member – Secretary extended a warm welcome to all the invites. Member-Secretary further informed that a Pay Commission Cell (PCC) had been constituted under the chairmanship of Shri.Aidtya Mishra Sr.DDG/CP at OFB Hqrs to initiate deliberations and invite suggestions from all the stakeholders. Three preliminary meetings of the PCC have already been held. The meeting with the representatives of the Federations and Associations has been convened, as a part of the series of the meetings proposed to be held with all stakeholders to formulate views on various issues. A portal has also been launched on the OFB COMMENT to seek views of the officers, staff and employees on matters concerning 7th Pay commission and the General Mangers/Head of the Units have also been required vide Letter dated 14.02.2014 from the Chairman, PCC to have wide-ranging consultations in this regard and communicate their views and recommendations in the matter.

2. The Chairman of PCC, Terms of Reference ToR of the 7th Pay Commission are yet to be framed. However, at this stage, it is desirable if we pro-actively initiate all preparatory actions and crystallize our views and recommendations so that the same could be collated and compiled in the form of a comprehensive presentation before the pay commission at the appropriate time. Particularly, views are being sought on the methodology to the followed by the PCC, issues to be projected before the 7th Pay Commission and the areas/material/data to justify special considerations to the OF organisation vis-a-vis other organisations/cadres. In this connection, Chairman, PCC highlighted that issue relating to anomalies arising for the organisation, uniqueness about OFB, best practices in manufacturing sector, structural and policy limitations of the current system and the emerging ethos in line with other organisation could be deliberated. Therefore, Chairman, PCC invited representatives of the Federations and Associations to share their views in the matter.

3. From the views offered by the representatives of the Federations/Associations, it emerged that detailed proposals can be prepared only after the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the 7th CPC are finalised. The representatives of each Federation/Association however briefly raised the issues which would merit detailed consideration/deliberations at a later stage. Also based on the experience of the previous pay commission, it was proposed that :

1. it should be impressed upon the 7th CPC that the Ordnance Factories Organisation as an Industry has a different role to play and that its working is different from other Central Government Deptts. with employees working under hazardous conditions and hard stations.

2. All Cadre review proposals to be finalised immediately.

3. Anomalies arising out of the 6th Pay commission be settled.

4. Categories found to be not adequately taken care of in the 6th Pay commission be given thrust.

5. Recast skills, functions, roles of employees and pay structure to bring parity among various categories.
6. Outstanding of activities to be discouraged.

7. OFB to take lead in interacting with 7th CPC as done on earlier occasions.

4. After detailed discussions, it emerged that pending finalisation of the Terms of Reference of the 7th pay commission by the Government, certain issues summarised below, were required to be addressed and the views concretised to establish a platform for formulating clear and effective recommendations on various issues :
i. Early finalisation of all cadre review proposals – Action by DDG of the respective Cadre Controlling Authority Division

ii. Settlement of anomalies arising out 6th Pay commission – DDG/Admin, DDG/G&DDG/IR (for ii, iii and iv and v)

iii. Examine issues which have resulted in litigations

iv. Policy issues which require immediate consideration

v. Strengthening of the PPC Cell at OFB Hqrs.

5. The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair.

(Smt. Arti C.Srivastava)
Member Secretary
Source : INDWF

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