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NMC : PM should appoint 7th Pay Commission

NMC : PM should appoint 7th Pay Commission

Business Stnadard: Jammu Sunday, June 9, 2013

National Mazdoor Conference today urged Prime Minister to appoint the 7th pay commission at the next cabinet meeting as employees and pensioners will be entitled for pay commission with effect from January 1, 2016.

"We urge the Prime Minister to appoint Chairman and other members of the 7th pay commission and take decision in this regard at the next cabinet meeting and start discussion with representatives of both Central and State governments employees as Central and State governments employees and pensioners will be entitled for pay commission with effect from 1-1-2016", President of the National Mazdoor Conference (NMC) Subash Shastri said today.

He said that the appoint of 7th Pay Commission will end confusion and uncertainty among the employees and pensioners on this issue once for all.

Addressing a one day workers convention at Brahamin Sabha here, Shastri pointed out that except sixth pay commission all earlier pay commissions were constituted in the 3rd year of every decade.

In other words earlier pay commissions except 6th pay commission were formed well before its implementation become due.

"A notification for constitution of the 7th pay commission is the need of the hour, which is bound to have bearing on about one core employees and pensioners, both in Central as well as State governments," NMC Chief added.

Recalling that it was under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that last pay panel was set up in 2005, after previous government failed to do so in 2003, Shastri requested that decision be "taken on priority for constitution of the pay commission."

"50 per cent of DA should be forthwith merged into basic pay and pension," he said, adding, 20 per cent Interim relief should be sanctioned as early as possible in favour of the employees and pensioners.

Shastri also insisted on the regularisation of daily wagers who have completed seven years of service in Mach 2012, adding their monthly emoluments should be raised to Rs 10,000 per month.

Incorporating Ordrers/OMs from 15.11.1966 to 18.12.2012 : Directorate of Estates Compendium

Incorporating Ordrers/OMs from 15.11.1966 to 18.12.2012 : Directorate of Estates Compendium

Directorate of Estates has uploaded Compendium incorporating Orders/OMs from 15.11.1966 to 18.12.2012.  In this article you may see only table of contents of compendium.  You may download this compendium with help of given link after table of contents.

Incorporating Orders/OMs from 15.11.1966 to 18.12.2012
The instructions issued by the Directorate of Estates
Ministry of Urban Development
Corrected up to 31st December 2012


1.SR-317-B-1: Short Title & Application
2.SR-317-B-2 : Definitions :
(a) Allotment
(b) Allotment Year
(c) Delhi
(d) Directorate of Estates
(e) Eligible Office
(f) Condition for eligibility for an office
(g) List of eligible offices
(h) Eligibility of staff of CSIR, ICAR, CRRI & ICMR
(i) Eligibility of foreign nationals
(j) Condition of eligibility for offices outside Delhi
(k) Allotment of General Pool Accommodation to PSU employees
(l) Allotment of accommodation to Delhi Administration
(m) Eligibility of branch offices of GNCT
(n) Eligibility of teachers and other staff of GNCT (o) Eligibility of staff of CBI
(p) Eligibility of canteen employees
(q) Eligibility of permanently seconded Defence Service Officers
(r) Allotment/retention of accommodation by Central Govt. officers on deputation to BSNL.
(s) Basic Pay
(t) Family
(u) Government
(v) Priority Date
(w) Licence Fee (x) Residence (y) Subletting
(z) Sharing
(aa) Temporary Transfer (bb) Transfer
(cc) Type
3.SR-317-B-3: Allotment to house owning officers
4.SR-317-B-4: Allotment to husband & wife
5.SR-317-B-5: Classification of residences
6.SR-317-B-6: Application criteria for allotment
7.SR-317-B-7: Allotment offer of residences
  • Provision of GPRA to ineligible persons
  • Allotment of rent free accommodation
  • - Request for reconsideration of allotment
  • Temporary allotment for marriage purposes
  • Retention by Central Govt. officers on deputation to PSUs/Autonomous Bodies
  • Ad-hoc allotment to officers on transfer in eligible offices
  • Revised guidelines for allotment of Govt. accommodation to political parties
  • Allotment to Parliamentary staff of political parties
  • Guidelines regarding allotment of Govt. accommodation to state level political parties
  • Allotment to Journalists and Press Cameramen
  • Allotment to employees recruited on contract basis
  • Allotment/Retention of GPRA by Consultants
  • Allotment/Retention of GPRA on short term appointment in Committees/ Commissions
  • Allotment of accommodation to Ex-President/Ex-Vice-President/Ex-Prime Minister & their spouse
  • Allotment of accommodation to Ex-Prime Minister who are sitting Member of Parliament
  • Allotment of Type-I accommodation to employees eligible for Type-II
  • Allotment of accommodation to officers inducted into service at intermediate/ higher levels
  • Change of accommodation to officers inducted as intermediate level
  • Admissibility of HRA in the event of non-application or non-acceptance or surrender of GPRA at various stations
  • Allotment of GPRA to Union Ministers
  • Allotment of GPRA to freedom fighters, eminent artist, private persons such social workers and private organization
8SR-317-B-8: Maintenance of separate pool for certain categories of officers
9.SR-317-B-8A: Out of turn allotment
  • Allotment on medical grounds
  • Allotment on functional grounds
  • Change of accommodation by out of turn allottees
  • Discretionary quota for personal staff
  • Allotment on security ground
  • Quota for key-personnel working in Deputy Prime Minister's Office
  • Out of turn allotment to key-officials working in the office of Vice-President, Prime Minister & Cabinet Secretariat
  • Priority allotment to personal staff attached with Union Ministers and other dignitaries
10SR-317-B-10: Non-acceptance of allotment offers or failure to occupy allotted
residence after acceptance :
(a) Non-acceptance of entitled accommodation by officer in occupation of lower type
(b) Admissibility of HRA on restriction of allotment
(c) Restriction of allotment (d) Deferment of allotment
11SR-317-B-11: for which allotment subsists and concessional period for retention of Govt. accommodation.
(a) Retention Schedule by rent payees
(b) Officers proceeding on deputation/transfer to corporations, semi govt orgns
(c) Retention of JLN Fellowship awardees
(d) No HRA if house retained authorisedly or unauthorisedly.
(e) Retention on termination of re-employment
(f) Retention by officers on compulsory waiting
(g) Retention by rent free allottees
(h) Retention by officers appointed advisor to Governor
(i) Retention by Government servants assigned to work as UN volunteers
(j) Regularisation of accommodation on re-posting
(k) Retention on temporary transfer.
12SR-317-B-12: Provisions relating to license fee
(a) Recovery of licence fee from clubs, associations etc.
(b) Recovery of common service charges
(c) Licence Fee from those holding accommodation above entitlement
(d) Recovery of arrears in instalments
(e) Rent for durable/non-durable items of furniture (f) Table containing present rate of licence fee.
13SR-317-B-13: Personal liability of allottee for payment of licence fee till vacation and furnishing of surety by temporary officers
(a) Issue of No Demand Certificate in case of inter-pool exchange
14SR-317-B-14: Surrender of allotment and period of notice.
15SR-317-B-15: Change of residence
(a) Continued eligibility necessary for change
(b) No change permissible if enquiry in progress about subletting
(c) No change within six months of retirement
16SR-317-B-16: Change of residence in the event of death of any member of the family
17SR-317-B-17: Mutual change of residences
18SR-317-B-18: Transfer to non-family station :
(a) Retention of GPRA at the last place by employee posted to J&K
(b) Revision of entitlement/Retention of accommodation during posting to NE Region and J&K
(c) Retention to PMF personnel posted to LWE areas
(d) Retention in case of mandatory posting to ineligible offices
19SR-317-B-19: Maintenance of Residences
20.SR-317-B-20: Subletting & sharing of residences
(a) Who are entitled to share govt accommodation.
(b) Sharing with close relatives
(c) Departmental action against those subletting government accommodation
(d) Misuse of garage
(e) Subletting of govt accommodation-departmental action
21SR-317-B-21: Consequences of breach of rules and conditions
22SR-317-B-22: Overstay in residence after cancellation
(a) Retention by those retiring from deputation to NER/andamans and Nicobar Islands
(b) Recovery of damage rate of licence fee for overstay.
23.SR-317-B-23: Continuance of allotment made prior to issue of these rules
24.SR-317-B-24: Interpretation of rules
25SR-317-B-25: Relaxation of rules :
(a) Reservation in allotment
(b) Concession of ad-hoc allotment towards working on ad-hoc basis
(c) Allotment of GPRA to Scientist attached to Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister
(d) Regularization of accommodation to spouse of allottee Govt. officer in the event of his/her transfer
(e) Concession of ad-hoc allotment to dependents/relations of Govt. employees - eligibility of married daughter
(f) Allotment of GPRA to Member of Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal, Members of Custom & Excise and Gold Control Appellate Tribunal
(g) Retention of Accommodation by family of deceased Govt. servant
(h) Retention of Accommodation by official working in personal staff of Minister on co-terminus basis
(i) Allotment of GPRA to employees of States/UTs working in Delhi
(j) Earmarking of accommodation for Chairman/Member of Statutory/ Constitutional Bodies manned by retired Supreme Court/High Court Judges
(k) Regularization/allotment of alternate accommodation in the name of eligible

Concessions to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in posts filled by Promotion by selection - posts within Group A (Class I)

Concessions to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in posts filled by Promotion by selection - posts within Group A (Class I)


Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

North Block, New Delhi - 110001
Dated : 7th June, 2013

Office Memorandum

Subject: Concessions to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in posts filled by Promotion by selection-posts within Group A (Class I).

The undersigned is directed to invite reference to this Department OM No.36028/21/2003-Estt. (Res.) dated 29th January 2004 which provides that in promotion by selection to posts within Group A (Class I) which carry an ultimate salary of Rs.18,300/- per month or less, the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe officers, who are senior enough in the zone of consideration for promotion so as to be within the number of vacancies for which the select list has to be drawn up, would be included in that list provided they are not considered unfit for promotion. The scales of pay of Group A post have been revised on the basis of the recommendations of the 6th Central Pay Commission. Keeping that in view, it has been decided that orders contained in the aforesaid OM would apply to promotions by selection to posts within Group A carrying Grade Pay of Rs. 8,700/- or less.

2. All Ministries/Departments are requested to bring the above decision to the notice of all concerned.

(Sandeep Mukerjee)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


Electronic Pension Payment Order (E-PPO) to be issued

Electronic Pension Payment Order (E-PPO) to be issued

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Central Pension Accounting Office
Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi.

CPAO/Tech/e-PPO/2013-14/ 57


Office Memorandum

Sub: – Software (e-PPO utility) for processing pension cases

1. Optimum utilization of manpower with speed and accuracy has been a thrust from the time immemorial. The revolution in Information Technology has made it possible to overcome it to a greater extent. So far, in Central Pension Accounting Office Special Seal Authorities authorizing the banks for making payments of pensions have been generated after feeding the relevant data manually based on special seal authorities received from different Pay & Accounts Officers. On the basis of this feeding data-base of pensioners is updated in Central Pension Accounting Office.

2. But the manual feeding of data involves engagement of lot of manpower which takes considerable time and leaves scope of clerical errors at the part of Central Pension Accounting Office leading to improper maintenance of Central Pension Accounting Office’s data-base, wastage of manpower, over/under payment and delay in payment.

3. To obviate the above situation and to facilitate PAOs of Central Civil Ministries/ Departments to issue the PPOs electronically of all Govt. Servants retiring from June, 2013 onwards, the 0/o the CGA and Central Pension Accounting Office has developed a software for uploading the e-PPO. The facility for preparation/ generation of text file for Central Pension Accounting Office’s databank is available in the Pension Module of COMPACT.

4. The Pay & Accounts Offices may upload the text file on Central Pension Accounting Office’s website in the following manner:-
Login (using User ID & Password of Annexure-III) —> e-PPO uploading —> PPO upload –> PPO and nominee upload Form 1 A upload file –> submit. The PAOs have to upload both PPO and nominee details.

5. The Other procedure i.e. sending of PPO and hard copy of SSA etc. will remain unchanged. This issues with the approval of Addl. Controller General of Accounts.

(Dr. Dilip Kumar)
Controller of Accounts

Ratio of Promotion in CSS

Ratio of Promotion in CSS

Is there any ratio in which the Promotee Assistants and Direct Recruit Assistants were being promoted to the Section Officer Grade prior to Cadre restructuring undertaken during early 1990s..? and Whether the Committee of Secretaries, while considering Cadre restructuring of CSS, had recommended promotion of Promotee Assistants and Direct Recruit Assistants to the Section Officer Grade in the ratio of 75:25..?

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Shri.V.Narayanasamy replied to the above questions in Lok Sabha on 13th March, 2013 as follows:

"No ratio has been prescribed for either Promotee or Direct Recruit category Assistants for promotion to the grade of Section Officer.

Promotions to the grade of Section Officer are made through two streams, viz.,
(i) by seniority and

(ii) by holding Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE). In both the streams, all eligible Assistants, whether direct recruit or promotee are participating.

No such recommendation has been made by Committee of Secretaries".

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