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Summary report of outcome of the preliminary meeting with 7th Pay Commission – IOFGOA

Ordnance Factory: Outcome of the preliminary meeting with 7th Pay Commission – IOFGOA
Brief on Preliminary meeting with 7th CPC held on 21st Aug-2014 in New Delhi .

The meeting was held in the office of 7th CPC in New Delhi at 12.25 to 13.25 Hrs. and it was chaired by chairman/7th CPC. Members of the commission and directors were also present. All office bearers of NE were invited for meeting of office bearers in New Delhi and to attend the meeting with CPC.

The following office bearers of IOFGOA could reach New Delhi and attended the meeting.

1. Shri B.K. Singh as President
2. Shri S.B. Chaubey as General Secretary
3. Shri N.K. Tripathi as Jt. General Secretary
4. Shri R.C. Pandey (Rep-West Zone)in place of Shri Philips Mathew V/President.
5. Shri Y.Raj Shekhar Reddy(Rep-South Zone)
6. Shri D.M. Lonare as rep. Central Zone
7. Shri KapilDev Sharma as Member Secretary to the Subcommittee made to draft proposal for 7th CPC.

Remaining office bearers either could not attend the meeting or they were not kept in delegation due to the restrictions in numbers. Shri B. Indra Reddy(BS-OF Medak ) was present in Delhi and he was allowed in meeting on request.

Importance of the Indian Ordnance Factories & its Group-B (G/NG) cadre , roles and responsibilities of the organisation as well as the cadre, need of corrective actions by 7th CPC, grievances of the cadre, expectations of the cadre from 7th CPC an the demands were very well explained before the commission by our delegation team. It’s a matter of satisfaction that our proposal was heard nicely followed by the required interaction by the members and chairman of the commission.

We also requested commission to have a visit to any of the Ordnance Factories like OFAJ, OFK OFBAD etc which are having simple, complex and unique- all type of functions to verify the statements of IOFGOA submitted to commission in the memorandum and explained in the meeting regarding the importance of the organisation and cadre as well as to have a true perception about the Indian Ordnance Factories its employees and products along with the hardship being faced during day to day work. The Chairman of the commission assured to visit any of the ordnance factories like OFBAD or OFAJ and to ask OFB also to submit their memorandum for all cadres to the commission.
    We observed that the commission was positive and serious towards the issues raised by us and considerate towards our grievances/demands. The commission also assured to grant an other meeting for presentation after having interaction with OFB and visit to a Ordnance Factory.
All of the points submitted through our memorandum to 7th CPC were discussed in brief in the meeting. Any one can see it on our website for details of the proposal . How ever the main focus points discussed in the meeting are appended below for instant information.

Focus point discussed in the preliminary meeting with 7th CPC
(details are available in our memorandum displayed
at website: www.iofgoa.blogspot.in

  • IOFGOA represents Group-B Gazetted Officers-Junior Work Managers (JWMs) , PS & Sr. PS Cadres and Promotee Group-A Officers-Assistant Works Managers of Indian Ordnance Factories under OFB.
  • Ordnance Factories are not profit making organization but the fourth arm of Indian defence. These are meant to serve Armed Forces & Paramilitary forces by providing broad ranging critical to simple defence products & services, which needs a highest level of dedication & integrity in its employees. It should not be treated as general industrial set-up.
  • JWM is the 1st managerial and administrative level (not supervisory cadre) in Indian Ordnance Factories. Sometimes it is mistaken by some authorities as supervisory cadre. 7th CPC may please treat JWMs as Managerial and administrative cadre. This cadre implements all the policies/directives of Govt/MOD/OFB at the ground of work i.e. shop Floor. This is the cadre which has maximum technical skill & experience in the organization which contributes in transformation of resources into output through Technocratic, Managerial & Administrative efficiency. It should be given due care by 7th CPC because it has been ignored by 5th & 6th CPC.
  • Minimum recruitment qualification of JWM/Tech is Degree in Engg./ PG in Engg./ M.Sc. in Physics or Chemistry or relevant subject or equivalent and for JWM/Non-Tech is Graduate degree in engineering, technical, humanities, science, commerce & law.
  • The next Promotional Post for JWM is Asst Works Manager (AWM) IOFS Cadre.
  • Recruitment to the post of JWM is done through promotion from Chargeman, LDCE & DR through UPSC.
  • Minimum recruitment qualification of the feeder cadre Chargeman/Tech is three years Engg. Diploma/ B.Sc. with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. For Chargeman/Non-Tech it is degree from recognized University.
  • Sanctioned strength of AWM is 375 out of which only 188 is available for promotion from JWMs against sanction strength of JWM – 7694 & remaining 187 for DR. JWMs are stagnated after getting only one promotion from the post of Chargeman.
  • JWM cadre needs to be strengthened for “Indigenisation of Defence Procurement”.
  • Corrective actions & special care is required by 7th CPC against the anomalies created by 5th CPC & 6th CPC as stated in chapter (4.0). i.e. that is related to MACP, Annual Increment, Fitment Table, Fixation, Pension Commutation, Un-harmonic distribution of Pay Scales, Entry Pay for DR, Unequal Multiplication-Factor, Distortion in Parity in Pay Scales amongst equivalent Cadres, Distortion in Quarters entitlement Criteria etc.
  • There is a need for maintaining inter-departmental Horizontal & Vertical Harmony in Central Govt Posts, Pay Scales & Promotional prospect as available for Group-‘A’ Organized Services at present.
  • The number of total Pay Scales should be reduced from 19 to 15, as proposed in Chapter (6.15).
  • 6th CPC Grade Pay & Pay Band should not be taken as exclusive basis for new pay determination.
  • Grade Pay system should be abolished and open-ended pay scales should be evolved as per Chapter (6.14.1).
  • Recommendation of 7th CPC should be implemented from 01/01/2014, as DA was 100% on that day.   The feeder grade of JWM i.e. Chargeman (pre-revised Grade Pay Rs. 4200, PB-II) should be upgraded to pre revised Grade Pay 4800 PB-II, before deriving new Pay Scale.
  • JWM (pre revised Grade Pay Rs 4600, PB-II) should be rationalized (from its pay scale in 4th CPC) & be upgraded to the pre revised Grade Pay 5400 (PB-III), before deriving new Pay Scale in 7th CPC.
  • The next higher post above JWM which is AWM (pre revised Grade Pay Rs 5400 PB-III) should be upgraded & merged with the post of WM (pre revised Grade Pay Rs 6600 PB-III), before deriving new Pay Scale.
  • PS & Sr. PS Cadre of Ordnance should be treated at par with counter parts in Ministries and OFB while deriving new pay scale.
  • Higher emoluments for Higher Posts including all allowances (Piece Work Profit & Overtime Allowance) should be provided to maintain the hierarchical status. JWM of Ordnance factories are getting letter emoluments as compare to Chargeman & Industrial Employees.
  • Principles of determination of Pay Structure as per chapter number (6.1).
  • The minimum pay scale should be 27,000 as on 01/01/2014 & maximum salary should be 284000 with ratio of (1) : (10.5) and the difference between minimum & maximum salary should be harmonically distributed amongst all the cadre falling in between , as proposed in chapter (6.17).
  • Annual increment should be 5% with provision of option i.e. 1st January & 1st July.
  • Minimum Promotional benefit should be 10% of Basic Pay.
  • Time Bound Promotion system should be introduced for all cadres. Each cadre should get at least Six Promotions failing which financial upgradation.
  • Proposal for either “Scraping-off” or “Desired Improvement” in new Pension Scheme as per Chapter (7.0).
  • Regarding retirement gratuity, the number of service years should be 42 in place of 33, month salary should be granted for each completed year & ceiling should be removed.
  • Parity in Pension/Family Pension between pre & post CPC retirees should be maintained.
  • Provision of Every year LTC & one international LTC to the countries wherever Air India Flights are operating Otherwise Foreign travel under LTC upto SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Countries, which includes India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Provision of Bonus for all Central Govt employees.
  • Provision of Grievances Settlement Machinery for Gazetted Officer otherwise representation in JCM forum should be made.
  • Factory allowance for employees working in Govt Production units like Ordnance Factories where 6 days per week working exists, in place of 5 days working in a week for other Central Govt. Departments.
  • Allowance on acquiring Higher Qualification.
  • Risk allowance for JWM working in identified Hazardous Operations/Area, where industrial employees are getting Risk Allowances.
  • Special working allowance for working in factories located under Naxalite Area.
  • Hard Station working allowance for working in Remote Area.
  • Children Education Allowance upto PG level.
  • Remaining allowances are per chapter (6.32).
  • Other Miscellaneous Suggestions as per chapter (8.0). 
With Best Wishes,
(S. B. Chaubey)
General Secretary
Source: http://iofgoa.blogspot.in/

The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act. 2013 – Submission of declaration of assets and liabilities by the public servants for each year – regarding

Submission of declaration of assets and liabilities by the public servants for each year – Dopt Orders

Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
Establishment Division
North Block, New Delhi
Dated August 25 , 2014

Subject: The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act. 2013 – Submission of declaration of assets and liabilities by the public servants for each year – regarding

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s Circular of even no. dated 23.07.2014 the subject mentioned above requesting all Ministries! Departments to bring the provisions of the Public Servants (Furnishing of Information and Annual Return of Assets and Liabilities and the limits for Exemption of Assets in Filing Returns) Rules, 2014, to the notice of all concerned for compliance. it is again requested that necessary directions may be issued in this regard urgently so that the declarations/information/returns from every public servant are received on or before the 15th day of September 2014 as stipulated in the said Rules. It is reiterated that the definition of public servant covers all Group A, B and C employees,

2. In this regard it is also clarified that the public servants who either failed or were not required to file the annual declarations as per the applicable rules [eg. Group C’ Government servants covered under CCS(Conduct) rules, 1964] are also required to file the stipulated declaration/ information/return within time,
3. Hindi version will follow. ,
(J. A. Vaidyanathan)
Director (E)
Source : www.persmin.gov.in

CGHS: Issue of medicines / reimbursement of expenditure on investigations / treatment procedures / implants and other medical devices under CGHS- regarding

CGHS orders on issue of medicines, reimbursement of expenditure on investigations, treatment procedures, implants and other medical devices under CGHS

No. 2-2/2014/CGl-IS. HQ/PPT/CGHS(P)
Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated: the 25th August , 2014

Sub- Issue of medicines / reimbursement of expenditure on investigations / treatment procedures / implants and other medical devices under CGHS- regarding

With reference to the above mentioned subject the undersigned is directed to state that this Ministry has examined the matter in detail and with a View to streamlines the procedures regarding issue of medicines, reimbursement of expenditure on investigations, treatment procedures, implants and medical devices and with a View to plug the loopholes in the system, it has now been decided that:

a) CGHS shall supply / indent only those medicines, which are included in the CGHS formulary, except for para (b) below. However, for medicines prescribed outside formulary, medicines with identical formulations and /or similar therapeutic effect may be supplied from CGHS formulary against such medicines. CGHS formulary containing 1447 generic and 622 branded medicines is available on CGHS Website at http://msotransparentnic.in/cghsnew/index.asp

b) Anti Cancer and other similar medicines are however supplied on a case to case basis. Only the medicines approved by DCGI for use in India shall be supplied. In case an Indian version is available, which is cheaper than the imported medicine, only the Indian medicine shall be supplied even if, an imported medicine has been prescribed.

c) Medicines shall be supplied for a maximum period of one month.

d)In case of CGHS beneficiaries going abroad, issue of medicines shall be restricted for a maximum period of three months.

e) CGHS shall hereinafter allow only the listed investigations / treatment procedures for which there are prescribed CGHS rates, to be under taken in CGHS empanelled diagnostic centres and hospitals.

f) Similarly, only listed implants / medical devices with a CGHS prescribed ceiling rate shall be permitted for treatment / reimbursement under CGHS.

g) In those cases where any unlisted investigation / treatment procedure is undertaken the reimbursement shall be limited to the rate of nearest similar investigation / treatment procedure under CGHS. Addl. Director of the city /zone shall take a decision based on justification in such cases, in consultation with experts in the field, if necessary.

h) In those cases where any unlisted implant / device is installed reimbursement shall be limited to the CGHS rate of nearest similar implant / device. Addl. Director of the city / zone shall take a decision based on justification in such cases in consultation with experts in the field, if necessary.

i) Registration of Mobile number with CGHS has been made compulsory as a guard against misuse of CGHS Card.

j) In order to provide a mechanism to update the investigations / treatment procedures / implants , etc., as an ongoing process , a Technical Committee is being constituted to consider inclusion / exclusion of investigations /treatment procedures / implants , etc., under CGHS.
Under Secretary to Government of India
011-2306 1441
Source: http://msotransparent.nic.in/writereaddata/cghsdata/mainlinkfile/File738.pdf

7th Pay Commission proposes to visit Leh / Srinagar between 15th to 18th September 2014

7th Pay Commission proposes to visit Leh / Srinagar between 15th to 18th September 2014

Visit of the 7th CPC to Leh/Srinagar
The Commission has, in its first phase of interaction, been seeking the views of various stakeholders on its terms of reference. To this end, meetings have been held in Delhi with various organisations and heads of various agencies.

In its second phase of interaction, the Commission plans to hold meetings in different parts of the country to facilitate stakeholders staying in various areas to present their views personally before the Commission and ensure larger representation. This exercise is being undertaken to enable the Commission to get a firsthand impression about the functioning and the condition of service prevailing in different parts of the country.

Accordingly, the Commission, headed by its Chairman, Justice Shri A. K. Mathur, proposes to visit Leh/Srinagar between 15th September to 18th September, 2014. The Commission would like to invite various entities/associations/federations representing any/all categories of employees covered by the terms of Reference of the Commission to present their views.

Your request for a meeting with the Commission may be sent through e-mail to the Secretary, 7th Central Pay Commission at secy-7cpc@nic.in The memorandum already submitted by the requesting entity may also be sent as an attachment with this e-mail.

The last date for receiving request for meeting is 5th September, 2014 (1700 hours).

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