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7th Pay Commission invites more staff on deputation basis

7th Pay Commission invites more staff on deputation basis
Ministry of Finance issued orders on the subject of Staff Mobilisation today on its portal that 13 more officials are required to 7th Central Pay Commission on deputation basis.

Filling up of balance vacancies of Under Secretary/ Section Officer/ Assistant/ UDC/ Cashier on deputation basis in the Seventh Central Pay Commission

Under Secretary (PB-3 GP Rs.6600) – 6 Posts
Section Officer (PB-2 GP Rs.5400) – 5 Posts
Assistant (PB-2 GP Rs.4600) – 1 Post
UDC (PB-1 GP Rs.2400) – 1 Post

These posts will be filled up only on deputation basis. The details of qualifications and experience required for the posts are given in the order.

Click to view the complete order…

Advance payment of salary to all Ordnance Employees for the month of Sep 2014

An account of Festivals, Government has decided to issue advance payment of wages to industrial employees of OFs for the month of Sept, 2014..
Urgent/ Immediate
FAX/Speed Post
Office of the Principal Controller of Accounts ( Fys)
10-A, S.K.Bose Road, Kolkata- 700 001

No. Pay/ Tech-I/0826/Disb/2014/
Date :- 24/09/2014
1. All CFA ( Fys)
O I/C AO, OF (P),Nalanda
2. 0 I/C AO, OF (P),Korwa

Sub:- Advance payment of wages to industrial employees of OFs for the month of Sept, 2014 (payable in October, 2014) on account of Durga Puja Festival/ Dussera/ Bakri-Eid falling during 01.10.2014 to 06.10.2014

Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Expenditure vide U.O. No. 3(2)/2012/TA/477 dated 17.09.2014 on the above subject received under OFB, Kolkata No. 111/A/A dated 24/09/2014 has accorded approval for disbursement of wages for the month of September, 2014 in advance on 29.09.2014. The same may be communicated to all the LAOs under your jurisdiction for necessary action at their end, please.

In this connection it is requested that advance payment of wages on account of the aforesaid festival should be made positively on 29.09.2014 for the month of September,2014 subject to fulfillment of following conditions:-

1. The amount of advance wages to be paid on 29.09.2014 for the month of 09/2014 should be the actual wage for the month of 08/2014 drawn and disbursed to the respective Industrial Employees.

2. The Br. AO should adjust the advance wages, thus paid on 29.09.2014, while generating the regular wage bill for the month of 09/2014, which is required to be prepared by 07/10/2014 based on actual hours worked by each IE of the respective OF (i.e. w.r.t. actual attendance data).

3. Over payments , arrived at as a result of such actual generation of regular wage bill for the month of 9/2014 on due date i.e. 7-10-2014, should be adjusted by recovery through actual wage bill, generated for the month of October, 2014, payable in November, 2014.

4. Br. AOs should also take care of the dues in respect of the individuals on EOL/ long leave/ prolonged absence etc.

5. It is requested to note, while taking account of the actual payments made in the previous month (i.e. wage for 08/2014), Br. AOs should calculate the actual monthly wages to arrive at the advance amount after deducting any arrear payments/ supplementary payments (if any) made with the wages for the month of 08/2014.

Strict compliance to the above instructions may please be ensured.
Asst. Controller of Accounts ( Fys)

6 Day Long Vacation for Banks?

6 Day Long Vacation for Banks?

Festival shopping and salaried classes are expected to get hit this year due to continuous 6 day long vacation for banks.

In addition to these, cheque transactions worth hundreds of lakhs are going to be affected during the vacation.

People are worried that commercial trade worth thousands of crores are also going to be thrown into chaos.

From 30.9.2014(Tuesday) to 5.102014(Sunday)

30th September 2014 – Half Yearly Account Closing Day

1st October 2014 – Half Yearly Account Closing Day

2nd October 2014 – Gandi Jayanthi

3rd October 2014 – Dasara Festival

4th October 2014 – Half a Day Working

5th October 2014 – Sunday

Source: CG Staff News

Karnataka Makes Aadhaar Card Compulsory for Medical Care

Karnataka Makes Aadhaar Card Compulsory for Medical Care

Aadhaar Card was a controversial issue during the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections. When the new government took charge at the Centre, there were talks that the card might be discontinued. But, now that the Government has given a go-ahead to continue the Aadhaar card, the Karnataka state government has decided to give more value to the card. Henceforth, Aadhaar number has been made mandatory for employees of the Karnataka state government who are utilizing the free medical treatment, ‘Jyothi Sanjeevani’.

There are more than 5.6 lakh state government employees in Karnataka, and 40% of them are yet to receive the Aadhaar cards. Employees without Aadhaar cards and their families have been asked to submit details, including photographs, online at the e-Governance Department. These temporary measures are valid only until the employees and their families get their Aadhaar cards. The department of labour welfare has ordered the employees to get their Aadhaar cards as soon as possible. The district collectors have been given the responsibility of conducting special camps to issue Aadhaar cards to state government employees of each district.

According to the press release issued by the Karnataka Government, Aadhaar card shall be treated as identity card for state government employees and their families to avail of free medical care under the Jyothisanjeevani Scheme. Employees will have to register their Aadhaar number, via the salary disbursing officer, with the Human Resource Department – H.R.M.S.

Employees who do not have Aadhaar cards will have to submit photographs of themselves and their family members, along with details, to the concerned officer and get them registered with the H.R.M.S.

Bonus for the employees working in Autonomous Organizations

Grant of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus (Ad-hoc Bonus) to Central Government Employees for the year 2013-14 – Extension of orders to Autonomous Bodies

F.No.7/22/2008 E-III(A)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
E III (A) Branch
New Delhi, the 23rd September, 2014.


Subject: Grant of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus (Ad-hoc Bonus) to Central Government Employees for the year 2013-14 – Extension of orders to Autonomous Bodies.

Orders have been issued vide this Ministry’s Office Memorandum No. 7/24/2007 E-III (A) dated 16th September, 2014 authorizing 30 days emoluments as Non-PLB (Ad-hoc bonus) for the accounting year 2013-14 to the eligible Central Government employees not covered by the Productivity Linked Bonus Schemes, subject to terms and conditions laid down therein.

2. The undersigned is directed to say that it has now been decided that the Non-PLB (Ad-hoc) bonus so admissible subject to the terms and conditions laid down in the aforesaid orders, may be extended to the employees of autonomous bodies, partly or fully funded by the Central Government which
(i) follow the pattern of pay structure and emoluments identical to that of the Central Government and (ii) do not have any bonus or ex-gratia or incentive scheme in operation.

3. In case of doubt as to the operation of these orders the clarificatory orders, circulated vide this Ministry’s O.M. No.14(10)E-Coord/88 dated 4.10.88, as amended from time to time, may be kept in view, mutatis mutandis.

4. Any request for funding by the Government to meet the liability on account of Non-PLB (Ad-hoc bonus) in respect of various autonomous organizations would not be considered by the administrative Ministries concerned, as the expenditure on Non-PLB (Ad-hoc bonus) should be met from within the existing budgetary provisions of the respective organizations. While the Autonomous Bodies not funded by the Central Government may also adopt these orders as per their own administrative and financial judgment in respect of their employees, no liability for funding will, in any case, lie on the Central Government on this account.
(Amar Nath Singh)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

AIRF will not tolerate delay in Bonus for Railwaymen

AIRF will not tolerate delay in PLB. Com Shiva Gopal Mishra General Secretary has asked Railwaymen to be prepared for showdown in case PLB is delayed.

Productivity Linked Bonus to Railwaymen for the year 2013-14

All India Railwaymen’s Federation
(Estd. 1924)
Dated: September 24, 2014
The General Secretaries, All Affiliated Unions,

Dear Comrades,

Sub: Productivity Linked Bonus to Railwaymen for the year 2013-14

As you are aware, during our earlier meeting with Hon’ble Minister for Railways on 15th September, 2014, in connection with Productivity-Linked Bonus(PLB) to Railwaymen, Hon’ble MR had assured us that, there would not be any reduction in the PLB and the same would be paid before “Durga Pooja”.

Since Hon’ble Prime Minister of India is going to leave for the US, there is every likelihood of delay in the payment of PLB, which is not tolerable to us.

Though, we are still pursing the matter with the Railway Board, Hon’ble MR and MoSR, but in case PLB is not paid to Railwaymen before “Durga Pooja”, we should be in all preparedness for show-down.
Comradely yours,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
Source: AIRF

Ministry of Defence decided to start a nationwide cleanliness mission called “Clean Cantonments” from 25 Sept 2014

Clean Cantonments : The mission will comprise a collective and sustained effort to clean our homes, workplaces, streets, roads, pavements, schools, hospitals, markets and all other public places within our purview and keeping them clean for all times to come.

MoD to Launch “Clean Cantonments” Drive from Tomorrow

Responding to the Prime Minister’s clarion call to the people of India to realize Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of “Swachh Bharat” (Clean India) by 2nd October 2019 Ministry of Defence has decided to undertake an intensive national cleanliness campaign w.e.f 25th September 2014.

During this five year cleanliness plan it has been decided that on 2nd October 2014 “Swachh Shapath” (pledge) will be administered to all in government offices and public functions/events and cleanliness drive led by senior officers will be undertaken in all government and public offices. Besides that a variety of activities such as public marches, marathons, debates, street plays, music and essay competitions among the students and other community activities will be organized to focus public attention on this campaign and on the need for maintaining cleanliness on a sustained basis.

To begin with Ministry of Defence has decided to start a nationwide cleanliness mission called “Clean Cantonments” w.e.f 25 Sept 2014. The mission will comprise a collective and sustained effort to clean our homes, workplaces, streets, roads, pavements, schools, hospitals, markets and all other public places within our purview and keeping them clean for all times to come. For this Directorate General Defence Estates (DGDE), Ministry of Defence has directed all Defence Estate Officers and Cantonment Boards to undertake “Swachh Shapath” drive on 2nd October 2014 involving all officers and staffs in Directorates as well as offices of DEO’s. The DGDE has accordingly prepared an action plan for each Command Directorate and offices under it for a period of five years where a systemic cleanliness drive will be undertaken by a Corps of Swachh Bharat Volunteers. This core of volunteers will be tasked to create mass awareness about how to develop clean habits and keep our surroundings neat and clean. Since Clean India-Clean Cantonments campaign cannot be successful without public participation, the action plan for the same has devised a number of steps to make it happen in a coordinated manner. The steps/activities suggested by the action plan for a Clean India are as follows:-

· Door-to-door garbage collection and its segregation into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.
· Management of trenching grounds as per the MSW Rules, 2000.
· Proper cleaning of public places and introduction of mechanical cleaning devices to keep roads, streets and pavements spick and span.
· Daily clearance of dustbins and cleaning of surrounding areas.
· Conversion of surface drainage system into an underground drainage system connected to a Sewerage Treatment Plant. Apart from giving a cleaner look, this measure will ensure that our water bodies are protected against pollution.
· Establishment of Water Treatment Plant, wherever drinking water is supplied by the Cantonment Board.
· Mechanical cleaning of septic tanks, nullahs, underground drainage, public toilets and urinals so that no safai karamchari has to do such cleaning manually.
· Spreading the message of Clean India through school children by incorporating proper reading material in the curriculum. One way of reaching parents is through their children. Children should also be told about the importance of keeping water bodies clean.
· Developing the disseminating Cleanliness Logos and Messages which remind people about the importance of keeping their environment clean.
· Enhanced emphasis on planting trees and protecting existing trees. Species of plants which act as bio-filters should be selected for plantation in trenching grounds and other areas receiving sewage/sewerage.
· Regular field visits by officers to see that areas are kept clean. With increase of office/paperwork, officers have become increasingly desk-bound. They should change this habit and must take rounds of at least one area every day.
· Introduction of incentives, like, cleanest Street/Mohalla/Area to motivate people and to participate in the cleanliness drive competitively.
· Effective use of mass media for spreading the Swachh Bharat campaign as well as for mobilizing support therefore.
To manage and monitor the progress of this drive in an organized manner a high level committee under the leadership of Director General Defence Estates has been constituted where all Principal Directors, CEO’s and Defence Estate Officers (DEO’s) of the department have been retained as members.

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