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Children Education Allowance Scheme (CEA) Latest FAQ

Children Education Allowance Scheme (CEA) Latest FAQ

No. 21011/08/2013-Estt.(AL)Government of IndiaMinistry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

Establishment (Allowances) Section
Children Education Allowance Scheme (CEA)
Si. No.Frequently asked QuestionsAnswer
1.Whether        Reimbursement        of
Children Education Allowance
(CEA)          for       3rd           child       is
permissible if CEA has not
been claimed for 1st and or 2′
child?        As      per     OM      dated
2.9.2008 CEA             is admissible
for two school going children
does it mean any two school
going children?
No. Reimbursement of CEA is not permissible for
third child even if reimbursement has not been
claimed in respect of first and/or second child.
However,         as      per      OM       No.12011/03/2008-
Estt.(AL)          dated       11.11.2008,          the      Children
Education Allowance would be admissible for
more than two children where as a result of the
second child birth results in birth of twins or
multiple children.              Further, reimbursement of
CEA for the 3′ child is also admissible in case of
failure         of      sterilization       operation.             Such
reimbursement is admissible only for the first
child birth after failure of sterilization operation.
This       point     was     further     clarified      vide     O.M.
No.12011/16/2009-Allowance) dated 13.11.2009.
2.What         types       of       fee       are
Whether Annual Charges and
Transportation              fees           are
Whether                   reimbursement
towards        purchase      of school
bag,       water      bottle,     uniform,
shoes          and        stationery        is
As per OM No.12011/03/2008-Estt.(AL) dated 2.9.2008, tuition fee, admission fee, laboratory
fee,        special       fee       charged       for      agriculture,
electronics,        music     or    any    other     subject,      fee
charged for practical work under the programme
of work experience, fee paid for the use of any aid
or       appliances       by      the      child,       library      fee,
games/sports        fee and fee           for extra-curricular
activities are reimbursable subject to the condition
that the aforementioned fee are charged by the
school directly from the student.
No reimbursement is permissible for Annual
Charges         and      Transportation        fees.      Besides,
reimbursement for purchase of one set of text
books and notebooks, two                  sets of uniforms
prescribed by the school in which the child is
studying, one pair of shoes, in an academic year
are reimbursable. Uniform include all items of
clothing prescribed for a day, as uniform by the
school, irrespective of colours/winter/summer/PT
uniforms.         Reimbursement        of      school       bags,
pens/pencils, water bottle, stationery etc., may not
be allowed.          
O.M. No.12011/08/2010-Estt.(AL)
dated 30.12.2010and O.M. No.12011/07(i)/2011-
Estt.(AL) dated 21.02.2012 refers
3.Whether           CEA        has       been
increased by 25% as a result of
This Department’s OM No.12011/03/ 2008-
Estt.(AL) dated 2.9.2008  clearly indicates that the

enhancement          of        Dearness
Allowances beyond 50%?
limits “would be automatically raised by 25%
every time the Dearness Allowance on the revised
pay structure goes up by 50%”. There is no need
for any separate order from this Department
to effect enhancement of CEA as a result of
increase in DA by 50%. However, O.M.
No.12011/01/2011-Estt.(Allowance)             dated 4th May, 2011,
has been issued to clarify this further.
4.Whether CEA can be claimed
for the child for the same class
The reimbursement of CEA is not linked to the
performance of the child in his class.                Even if a
child fails in a particular class, the reimbursement
is permissible. However, if the child is admitted
in the same class in another school, although
the child has passed out of the same class in
previous school or in the mid-session, CEA
shall not be reimbursable.
5.Whether CEA/Hostel Subsidy
is allowed for initial two years
of Diploma Courses?
Children Education Allowance/Hostel Subsidy is
allowed for the initial two years of a diploma/
certificate           course          from         Polytechnic/ITI/
Engineering College, if the child pursues the
course      after passing          10th •standard       and    the
Government       servant      has      not     been     granted
CEA/Hostel Subsidy in respect of the child for
studies in 11th and 12th standards. This is further
subject to fulfillment of other conditions laid
down in the
O.M. No.12011/03/2008-Estt.(AL)
dated 2.9.2008
and subsequent instructions issued
from time to time.
6.What is hostel subsidy?The term Hostel Subsidy would mean expenses
incurred by the Government servant if he/she
keeps his/her children in a hostel of a residential
school/institution located beyond a distance of 50
kilometers from his/her residence.
7.Whether       Hostel      subsidy      is
reimbursable        irrespective       of
transfer liability?
Hostel Subsidy is reimbursable to all Central
Government Employees covered by the scheme,
for keeping         their ward        in    the    Hostel     of a
residential school away from the station in which
the employee is posted or residing irrespective of
any transfer liability.
8.Whether Hostel subsidy can be
reimbursed       if     the     child      is ‘
staying in a Hostel which is
not part of residential school
where he is studying?
No.     Hostel subsidy is reimbursable only in case
of child studying in a residential school and
staying in hostel of the said residential school.
9.What are the components of
hostel subsidy?
Hostel subsidy includes fee charged for boarding,
lodging in addition to fee as mentioned in para
1(e) of OM No. 12011/03/ 2008-Estt.(AL) dated 2.9.2008.
10.Whether a Government servant
is allowed to get 50% of the
Reimbursement of 50% of the entitled amount for
the academic year can be allowed in the first

total amount subject to the
overall annual ceiling in the
first quarter and the remaining
amount in third and/or fourth
and/or second quarter and the remaining amount
can be reimbursed in the third and/or fourth
quarter.      The entire entitled amount can also be
reimbursed       in     the     last     quarter.         However,
frontloading of the entire admissible amount is
not      permissible.        O.M.      No.12011/07(0/2011-
Estt.(AL) dated 21.02.2012 refers.
11.Whether any          age     limit has
been              prescribed                for
reimbursement        of      CEA      in
respect of children studying in
nursery classes?
There       is     no     minimum      age     prescribed      for
reimbursement of CEA in respect of children
admitted in nursery classes.
However, with regard to physically challenged
children the minimum age of 5 (five) years was
prescribed for disabled children undergoing non‑
formal/vocational education. With effect from 21st
February, 2012, the minimum age stipulated as 5
years for disabled children stand removed.
Hence, there is no minimum age of child for
whom reimbursement is claimed irrespective of
the fact whether the child is disabled or not.
The maximum age for normal child is 20 years
and      for     physically      challenged      children      the
maximum           age         is         22          years.          O.M.
No.12011/07(ii)/2011-Estt.(AL) dated 21.02.2012 refers.
12.Whether the school/institution
should be recognized?
The school/institution has to be recognized by the
Central         or       State        Government         or       UT
administration or by University or a recognized
educational authority having jurisdiction over the
area where the institution is situated.               This also
applies in respect of children studying in two
classes prior to Class-I, i.e., nursery/LKG/UKG,
etc. OM No.           
12011/03/ 2008-Estt.(AL) dated 23.11.2009.
13.Whether CEA is payable for
The children of           Central
Government        employees      and
studying        abroad,       including
children          of        citizens         of
Nepal/Bhutan but working in
Government of India, and their
children      are    studying     in the
schools in their native place?
The CEA is payable for the children of all Central
Government       employees      including      citizens     of
Nepal      and     Bhutan,      who     are     employees      of
Government of India, and whose children are
studying          in    the     native     place.     However,      a
certificate may be obtained from the concerned
Indian Mission that the school is recognized by
the educational authority having jurisdiction over
the area where the institution is situated.
14.What constitutes “Fee” as per
para 1(e) of the O.M. dated
2/9/2008 and whether fee paid
“Fee” shall mean fee paid to the school in which
the       child       is      studying,       directly        by      the
parents/guardian for the items mentioned in para

for extra-curricular activities to
some        other       institute       and
reimbursement of, school bags,
pens/pencils,        etc.,     can         be
allowed? Is there any item-
wise ceiling?
1(e) of the O.M. dated 2/9/2008. Reimbursement
of school bags, pens/pencils, etc., may not be
allowed.       There is no item-wise ceiling.
O.M. No.12011/07(i)/2011-Estt.(AL) dated 21.02.2012

15.Whether reimbursement can be
allowed      in case the original
receipts       are     misplaced      and
duplicate receipts are produced
by the Government servant?
Are        the       original       receipts
required         to       be        attested/
countersigned/ rubber stamped
by the school authorities?
In case of misplacement of receipts given by the
school/institution towards charges received from
the     parents/guardian,       reimbursement      may     be
allowed if the Government servant produces a
duplicate receipt, duly authenticated by the school
authorities.      Receipts from private parties, other
than     the     school,     if misplaced         shall     not    be
entertained,       even     if     a     duplicate      receipt      is
produced.            Original       receipts       from      school
authorities            need           not           be           attested/
countersigned/rubber        stamped     by     the     school
O.M. No.12011/07(i)/2011-Estt.(AL)
dated 21.02.2012 refers.
16.Whether                    Development
Fee/Parents’                Contribution
charged                   by                  the
school/institution                            is
Reimbursement of Development                 Fee/Parents’
Contribution      is allowed       w.e.f.     21st February,
2012, vide
O.M. No.12011/07(ii)/2011-Estt.(AL)
dated 21.02.2012,
on pro-rata basis, subject to the
condition that the Government servant will have
to certify that the school does not charge tuition
However,      in respect of children studying                  in
Kendriya Vidyalaya, the Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi
is reimburseable as it forms part of para 1(e) of
O.M.      No.12011/3/2008-Estt.(Allowance)               dated
2.9.2008.                        O.M.             No.12011/16/2009-
Estt.(Allowances) dated 13.11.2009 refers.
17.Whether reimbursement of fee
charged directly by the school
for      catering      to     the     special
needs        of      the      child       with
disabilities duly certified by
the             concerned              school
authorities, in addition to items
mentioned in para 1(e) of O.M.
dated 2.9.2008, is permissible?
Reimbursement of fee charged directly by the
school for catering to the special needs of the
child      with    disabilities     duly    certified      by    the
concerned school authorities, in addition to items
mentioned in para 1(e) of O.M. dated 2.9.2008, is
allowed w.e.f. 21st February, 2012.


Implementation of SC decision for amending Rules of Promotion - Copy of OM No.1/9/69-Estt.(SCT) Dated 26th March, 1970

Implementation of SC decision for amending Rules of Promotion - Copy of OM No.1/9/69-Estt.(SCT) Dated 26th March, 1970
The below information was given by the Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievacnes and Pensions Shri.V.Narayanasamy in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha on 21st March, 2013 regarding the matter of the implementation of SC decision for amending Rules of Promotion. The important office memorandum, which was published by the Home Affairs on 26.3.1970 is reproduced and given for your ready reference...
The Supreme Court in the matter of National Federation of SBI & Ors. V/s. Union of India (1995 AIR 1457) considered the issue whether concession as per O.M. No. 1/9/69-Estt (SCT) dated 26.3.1970 tantamounts to reservation and has held that in the matter of promotion by selection to the posts within Class I, which carry an ultimate salary of Rs. 2250 (Pre-revised), there is no reservation in favour of Scheduled Castes(SCs) / Scheduled Tribes (STs) but they are entitled to the concession contained in para 2 of the OM dated 26.3.1970 issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The concession is that those SC/ST officers who are senior enough in the zone of consideration for promotion so as to be within the number of vacancies for which the select list is being drawn up will be included in the select list provided they are not considered unfit for promotion. 
The Supreme Court has further held that the said candidates would not be entitled, for the purpose of selection one grading higher than the grading otherwise assigned to them on the basis of their record of service. The O.M. dated 26.3.1970 also contains the same instructions that they would not be given, for this purpose, one grading higher than the grading otherwise assigned to them as per their record of service. 
The extant guidelines on Departmental Promotion Committee provide that the Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs) enjoy full discretion to devise their own methods of procedures for objective assessment of the suitability of candidates who are to be considered by them. The DPCs should make their own assessment on the basis of the entries in the Confidential Reports(CRs) now Annual Performance Appraisal Reports(APARs) because sometimes the overall gradings in a Confidential Report may be inconsistent with the grading under various parameters or attributes. The DPC is required to make an overall assessment of the performance of each candidate separately but by adopting some stands/yardstick/norms. The procedure should not be vitiated on grounds of bias, mala-fide or arbitrariness. As per latest instructions, the DPC is required to grade the officers as ‘fit’ or ‘unfit’ only, after determining the merit of those being assessed for promotion. 
The instructions issued by the Department of Personnel and Training on the subject have been extended to all Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSUs) by the Department of Public Enterprises vide their O.M. dated 27th September, 1978. 
The Supreme Court in K. A. Nagamani V/s. Indian Airlines and others (CA 5314/2007) has held that the Recruitment Rules of the Indian Airlines framed by the Corporation were not framed under any statute and therefore are not statutory rules. The Recruitment Rules for the posts and services under the Central Government are delegated legislations and therefore are statutory in nature. Such Rules after notification are laid before the Parliament. 
No. 1/9/69-Estt. (SCT)
Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs 
Dated 26th March, 1970
Subject :- Concessions to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in posts filled by promotion - Class I Services / posts.
The question of increasing the representation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes employees in
Class I Services/posts under the Government of India has been under the consideration for some time past. In this Ministry's O.M. No.1/12/67-Estt. (C), dated 11th July, 1968, certain concession have been provided to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, inter alia, in the matter of promotion by selection to the lowest rung or Category in Class I. It has now been decided that the following concessions and facilities will be provided to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes officers for their promotions within Class I also.
2. In promotions by selection to posts within Class I, which carry an ultimate salary of Rs. 2,000 per month, or less the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes officers, who are senior enough in the zone of consideration for promotion so as to be within the number of vacancies for which the Select list has to be drawn up, would be included in that list provided they are not considered unfit for promotion: Their position in the Select list would, however, be the same as assigned to them by the Departmental Promotion Committee on the basis of their record or service: They would not be given, for this purpose, one grading higher than the grading otherwise assignable to them on the basis of their record of service.
3. In order to improve the chances of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes officers for selection to the higher categories of posts in Class I, it has further been decided that:
(i) Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes officers in Class I Services/posts should be provided with more opportunities for institutional training and for attending seminars/Symposia/conferences. Advantage
could in this connection be taken of the training facilities available at the National Academy of Administration Mussoorie, National Police Academy, Mount Abu, Indian Institute of Public
Administration, New Delhi, the Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad, etc.; and
(ii) It should be the special responsibility of the immediate superior officers of the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes officers in Class I to give advice and guidance to the latter to improve the quality of their work.
Ministries/Departments under whom Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes Class I officers might be serving should ensure that these decisions are implemented with expedition, Ministries/Departments (or the Heads of Departments) under whom such officers might be serving may specially watch the progress of these officers so that all appropriate steps are taken, wherever necessary, to improve the efficiency of these officers for the purpose of their selection to higher posts.
4. The orders contained in paragraph 2 above take effect from the date of issue except in respect of selections already made prior to the issue of these orders.
5. Ministry of Finance etc., are requested to bring the above decisions to the notice of all concerned.
6. In so far as persons serving in offices under the Comptroller and Auditor General of India are concerned, separate orders will issue in due course.

Enhancement of Remuneration of ECHS Contractual Staff

Enhancement of Remuneration of ECHS Contractual Staff

No. 22D(50)/07//US(WE)/D(Res)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare
Dated, 5th February. 2013

The Chief of Army Staff
The Chief of Naval Staff
The Chief of Air Staff

I am directed to convey the sanction of the President to the following amendments in Para 2 and Para 3 of GoI MoD letter No. 22D(50)2007/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 30 Jul 2009.
2. Para 2 to read as follows:

Ser No.CategoryFORREAD
Contractual Fees (Per Month)Contractual Fees (Per Month)
1.Medical OfficerRs. 25,000/-Rs.46,000/-
2.Specialist (Medical Speciallst & Gynaecologist)Rs. 35,000/-Rs. 55,000/-
3.Dental OfficerRs. 25,000/-Rs. 46,000/-
4.Officer-in-Charge PolyclinicRs. 25,000/-Rs. 46,000/-
5.Nursing Assistant (Nurse)Rs.10,000/-Rs. 15,000/-
6.Nursing Assistant (General)Rs. 9,500/-Rs. 15,000/-
7.Nursing Assistant (X-Ray Assistant / Radiographer)Rs. 10,000/-Rs. 15.000/-
8.Nursing Assistant (Physiotherapist)Rs. 10,000/-Rs. 15,000/-
9.Laboratory AssistantRs. 10,000/-Rs. 15,000/-
10.Dental Hygienist / Dental AssistantRs. 10,000/-Rs. 15,000/-

3. Para 3 to read as follows:-

Ser No.CategoryFORREAD
Contractual Fees
(Per Month)
Contractual Fees
(Per Month)
1.Receptionist / Clerk /
Data Entry Operator
Rs. 8,000/-Rs. 12,000/-
2.DriverRs. 7,000/-Rs. 10,500/-
3.FemaleRs. 6,500/-Contractual remuneration will be
restricted to nerrick rates for
these categories as applicable
to the nearest military station.
4.PeonRs. 6,500/-
5.SafaiwalRs. 6,500/-

4. The revised order will be effective from 1st April, 2013.
5. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance) vide their ID No.33(5)/09IFin/Pen dated 5th February, 2013

Yours Faithfully
(HK Mallick)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


Grant of Ex-servicemen status to recruits boarded out on Medical grounds with disability pension

Grant of Ex-servicemen status to recruits boarded out on Medical grounds with disability pension

No. 12(I)2005/D (Res-I)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare
D (Res-I)
New Delhi, the 18th March, 2013.
Subject : Grant of Ex-servicemen status to recruits boarded out on Medical grounds with disability pension.
The undersigned is directed to refer to Office Memorandum of even number dated 01.02.2006 wherein with the approval of Raksha Mantri it was decided that such recruits who were boarded out /released on medical grounds and granted medical/disability pension will also be covered under the category of ‘Ex servicemen’ for all practical purposes. Reference is also invited to DOP&T Notification No.G.S.R.757 (E) dated 04.10.2012 (published in the Official Gazette on 10.10.2012) wherein ex-recruits boarded out or relieved on medical grounds and granted medical disability pension have been given the status of Ex-servicemen. It has been reported that some Rajya Sainik Boards are not issuing Ex-servicemen cards to such ex-recruits as a result of which ex-recruits are being denied the benefits available to ex-servicemen. Various representations from ex-recruits are being received and court cases have also been filed in this regard.

2. In this context, DOP&T has also stated that though the said notification is effective from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette i.e. 10.10.2012, the Ministry of Defence has already granted status of Ex-servicemen for all practical purposes to ex-recruits who are boarded out/released on medical grounds and granted medical/disability pension vide OM dated 01.02.2006. Accordingly DOP&T has advised that Ministry of Defence may consider the issue of granting of Ex-servicemen status to such ex-recruits who are boarded out/released on medical grounds and granted medical/disability pension w.e.f. 01.02.2006 prior to the Notification and issue instructions to the Zila Sainik Board to this effect.
3. The matter has been examined in the Department and, with the approval of the competent authority, it is reiterated that such recruits who were boarded out/released on medical grounds and granted medical/disability pension will be covered under the category of ex-servicemen for all practical purposes as per the OM dated 01.02.2006 w.e.f. 01.02.2006.
4. KSB/DGR may accordingly take necessary action to grant ESM status to such ex-recruits to avoid further hardships to the ex-recruits and decisions of all court cases in this regard may be complied with immediately. This will enable eligible ESM to avail various facilities available to them.
5. KSB may issue specific instruction to all RSBs/ZSBs to grant ‘Ex-servicemen’ status to such ex-recruits who were boarded out/released on medical grounds and granted medical/disability pension with effect from 01.02.2006. This OM may be uploaded on the official website of DGR/KSB for wide publicity. Compliance report may please be furnished.
This has the approval of the competent authority.
(Vineet Saini)
Deptty Secretary (Res-I)

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