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Extension CGHS facilities to P&T pensioners

Extension CGHS facilities to P&T pensioners

29th SCOVA meeting under the chairmanship of Hon'ble MOS(PP) - Action Taken Report on the Minutes of the 28th SCOV A meeting held under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble MOS(PP) on 27.06.2016

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare)
Para 4(iv) of the minutes: Extension CGHS facilities to P&T pensioners

The representatives of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that the 7th CPC has recommended that all Postal Dispensaries should be covered with CGHS. It was decided to await the decision of the Government within a month.

(Action: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
The decision of the Government on the recommendations of 7th CPC is still awaited.


Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to indicate latest status during the meeting a to where the matter is pending. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has also been reminded on the same vide DoPPW OM dated 04.01.2017 to expedite the matter.

Implementation of recommendations of VI CPC - merger of grades-revised classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts-scheme for filling up vacancies after 31/12/2015

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
Affiliated to :
Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)
International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF)
No. II/2/Part VII
Dated: 09/01/2017
The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,
Sub: Implementation of recommendations of VI CPC - merger of grades-revised classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts-scheme for filling up vacancies after 31/12/2015-reg.
Ref: (i) NFIR's letter No. II/2/Part VII dated 19/01/2016.
(ii) Railway Board's letter No. E(NG)I-2008/PM1/15 dated 09/02/2016.

Pursuant to Federation's communication vide letter of even number dated 19/01/2016 on the subject wherein Board was requested to issue instructions extending the validity of the revised classification beyond 31/12/2015, the Railway Board vide letter dated 09/02/2016 though extended the currency of the instructions, but however a restriction has been clamped that the said extension shall be upto 31/12/2016. The said extension period has again expired on 31/12/2016, consequently the processing of promotion of staff has been halted on Zonal Railways etc., from 1st January 2017 onwards.
NFIR, therefore, urges upon the Railway Board to extend the scheme beyond 31/12/2016 for ensuring promotions against vacancies.

Federation may be kept advised of the action taken.
Yours faithfully,
(Dr. M. Raghavaia)
General Secretary
Source: NFIR India

Pongal Bonus 2017 for Tamilnadu Government Employees and Teachers

Pongal Bonus 2017 for Tamilnadu Government Employees and Teachers

Announcement of Pongal Festival Bonus to the employees working under TN State Government for the year 2017.

The State government of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday announced Pongal bonus for its employees, teachers and pensioners. This will incur an additional expense of Rs. 325.20 crore to the government.
According to the announcement made by the Chief Minister O.Panneerselvam, government employees and teachers in 'C' and 'D' Groups will get bonus equal to 30 days salary with a ceiling of Rs. 3,000.
The officers and teachers belonging to the 'A' and 'B' categories, will receive a special bonus of Rs. 1,000. Pensioners, family pensioners and retired village officers will get Rs. 500 as Pongal gift.

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Restructuring of SAS Examination System: CGDA Circular

Restructuring of SAS Examination System: CGDA

Most Important Circular
No.AN/ SAS/ 16200 / Restructuring/ 2016
Dated: 06.01.20 17
All the PCsDA, including Principal IFAs
All Controller of Defence Accounts including IFAs
The Pr. Controller of Accounts(Fys.), Kolkata and
All Controllers of Finance and Accounts(Fys.)
Including Chief Internal Auditors

Subject: Restructuring of SAS Examination System.

The present SAS Rules have come into force with the approval of MoD(Fin) vide their ID No.26(1)/C/2007 dated 08.03.2007. Since then nature of audit and account in the department have undergone a paradigm shift from conventional regulatory audit to propriety audit with efficient utilization of information technology resources. The introduction of IT projects like SUGAM, TULIP, DOLPHIN, AASHRAYA etc. and updating of procurement manuals have led to transformation of the working environment of our offices and also necessitated us to be more vigilant and well acquainted with upcoming changes. In today’s era of Information Technology and percolation of IFA System to the lowest services formation, one of the primarily role of the department is as financial manager. Departmental candidates are promoted to the grade of Assistant Accounts Officer after passing of SAS Examination.

They being a first line supervisor are primarily responsible for efficient managing of the section and forms the cutting edge of the core functions of the department.

2. Keeping in view the changing requirements of skill sets at first supervisory level as well as various changes in the department during last decade including revision of Office Manuals, more focus on financial advice, implementation of various IT modules as well as issue of various government instructions, a need has been felt to review the existing system of SAS Examination. Accordingly, a committee was constituted under the chairmanship of Dr. G. D. Pungle, IDAS, PCDA (O) Pune. The Report of the Committee is appended as Annexure - ‘A’ to this circular. It has been decided that following issues needs to be deliberated by all Principal Controllers / Controllers and commented upon:

i) The present concept of screening the genuine candidates through Preliminary Test may be looked into and a candidate need not to pass preliminary examination more than once in his / her career.

ii) For increasing and expending domain knowledge in the functioning of the client organisation/ customers for enhancing and enriching the department work in Audit and IFA, training material for understanding the Defence Services /Organisation is to be prepared by liaison with the Services Training Institutes.

iii) At present a candidate is required to Secured 40% Marks in each paper and 45% in aggregate in SAS Part-I and SAS Part-II Examination. Further, in SAS Part-II Examination there are 02 qualifying papers of Office Communication (Paper-VIII) and Fundamentals of EDP (Paper-IX). In these qualifying papers, a candidate is to secure 40% Marks only and their marks are not accounted for in the aggregate. As drafting and computer skill is one the predominant areas in today’s working environment, which a supervisor is invariably required to excel, the qualifying papers may be considered to be a part of mainstream papers and their marks could be added to the aggregate.

iv) Learning, being a continuous process and is essential for the all - round development, a chapter regarding learning skill in paper of Office Communication may be introduced or feasibility of the same be explored.

v) Keeping in View the deficiency at AAO level, the Viability of conducting SAS Part-II examination more than once in a year into may be examined.
3. In View of the foregoing, it is enjoined upon all the Principal Controllers and Controllers to examine the recommendations of the Committee and offer their considerate View on restructuring of SAS Examination System by 27.01.2017. In case, it is observed that some other issues merits inclusion in the proposed syllabus and pattern of examination which will strengthen the examination system, the same may also be elucidated with full justification for further deliberation.
Source: CGDA.NIC.IN Click here to view/download Annexure - 'A'

Types of Leave applicable to Central Government Employees as per Leave Rules

Types of Leave applicable to Central Government Employees as per Leave Rules

A brief on all Types of Leave applicable to Central Government Employees as per Leave Rules - Earned Leave, Half Pay Leave, Commuted Leave, Leave Not Due, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Study Leave, Extraordinary Leave, Chile Care Leave and More

1. Earned Leave: Earned Leave is 'earned' by duty. The credit for earn leave will awarded at a rate of 15 days on the 1st of January and 1st of July every year. It can be accumulated up to 300 days in addition to the number of days for which encashment has been allowed along with LTC. Maximum of 180 days at a time can be availed in the case of Earned Leave.

2. Half Pay Leave: All Government servants are entitled to 20 days of HPL for every completed year of service. Half pay leave is calculated at 20 days for each completed year of service. For eg, if you are in service for 2 years , you will be having a total of 40 days of half pay leave. The service includes periods of duty and leave including extraordinary leave with or without MC. Half pay leave can be availed with or without MC(Medical Certificate). From 1st January 1986, half pay leave is credited in advance at the rate of 10 days on the 1st of January and 1st of July every year.

3.Commuted Leave: This Leave is granted on medical certificate normally. Commuted leave not exceeding half the amount of half-pay leave due can be taken on medical certificate. Up to a maximum of 90 days can be taken during the entire service without medical certificate where such leave is utilized for an approved course of study certified to be in university interest.
It can be taken up to a maximum of 60 days can be granted to a female employee in continuation of maternity leave without medical certificate and upto a maximum of 60 days can be granted without medical certificate to a female employee with less than two living children, on adoption of a child less than one year old. Commuted leave may be granted at the request of the employee even when earned leave is due to him.

4. Leave Not Due: This Leave is also granted on medical certificate normally. Leave not due is granted when there is no half-pay leave at credit and the employee requests for the grant of Leave Not Due. It is granted only medical certificate if the leave sanctioning authority is satisfied that there is a reasonable prospect of the employee returning to duty on its expiry. It may be granted without medical certificate in continuation of maternity leave, and may be granted without medical certificate to a female employee with less than two living children, on adoption of a child less than one year old. The amount of leave should be limited to the half-pay leave that the employee is likely to earn subsequently. Leave not due during the entire service is limited to a maximum of 360 days and due will be debited against the half-pay leave that the employee may earn subsequently.

5. Maternity Leave : Maternity leave is granted to women government employees.
1) Pregnancy: 180 days - Admissible only to employees with less than two surviving children.
2) Miscarriage/abortion (induced or otherwise): Total of 45 days in the entire service. However, any such leave taken prior to 16.6.1994 will not be taken into account for this limitation. Admissible irrespective of number of surviving children. Application to be supported by a certificate from a registered medical practitioner for NGOs and from AMA for GOs.
The maternity leave is not debited to leave account and full pay is granted. It cannot be combined with any other leaves and counts as service for increments and pension.

6. Paternity Leave : A male employee with less than two surviving children may be granted Paternity Leave for a period of 15 days during the confinement of his wife. During the period of such leave he shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave. Paternity Leave shall not be debited against the leave account and may be combined with other kind of leave as in the case of Maternity Leave.

7. Study Leave: Study leave may be granted to all government employees with not less than five years' service for undergoing a special course consisting of higher studies or specialized training in a professional or technical subject having a direct and close connection with the sphere of his duties as a civil servant.
The course for which the study leave is taken should be certified to be of definite advantage to govt from the point of view of public interest and that particular study should be approved by the authority competent to grant leave.
The official should submit a full report on the work done during study leave. Maximum of 24 months of leave is sanctioned. In the case of CHS officers 36 months of leave can be granted at a stretch or in different spells.
Study leave will not be debited to the leave account and may be combined with other leave due. Study leave is not granted for studies outside India if facilities are available in India and to an official due to retire within 3 years of return from the study leave.

8. Extra Ordinary Leave : Extraordinary leave is granted to a Government servant when no other leave is admissible or when other leave is admissible, but the Government servant applies in writing for extraordinary leave.
Extraordinary leave cannot be availed concurrently during the notice period, when going on voluntary retirement and EOL may also be granted to regularize periods of absence without leave retrospectively.

9. Casual Leave : In a calendar year eight days of casual leave is permissible.
Casual leave is not a recognized form of leave and is not subject to any rules made by the Government of India. An official on Casual Leave is not treated as absent from duty and pay is not intermitted.
(i) Casual Leave can be combined with Special Casual Leave/vacation but not with any other kind of leave.
(ii) It cannot be combined with joining time.
(iii) Sundays and Holidays falling during a period of Casual Leave are not counted as part of Casual Leave.
(iv) Sundays/public holidays/restricted holidays/weekly offs can be prefixed/suffixed to Casual Leave.
(v) Casual Leave can be taken while on tour, but no daily allowance will be admissible for the period.
(vi) Casual Leave can be taken for half day also.
(vii) Essentially intended for short periods. It should not normally be granted for more than 5 days at any one time, except under special circumstances.
(viii) LTC can be availed du ring Casual Leave.
(ix) Individuals appointed and joining duty during the middle of a year may avail of Casual Leave proportionately or to the full extent at the discretion of the Competent Authority.
10. Child Care Leave : Woman employees having minor children may be granted Child Care Leave by an authority competent to grant leave for a maximum period of 730 days (2 years) during their entire service for taking care of up to two children., whether for rearing or to look after any of their needs like examination, sickness, etc..
Conditions for Child Care Leave
1. Child care leave shall not be admissible if the child is eighteen years of age or older equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.
2. It can be availed in more than one spell.
3. It can not be debited against the leave account.
4. It may be combined with leave of the kind due and admissible.
11. Hospital Leave: Hospital leave is admissible to Group 'C' employees whose duties involve handling of dangerous machinery, explosive materials, poisonous drugs and performance of hazardous takes and to Group 'D' Employees.
Medical certificate from an authorized medical attendant is necessary for grant of this leave. This hospital leave may be combined with any other kind of leave due and admissible, provided total period of leave does not exceed 28 months.

12. Vacation Department Staff leave Entitlement : The leave entitlements of employees of Vacation Departments (i.e. departments where regular vacations are allowed during which those serving in them are permitted to be absent from duty) are the same as those serving in non-vacation Departments except in respect of 'earned leave'.
No earned leave will be admissible to a government servant of a vacation Department in any year in which he avails of the full vacation. The vacation can be combined with casual leave.

13. Special Disability Leave : Special disability leave admissible to all employees when disabled by injury intentionally or accidentally inflicted or caused in or in consequence of the due performance of official duties or in consequences of official position. The disability above should have manifested within three months of the occurrence to which it is attributed and the person disabled had acted with due promptitude in bringing it to notice. The leave sanctioning authority, if satisfied as to the cause of the disability, may relax the condition and grant leave in cases where disability has manifested more than three months after the occurrence of its cause.
Special disability leave is also admissible when disabled by illness incurred in the performance of any particular duty, which has the effect of increasing liability to illness or injury beyond the ordinary risk attaching to the civil post held, under the same condition.This disability should be certified by an Authorised Medical Attendant to be directly due to the performance of the particular duty.
Maximum of 24 months of leave may be granted.
May be combined with any other leave.
Will count as service for pension.
Will not be debited to the leave account.
14. Child Adoption Leave: Child adoption leave is granted to Female employees, with fewer than two surviving children on valid adoption of a child below the age of one year, for a period of 135 days immediately after the date of valid adoption.
Leave salary will be equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.
It may be combined with leave of any other kind. Leave not debited against the leave account.

15. Leave to Probationers : A person appointed to a post on probation is entitled to all kinds of leave admissible under the rules to a permanent servants according as his appointment is against a permanent post.

16. Leave to Apprentices : Apprentices are admissible to leave on medical certificate, on leave salary equivalent to half pay for a period not exceeding one month in any year of apprenticeship

List of Private empanelled Hospital for Railway Employees by Railway Board.

List of Recognised Hospitals in Railway Board
SNo. Rly/PU Name of Hospital Address City/District State/PIN Hospital Recognised for Specialty Recognition valid up to Contact Person Helpdesk No email
1CLWTHE MISSION HOSPITALThe Mission Hospital (Durgapur) ImmonDURGAPUR/BurdhamanWEST BENGAL-71321230-11-2017Mr Abhishek Modi9233355555-
2CLWHLG MEMORIAL HOSPITAL(P) LTD.Sen Raliegh Rd Kanyapur Asansol, WestASANSOL/BurdhamanWEST BENGAL-713304Nephrology01-04-2017Mr.Tapan
3CRInlacks & Budharani HospitalInlaks and Budhrani Hospital 7-9, 1stPune/PuneMAHARASHTRA-411001For all available specialties, Oncology,07-05-2017S,
4CRJaslok HospitalJaslok Hospital, Mumbai.Mumbai/MumbaiMAHARASHTRA-400026Nephrology05-11-2016Dr. R. R.
5CRJaslok Hospital15, Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road,Mumbai/MumbaiMAHARASHTRA-400026Radio Therapy21-06-2017Dr. R. R.
6CRMasina HospitalNear Gloria Church, Sant Savta MaliMumbai/MumbaiMAHARASHTRA-400027Nephrology31-05-2017Dr. P. V.
7CRHolycross HospitalHoly Cross Hospital Karnik Road,Mumbai/ThaneMAHARASHTRA-421301Nephrology16-03-2017Mr. S.R. Marshan0251-2328630-
8CRSujata Birla HospitalSujata Birla Hospital & MedicalNaski /NasikMAHARASHTRA-422101For all available specialties, Oncology,27-06-2017Dr.V.B. Shindikar02132407700-
9CRWanless HospitalShanthisagar Colony, Miraj,Miraj/PuneMAHARASHTRA-416410For all available specialties, Oncology,09-08-2017Dr,
10CRAshwini Sahakari Rugnilaya7/12, Solapur Maharashtra 413003Solapur/SolapurMAHARASHTRA-413003For all available specialties, Oncology,14-06-2017Dr.Rajendra S. Ghuli0217 2319900-
11CRAnand Rishi Hospital124, Anand Rishiji Marg, Ahmednagar,Solapur/SolapurMAHARASHTRA-414001For all available specialties, Oncology,11-09-2017Mr. N. B. Lodha0241 2320413-
12CRRaghoji Kidney Hospital86, Railway Lines, Sidheshwar PethSolapur/SolapurMAHARASHTRA-413001Nephrology17-06-2017Dr. V. D. Raghoji0217
13CRGanpathi HospitalMJ College Road, Vidhya Nagar,Jalgaon/JalgaonMAHARASHTRA-425001For all available specialties, Oncology,22-04-2017Dr. Shital Oswal0257 2227257-
14CRIndo-American HospitalOpposite Golani Market, Visagi Nagar,Jalgaon/JalgaonMAHARASHTRA-425001Cardiology06-12-2016Dr. Mishra0257
15CRArneja HospitalPlot No 123, Behind Somalwar HighNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440010Cardiology01-02-2017Dr.Jagpal Arneja0712-2450539-
16CROrchid HospitalPlot No 271 , 272 , Jilha Peth , JalgaonBhusawal/JalgaonMAHARASHTRA-425001For all available specialties, Oncology,21-09-2017Dr. Ajit Kumar0257 2228749-
17CRJairam HospitalJairam Hospital Road, Nashik Road,Nasik/NasikMAHARASHTRA-422106For all available specialties, Oncology,27-09-2016Dr. Joy Mathew0253 2463414-
18CRRashtriya Tukdoji Trust CancerManewada Road, Tukdoji Putla Chowk,Nagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440003Radio Therapy03-06-2017Dr.
19CRLife Line Hospital175, Shivaji Road, New Panvel NaviNew Mumbai/RaigarhMAHARASHTRA-41020604-11-2017Dr. Prakash Patil022-61567000-
20DLWBatra Hospital & Medical ResearchTughlakabad, Industrial Area, MB RoadNew Delhi/South DelhiDELHI -110062Cardiology19-11-2016Anupam Parashari91-2995 8747 (Extn. 3002, 3210) -
21DLWHeritage Hospitals Ltd. Lanka VaranasiPandit Madan Mohan Malviya Rd, NearVaranasi/VaranasiUTTAR PRADESH-221005Cardiology, Neuro Surgery, Trauma and22-04-2017Col (Dr.) P. Sengupta (Retd)+91-542-2368888,+91-542-2369992,
22DMWa.p healthcare and trauma centrebhadson road patialapatiala/PatialaPUNJAB-147004Neuro Surgery14-05-2017hardeep singh01753242867, 01752350255-
23DMWfortis hospital mohalifortis hospital , mohalimohali/OthersPUNJAB-160162Cardiology08-03-2017dr. ajinder singh01724692222, 01725021222-
24DMWindus hospitalopp dc office phase 1 patialamohali/OthersPUNJAB-160055Orthpaedics, Trauma and Emergency28-04-2017ramandeep singh01725044942-
25DMWamar hospitalamar hospital, income tax road patialapatiala/PatialaPUNJAB-147001Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Nephrology,31-10-2016satnam singh01752222003-
26DMWpatiala heart institutepatiala heart institute jagdish margpatiala/PatialaPUNJAB-147001Cardiology05-07-2017maninder singh01752308030 , 9041236789-
27DMWmax hospital mohalimax hospital mohalimohali/OthersPUNJAB-16005520-10-2016amit kumar9915081083-
28ECoRCARE HospitalsUnit-I:#10-50-11/5, Waltair Main Road,Visakhapatnam/VisakhapatnamANDHRA PRADESH-530002Cardiology, Neuro Surgery19-08-2017Mr. Ashim Kumar, Chief Opearting(0891) 3041444-
29ECoRApollo HospitalsWaltair Main RoadVisakhapatnam/VisakhapatnamANDHRA PRADESH-530002Cardiology21-05-2017Mrs. Jhansi Lakshmi A., Hospital(0891) 2727272-
30ECoRSevenHills Healthcare Private Limited11-4-4/A, Rockdale LayoutVisakhapatnam/VisakhapatnamANDHRA PRADESH-530002Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastro09-08-2017Mr. G.G.K. Mohan Rao, General(0891) 6677777, 4546700-
31ECoRNMDC HospitalNMDC Limited, Bailadila Iron Ore Mine,Kirandul/BastarCHHATISGARH-494556For all available specialties06-03-2017Dy. General Manager (Pers.)Not available-Not available
32ECoRNMDC Apollo Central HospitalNMDC Limited, Bailadila Iron Ore Mine,Bachelli/BastarCHHATISGARH-494553For all available specialties31-03-2017Asst. General Manager (Pers.)07857-230423, 230310, 230170-Not
33ECoRAMRI HospitalsPlot No.1, Besides Satya Sai Enclave,Bhubaneswar/KhurdhaORISSA-751030Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paedatric31-05-2018Dr. Salil Kumar Mohanty, Vice President(0674) 6666600-
34ECoRInstitute of Medical Sciences and SUMKalinga NagarBhubaneswar/KhurdhaORISSA-751003Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paedatric27-03-2018Dr. Pusparaj Samantsinghar, Medical(0674) 2386281, 6606200-
35ECoRAditya CARE HospitalPlot No.-329/1929(P), 331/1998,1999Bhubaneswar/KhurdhaORISSA-751016Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Haematology,23-03-2018Dr. S.K. Mishra, Chief Hospital(0674)
36ECoRKalinga Institute of Medical SciencesKushabhadra Campus (Campus-5), KIITBhubaneswar/KhurdhaORISSA-751024Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paedatric11-05-2018Dr. R.N. Samanta, Chief Executive(0674)
37ECoRKar Vision Eye HospitalHIG-38, BDA Colony, Gangadhar MeherBhubaneswar/KhurdhaORISSA-751013Opthalmology22-08-2017Dr. Ashok Kumar Nanda, Director(0674)
38ECoRNeelachal HospitalA/84, Kharvel Nagar, Unit-IIIBhubaneswar/KhurdhaORISSA-751001Gastroenterology, Medicine, Neuro18-01-2017Sri Duryodhan Rout, Managaing(0674) 2536 590/591/592/594-
39ECoRHi-Tech Medical College and HospitalHealth Park, PandaraBhubaneswar/KhurdhaORISSA-751025Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paedatric11-03-2018Dr. Umakanta Tripathy, Medical(0674) 2371 406/407/408-
40ECoRHemalata Hospitals LimitedNalco Square, ChandrasekharpurBhubaneswar/KhurdhaORISSA-751023Oncology10-07-2017Dr. Sushila Sahu, Medical(0674) 2302 333/444-
41ECoRNehru Shatabdi Central HospitalMahanadi Coalfields Limited (ATalcher/AngulORISSA-759103For all available specialties30-09-2016Dr. P.C. Patra, Chief of Medical Services06760-269382-Not available
42ECoRApollo HospitalsPlot No.251, Sainik School Road, Unit-Bhubaneswar/KhurdhaORISSA-751005Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Gastro23-03-2017Dr. S. Ramesh Babu, Chief Operating(0674) 6661016, 6661066-
43ECoRYashoda Hospitals Secunderabad-1. Behind Hari Hara Kala Bhavan, S.P.Secunderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500003Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,19-05-2017Mr. C.K. Waghray, Associate Vice(040) 67776666 (Hyderabad), (040)
44ECRRajeshwar Hospital, PatnaRajeshwar Hospital, Near BahadurpurPatna/PatnaBIHAR-800020Orthpaedics, Radio Therapy, Surgery27-05-2017Anita Singh0612-2355511, 7488272983, 2355500-
45ECRParas HMRI Hospital, PatnaParas HMRI Hospital, Bailey Road, RajaPatna/PatnaBIHAR-80001417-12-2016Dr. Talat Halim0612-7107777-
46ECRB.M. Hospital, BegusaraiB.M. Multispecialty Hospital, Vishnupur,Begusarai/BegusaraiBIHAR-851129For all available specialties, Oncology,05-07-2017Dr. Ramashray Singh06243-222849-
47ECRDr. Ruban Memorial Hospital & RatanRuban Memorial Hospital & Ratan StonePatna/PatnaBIHAR-800013Nephrology, Urology02-01-2017Dr. Satyajeet Kr. Sing & Dr. Manendra9835023983 & 9708002002-
48ECRPatliputra Nursing Home, Dhanbad.Patliputra Nursingh Home situated atDhanbad/DhanbadJHARKHAND-82600105-08-2017Dr. Nirmal Kr. Drolia8877333366, 9431123688-
49ECRAsarfi Hospital Pvt. Limited, Dhanbad.Asarfi Hospital Pvt. Ltd.situated atDhanbad/DhanbadJHARKHAND-82813008-02-2017Sri Harendra Singh9431120153-
50ECRThe Mission Hospital, DurgapurThe Mission Hospital, Durgapur (A unitDurgapur/BurdhamanWEST BENGAL-71321216-01-2017Sri. C. K. Chakraborty09771493968-
51ERRajeshwar Hospital, PatnaRajeshwar Hospital, kankarbagh MainPatna/PatnaBIHAR-800020Cardiology, Neuro Surgery, Trauma and22-12-2016Sri Navin0612-2355511, M - 07488272983-
52ERPeerless Hospital (Heart)Peerless Hospital, 360, Panchasayar,Kolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700094Cardiology05-10-2016Avijit
53ERGouri Devi Hospital & research InstituteGT Road, RajbandhDurgapur/BurdhamanWEST BENGAL-713212Nephrology31-01-2017Soumen
54ERDishari Health Point Pvt.Ltd.19 B.G.Road,MokdumpurMalda/MaldaWEST BENGAL-732103Nephrology31-01-2017Dr.Satya Narayan
55ERKothari Medical Centre8/3,Alipore RoadKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700027Nephrology31-01-2017Partha Dasgupta03324567050-
56ERMarwari Relief Society225/227 Rabindra SaraniKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700007Nephrology31-01-2017Gobind Ram AgarwalNot available-Not available
57EREskag SanjeevaniP-48, Kshirod Vidyavinod Avenue,Kolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700003Nephrology31-01-2016Maloy Banerjee#8335045888/ 03340251800-
58ERSusrut Eye Foundation & ResearchHB- 36/A/1, Salt Lake City, Sector - IIIKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700106Opthalmology31-01-2017Somnath Chattopadhyay#9163257001/ 3323340651-
59ERThe Mission HospitalThe Mission Hospital,DurgapurDurgapur/BurdhamanWEST BENGAL-713212Cardiology, Neuro Surgery03-03-2017Shri Khiroda Prasad Sahoo09233355555/09800202000/0343-
60ERShree Jain Hospital & Research Center493/B/12, G.T.Road(S)Howrah/HowrahWEST BENGAL-711102Nephrology31-01-2017Pradeep Patwa03330917201/7202-
61ERRabindranath Tagore InternationalRabindranath Tagore InternationalKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700099Nephrology02-06-2016Subho Paul#8334847000/ 3371222222-
62ERBarrackpore Medicare & Recovery6/6, B.T.Road, TalpukurKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700123Nephrology31-01-2017Dipankar Satpathi03325014947/4027/ 18003455500-
63ERShree Vishudhananda Hospital &35-37, Burtolla StreetKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700007Nephrology31-01-2017Sudhir Gupta03340233030-50-
64ERKasturi Medical Center Pvt. Ltd.5, Diamond Harbour Road, 3A BusKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700104Nephrology31-01-2017Joy Sarkar9831222255-Not Available
65ERApollo Gleneagles Hospital (Heart)58, Canal Circular Road, KolkataKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700054Cardiology05-10-2016Sudip Banerjee#98044000347/ 033-23202122-
66MetroDesun Hospital & Heart InstituteDesun More, EM Bypass, Kasba GolparkKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700107Gastroenterology, Neuro Surgery,31-03-2018Tanmoy Sen, BDM03371222000-
67NCRIndraprastha Apollo HospitalDelhi-Mathura Road, Sarita ViharNew Delhi/South DelhiDELHI -110076Cardiology, Urology21-11-2016Mr. Amit Goyal011-26925858, 26925801-
68NCRMax Super Speciality Hospital2, Press Enclave Road, Saket.New Delhi/South DelhiDELHI -110017Oncology, Onco Surgery26-03-2017Mr. P.Kaushik011-26515050-
69NCRBatra Hospital & Medical ResearchTuglakabad Institutional Area, Mehrauli-New Delhi/South DelhiDELHI -110062Cardiology26-03-2017Mr. Anupam Parashari011-29958747, 29957485-87-
70NCRDelhi Heart & Lungs Institute3-mm, Panchkuian Road.New Delhi/Central DelhiDELHI -110055Cardiology21-11-2016Mr. Safiq
71NCRMetro Heart Institute with multi-Sector 16-AFaridabad/FaridabadHARYANA -12100218-08-2017Mr. Yogesh Sharma01294277777-
72NCRMedanta-the-MedicitySector-38, Gurgaon.Gurgaon/GurgaonHARYANA -122001Orthpaedics, Cardiology,11-05-2017Mr.Puneet
73NCRRegency HospitalA-2, Sarvodaya Nagar.Kanpur/Kanpur NagarUTTAR PRADESH-208005For all available specialties11-10-2016Mr.A.Prasad0512-2242201-3, 2234306, 2242201-8,
74NCRAgarwal Life Line Hospital & TraumaKamla Nagar, Aurangabad, Agra Road.Mathura/MathuraUTTAR PRADESH-281001For all available specialties16-10-2016Mr. Rajesh Gupta0562-2430857 -
75NCRHeritage HospitalNear People's Honda Showroom, Agra-Agra/AgraUTTAR PRADESH-282001For all available specialties31-12-2016Mr.Aneesh Pippal0562-4050600-
76NCRUpadhyay HospitalShaheed Nagar CrossingAgra/AgraUTTAR PRADESH-28200111-08-2017Dr.Rajiv Upadhyay05622230344-
77NCRJeevan Jyoti Hospital162, Bai ka Bagh.Allahabad/AllahabadUTTAR PRADESH-211003For all available specialties12-07-2017Dr.A.K.Bansal0532-2417248/52/54, 18001805313-
78NCRGuru Kripa Jagrati Hospital & Research124/A/1, Thornhill Road, Near PublicAllahabad/AllahabadUTTAR PRADESH-211001For all available specialties15-10-2016Dr.V.K.Agrawal0532-2408946, 2407945, 2407586-
79NCRNazreth Hospital13/A, Kamla Nehru Road.Allahabad/AllahabadUTTAR PRADESH-211001For all available specialties, Cardiology17-04-2017Mr. Benidit0532 240 9339,(0532) 2408292-
80NCRYashlok Hospital & Research Centre43-A/31-A, Hashimpur Road,Allahabad/AllahabadUTTAR PRADESH-211001Orthpaedics28-07-2017Miss. Niharika Tiwari & Mr. Dev Kumar0532-2467258, 2465809, 2466090-
81NCRYashoda Hospital & Research CentreIIIrd M, Nehru NagarGhaziabad/GhaziabadUTTAR PRADESH-201001For all available specialties26-03-2017Mr. Shekhar0120-4182000-
82NCRMetro Hospital & Heart InstituteSector-12Noida/Gautam Buddha NagarUTTAR PRADESH-201301Cardiology26-03-2017Mr.Kulbhushan Bhardwaj0120-2533491, 4366666, 2533485-
84NFRGuwahati Neurological Research CenterGuwahati Neurological Research Center,Guwahati/KamrupASSAM -781005Cardiology, Neuro Surgery08-03-2017MR TRIDIP GOGOI, MARKETING0361-2227700/18003450022-
85NFRInternational HospitalLotus Tower, G.S. Road, GuwahatiGuwahati/KamrupASSAM -781004Cardiology, Nephrology06-04-2017DR. N.K. Hazarika, Medical Supdt.036-12347700/01/02/03-
86NFRDr. B. Borroah Cancer instituteGopinath Nagar Near Arya College,Guwahati/KamrupASSAM -781015Radio Therapy, Onco Surgery11-11-2016Dr. A. K. Kotoki, Director0361-2472366/ 2472636/
87NFRAditya Diagnostics & HospitalBordoloi Avenue, DibrugrahDibrugrah/DibrugarhASSAM -786005Nephrology17-04-2017Mr. S. Singh0373-2302219/ 9435476444-
88NFRAditya Diagnostic & Hosptial, DibrugrahBordoloi Avenue, DibrugrahDibrugrah/DibrugarhASSAM -786001Nephrology27-04-2017Mr. S. Singh0373-2302219/ 9435476444-
89NFRDr.Damanie's Nursing HomeCircuit House Road, DibrugrahDibrugrah/DibrugarhASSAM -786001Nephrology27-04-2016S. Singh0373-2300928/9435031136-
90NFRNortheast Cancer Hospital & Research11th Mile, Amerigog, Jorabat, GuwahatiGuwahati/KamrupASSAM -781022Radio Therapy, Onco Surgery10-02-2017Dr. M.N. Baruah, Medical Director0361-
91NFRINTERNATIONAL HOSPTIALINTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL (A UNIT OFGuwahati/KamrupASSAM -781005Cardiology, Nephrology06-04-2017DR. N.K. HAZARIKA, MEDICAL SUPDT.0361-2347700/01/02/03-
92NFRDR. B. BORROAH CANCER INSTITUTEDR. B. BORROAH CANCER INSTITUTE,Guwahati/KamrupASSAM -781016Radio Therapy, Onco Surgery11-11-2016DR. A. K. KOTOKI, DIRECTOR0361-2472366/ 2472636/
93NFRLOWER ASSAM HOSPITAL & RESEARCHLOWER ASSAM HOSPITAL & RESEARCHBONGAIGAON/BongaigaonASSAM -783380Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Obstretrics07-12-2016SMT LAKSHMI03664- 230464/ 230465 -
95NFRLower Assam Hospital & ResearchChapaguri Road, BongaigaonBongaigaon/BongaigaonASSAM -783381Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Obstretrics07-12-2016SMT Lakshmi03664- 230464/ 230465-
96NFRDivisional Hospital New JalpaiguriANANDALOKE HOSPITAL &SILIGURI/DarjeelingWEST BENGAL-734001Cardiology, Nephrology, Neuro Surgery22-10-2016MR SUSANTA KUMAR ROY, MEDICAL0353 - 2540980/ 2544352-
97NFRAnandaloke Hospital & Neuroscience2nd Mile Sevoke Road, Siliguri, WestSiliguri/DarjeelingWEST BENGAL-734002Cardiology, Nephrology, Neuro Surgery22-10-2016Mr Susanta Kumar Roy, Medical0353 - 2540980/ 2544352-
98NRIndian spinal Injuries CenterSector C Vasant Kunj, New DelhiNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110070Orthpaedics, Gastro intestinal Surgery,24-02-2018987109371301142255371-
99NRMetro Hospital & Cancer Institute PreetPreet Vihar DelhiDelhi/East DelhiDELHI -110092Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,14-02-2018981871611101122460000-
100NRRockland HospitalQutub Institutional Area, tara CresentNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110016Oncology, Orthpaedics, Paediatrics,11-02-20188527800331501147667100-
101NRSri Balaji Action Medical institutePaschim Vihar, New DelhiNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -11006328-02-2018999035443201149222222-
102NRBatra Hospital & Medical ResearchTuglakabad Institutional Area, NewNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110062Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,11-03-2018981830005601129958747-
103NRAction Cancer HospitalPaschim Vihar, New DelhiNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110063Oncology, Onco Surgery28-02-2018999035443201149222222-
104NRJeewan Nursing Home & Hospital2 B, Pusa Road, New DelhiNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110005Nephrology14-02-2018971849931401142430246-
105NRDelhi Heart & Lungs InstituteP K Road, New DelhiNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110055Cardiology, Nephrology, Surgery09-02-20189711322283011-
106NRSaket city HospitalMandir Marg, Press enclave Road, NewNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110017Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,09-02-2018991158223301171212121-
107NRMax Super Specialty HospitalFC 15, C & D Block, Shalimar bagh,Delhi/North DelhiDELHI -110088Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,09-02-2018991158223301149782222-
108NRMax Super Specialty HospitalI P Extension Patparganj, DelhiDelhi/East DelhiDELHI -110092Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,09-02-201899115822330114303333-
109NRBhagwati HospitalRohini DelhiNew Delhi/North West DelhiDELHI -110085Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,27-03-2018989171626801143126000-
110NRBatra Hospital & Medical researchi, Tughlakabad Ind Area,MehrauliDelhi/East DelhiDELHI -110062Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,16-07-2017981830005601129958747 Ext 30192606-
111NRRLKC Metro Heart instututePandav Nagar, Near Shadipur MetroDelhi/West DelhiDELHI -110008Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,14-06-2016991027257401125891015-
112NRMax Super Specialty HospitalSaket, New DelhiNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110017Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,09-02-2018991158223301171212121-
113NRSurbhi HospitalGolf Course Road, Morna Sector 35,Delhi/East DelhiDELHI -201010Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,22-05-2017999965414101202508841-
114NRDharamshilla Cancer HospitalVasundhra Enclave, New Ashok Nagar,New Delhi/East DelhiDELHI -110096Oncology30-04-2016981850564501143066353-
115NRApollo HospitalDelhi Mathura Road, sarita vihar, NewNew Delhi/North DelhiDELHI -110076Cardiology31-07-2017981843786501126825858-
116NRMetro Hospital & Cancer Institute21 Community Center, Preet Vohar,Delhi/East DelhiDELHI -110092Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,
117NRShri Ram singh Hospital & HeartKrishna Nagar, Delhi 110051Delhi/East DelhiDELHI -110051Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,
118NRDr B L Kapur Memorial HospitalNear Rajendra Nagar Metro Station ,New Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110008Oncology, Cardiology, Paedatric27-07-20179555593394495555933944-
119NRRockland HospitalDwarka, New DelhiNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110075Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,03-04-20188527800331501148222222-
120NRPark hospitalSector 10, faridabadFaridabad/FaridabadHARYANA -121004Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,15-06-2017828564023101294200000-
121NRAsian Institute of Medical ScienceSector 21A FaridabadFaridabad/FaridabadHARYANA -121001Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,
122NRMayom HospitalSouth City 1, Gurgaon HaryanaGurgaon/GurgaonHARYANA -122007Orthpaedics, Medicine, Nephrology,
123NRMedanta Medicity HospitalSector 38, Gurgaon HaryanaGurgaon/GurgaonHARYANA -122001Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,26-03-2017989177666801244141414-
124NRGaba Hospital, YamunanagarBye Pass Road, Yamuna Nagar, JUDWYamunanagar/YamunanagarHARYANA -135001Orthpaedics, Paediatrics, Medicine,13-11-2017Dr Gaba 941602106801732231035-
125NRAsian Institute of Medical ScienceSector 21A, FaridabadFaridabad/FaridabadHARYANA -121001Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,08-06-2016965009918101294253000-
126NRAnil Baghi HospitalModel Town FirozpurFirozpur/FirozpurPUNJAB-152002Nephrology, Trauma and Emergency20-05-2017163222055501632220555-
127NRMax Super sepcilaity HospitalNear Civil Hospital, Phase-VI, SectorSAS Nagar /RupnagarPUNJAB-16005503-07-2017172665200001726652000-
128NRINDUS HOSPITALOpp D C Office, Phase I MohaliMohali/RupnagarPUNJAB-160055Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,07-08-2017981409524001725044944-
129NRGuru Harkishan sahib Eye HospitalSector 77 SAS NAGAR , MohaliMohali/RupnagarPUNJAB-160055Oncology, Cardiology, Paediatrics,11-07-201717222950009814095240-
130NRBBC Hospital,301 Lajpat Nagar, JallandharAmritsar/AmritsarPUNJAB-123564Cardiology02-02-201799150157040181 222 2299-
131NRIVY HospitalSector 71 , MohaliMohali/RupnagarPUNJAB-160055Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,07-09-2018Archna Kaura 9888801245901727170000-
132NRRegency HospitalA 2 Sarvodya Nagar, KanpurKanpur/Kanpur NagarUTTAR PRADESH-208005Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,01-08-2017512308111105123081111-
133NRMax Multi Specialty Hospital,,,Greater NoidaNoida/Gautam Buddha NagarUTTAR PRADESH-201306Oncology, Orthpaedics, Paediatrics,17-05-2018991158223301202352100-
134NRGanesh HospitalII-C/3, Nehru Nagar, GhaziabadGhaziabad/GhaziabadUTTAR PRADESH-201001Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,
135NRYashoda Super specialty hospital,IIIM, Nehru Nagar, GhaziabadGhaziabad/GhaziabadUTTAR PRADESH-201001Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,19-05-2017Shekhar 971749101101204182000-
136NRFamily Healthcare Hospital15 HC-1, Vashundhra GhaziabadGhaziabad/GhaziabadUTTAR PRADESH-201012Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,06-06-201797162844830120488000-
137NRK K HospitalA7/88 River Bank Colony, LKOLucknow/LucknowUTTAR PRADESH-226008Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,01-08-20179452177358423598774-
138NRMetro Hospital & Heart InstituteX-1, Sector 12/L 94 Sector 11, NoidaNoida/Gautam Buddha NagarUTTAR PRADESH-201301Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,09-02-20189818140094601202533491-
139NRSharda HospitalGreater NoidaNoida/Gautam Buddha NagarUTTAR PRADESH-201306Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,16-05-201888009989890120-
140NRNarinder Mohan Hospital & Heart CenterMohan Nagar, ghaziabadGhaziabad/GhaziabadUTTAR PRADESH-201007Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,
141NRYashoda Super Specialty HospitalKaushambi, Near Dabar chowk,Ghaziabad/GhaziabadUTTAR PRADESH-20101019-05-2017Shekhar 971749101101204189500-
142NRMax HospitalMussoorie Diversion Road, DehradunDehradun/DehradunUTTARANCHAL-248001Oncology, Orthpaedics, Paediatrics,20-04-2017991158223301356673000-
143NWRBhagwan Mahaveer Cancer hospital &J.L.N.Marg, JAIPUR.PIN-302017JAIPUR/JaipurRAJASTHAN -302017Oncology, Radio Therapy,
144NWRGheesibai Mittal Memorial Hospital &Pushkar Road, AJMERAJMER/AjmerRAJASTHAN -30200403-02-2018Naveen Kabra0145-2603603 & 8003053111-
145NWRFortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur.J.L.N.Marg, Malviya Nagar, JAIPUR-JAIPUR/JaipurRAJASTHAN -302017Orthpaedics, Cardiology,15-03-2017Prateem Tamboli0141-2547000-
146NWRHeart and general Hospital, Jaipur.7, Vivekanand marg, C-Scheme,JAIPUR/JaipurRAJASTHAN -302001Cardiology14-06-2018Dushwant Shukla0141-2370271-
147NWRRadha Mohan Mehrotra Global hospitalRadha Mohan Mehrotra Global hospitalAbu Road/SirohiRAJASTHAN -30751018-06-2017Rajinder
148NWRGBH American Hospital, Udaipur.101, Kothi Baug, Bhatt Ji Ki Bari,UDAIPUR/UdaipurRAJASTHAN -31300108-01-2017Anand Jha0294-3056000-
149NWRDeepmala Pagarani Hospital & ResearchPlot No.76-A, Inside Swami MadhavAJMER/AjmerRAJASTHAN -30500124-04-2017Sandeep Dagdi0145-2445447-
150NWRKothari Medical and Research Institute,Gajner Road, Bangla Nagar, BIKANER.Bikaner/BikanerRAJASTHAN -33400423-10-2016Dinesh Acharya0151-2210152 & 2210252-
151NWRGoyal Hospital and Research Centre,Residency Road, Jodhpur. PIN- 342003JODHPUR/JodhpurRAJASTHAN -342003Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paediatrics,28-06-2018Arun0291-2432144-
152NWRSoni Manipal HospitalsSector-5, Vidyadhar Nagar, JAIPURJAIPUR/JaipurRAJASTHAN -302013Cardiology, Gastroenterology,30-10-2016Jitesh Rawat0141-5164000-
153NWRGheesibai Mittal Memorial Hospital &Pushkar Road, AJMERAJMER/AjmerRAJASTHAN -305004Cardiology16-08-2018Naveen Kabra0145-2603603 & 8003053111-
154NWRMaxwell Hospital, JAIPUROpposite Khandaka Marriage Garden,JAIPUR/JaipurRAJASTHAN -30201615-03-2018Dr. L.C.Sharma0141-223683-
155RCFIVY Hospital/MohaliIVY Hospital Sector 71 MohaliMohali/OthersPUNJAB-160071Oncology, Cardiology, Paedatric03-08-2018Abishek IVY Hospital
156RCFJammu Hospital, JalandharJammu Hospital, Kapurthala Road, NearJalandhar/JalandharPUNJAB-144001Orthpaedics, Medicine, Surgery,04-08-2018Ms.Shally Jammu Hospital,
157RCFJohal Multispeciality Hospital, JalandharJohal Multispeciality Hospital, JalandharJalandhar/JalandharPUNJAB-144007For all available specialties05-08-2018Mr.Aman Arman, Johal0181-2410620-
158RCFPatel Hospital, JalandharPatel Hospital Pvt. Limited , Civil Lines,Jalandhar City/JalandharPUNJAB-144001Oncology19-04-2017Mrs.Rajesh Patel Hospital/
159RCFTagore Hospital & Heart Care CentreTagore Hospital & Heart Care CentreJalandhar City/JalandharPUNJAB-144008Cardiology, Gastroenterology,05-10-2016Mr.Dev Tagore Hospital Jalandhar0181-4685700-
160RCFSacred Heart Hospital, JalandharSacred Heart Hospital, Maqsudan G.T.Jalandhar City/JalandharPUNJAB-144008For all available specialties06-10-2016Sr.Grace Poomkudy
161RCFForties Hospital , MohaliFortis Hospital, Sector 62,Phase-VIIIMohali/OthersPUNJAB-160006Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,09-02-2019Mukesh Rajput Mob.896816666801724692222-
162RCFVasal Hospital (P) Ltd., Jalandhar CityVasal Hospital (P) Ltd.,37, KapurthalaJalandhar City/JalandharPUNJAB-144008Orthpaedics, Nephrology, Neuro15-03-2017Mr.Jasvir Singh Vasal0181-50833004-
163RCFThind Eye Hospital, JalandharThind Eye Hospital, 701 MallJalandhar City/JalandharPUNJAB-144003Opthalmology26-10-2016Dr.Praminder Singh
164RCFBBC Heart Care, Jalandhar CityBBC Heart Care Hospital, 301, LajpatJalandhar City/JalandharPUNJAB-144001Cardiology05-03-2017Mr.Desraj BBC Heart
165RDSOK. K. Hospital87/88, Nabiullah Road, River BankLUCKNOW/LucknowUTTAR PRADESH-226011Orthpaedics, Cardiology,18-11-2016Dr. K. M. Singh; +91-98391703800522-2619049, 2619050, 2231932-
166RWFNARAYANA NETHRALAYA, BENGALURU,NARAYANA NETHRALAYA BENGALURUBENGALURU/BangaloreKARNATAKA -560010Opthalmology12-06-2017E mail:ifo@narayananethralaya.com91-80-66121300-13051400-E
167RWFELBIT MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC LTD.,ELBIT MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC LTD.,BENGALURU/BangaloreKARNATAKA -560001For all available specialties04-03-2017Sri. Arvind GM Marketing080-
168RWFR.V.METROPOLIS DIAGNOSTIC ANDR.V.METROPOLIS DIAGNOSTIC ANDBENGALURU/BangaloreKARNATAKA -560003For all available specialties04-03-2017080-66883939,33993939080-66883939,33993939-
169RWFNETRA ENTERPRISES PRABHA EYENETRA ENTERPRISES PRABHA EYEBENGALURU/BangaloreKARNATAKA -560070For all available specialties07-09-2018Sri.Nagendra H.S080-22444131/141,
170RWFM.S.RAMAIAH MEMORIALM.S.RAMAIAH MEMORIALBENGALURU/BangaloreKARNATAKA -560054For all available specialties, Oncology, and080-23609999/080-23608888/fax
171RWFFORTIS HOSPITALS LTD No.14FORTIS HOSPITALS LTD No.14BENGALURU/BangaloreKARNATAKA -56005221-08-2018Email:connect2cg@fortishealthcare.com91-80-4199444/22261037/Fax No.91-
172RWFSt JOHNS MEDICAL COLLEGESt JOHNS MEDICAL COLLEGEBENGALURU/BangaloreKARNATAKA -560034For all available specialties, Oncology,31-03-2017Email:sjmch.billing@stjohns.in91-80-22065000-
173RWFNARAYANA HRUDAYALAYA NH HEALTHBommasandra Industrial Area, HosurBENGALURU/BangaloreKARNATAKA -560099For all available specialties08-08-2017080-22183653/ Fax No. 080-22183652080-22183653-
174RWFAPOLLO HOSPITALS154/11, Bannerghatta Road, OppositeBENGALURU/BangaloreKARNATAKA -560076For all available specialties25-07-2018080-26304050/ 080-41463151/ Fax-080080 4146 3151-
175RWFHEALTH CARE GLOBAL ENTERPRISES,HGC Towers, No.8, P Kalingarao Road,BENGALURU/BangaloreKARNATAKA -560027For all available specialties24-07-2018Sri Padmanabhan. V Manager Corporate080-33669999,
176SCRRamesh Cardiac & Multi-specialtyWard 33D, Ring Road, ITI Bus StopVijayawada/KrishnaANDHRA PRADESH-520008Cardiology31-12-2016Mr.P.Ravi Kumar0866-2484850, 2484811-
177SCRArun Kidney Centre29-23-9, Tadepallivari StreetVijayawada/KrishnaANDHRA PRADESH-520002Nephrology26-06-2017Dr.Ammanna0866-2435664, 2436056-
178SCRSwatantra HospitalD.No.19/5/21/6, Near Kambala ParkRajahmundry/East GodavariANDHRA PRADESH-533105Cardiology, Nephrology, Neuro27-02-2017Dr.G.Kasimbi, MD0883-2400401,409-
179SCRNagarjuna HospitalKanuruVijayawada/KrishnaANDHRA PRADESH-520007Orthpaedics, Gastroenterology, Neuro07-02-2017Dr.K.Jagan Mohan Rao0866-2554701-
180SCRAayush NRI LEPL Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.48-13-3 & 3A, Opp.Siddhartha MedicalVijayawada/KrishnaANDHRA PRADESH-520008Orthpaedics, Cardiology,31-03-2017Dr.K.Gopala Krishna0866-2541414-
181SCRAndhra HospitalCVR Complex, Prakasam RoadVijayawada/KrishnaANDHRA PRADESH-520002Oncology, Paediatrics,23-02-2017Dr.P.V.Ramana Murthy, MD0866-2574757, 2571122, 2576767-
182SCRLalith Super Specialities Hospital (P)Kothapet, GunturGuntur/GunturANDHRA PRADESH-522001Cardiology, Neuro Surgery, Surgery,07-08-2017G.Suresh, GM0863-2222866, 2217401, 2217402,
183SCRManipal HospitalNear NH-5, Tadepalli, Near VaradhiVijayawada/GunturANDHRA PRADESH-522501Oncology26-06-2017Mr.Karthihaivelan.G, Unit Head0866-2469700-
184SCRAshwinini Hospital & Ramakant HeartShivaji NagarNanded/NandedMAHARASHTRA-431602Cardiology23-02-2017Gaurav Rakhade02462-235611, 235644, 230777-
185SCRSai Vani Super-specialty Hospital#1-2-365/36/6&7, Ramakrishna MathHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-50002913-07-2017Dr.R.V.Raghavaendra Rao, Director040-27634462, 8978021111,
186SCRSunshine HospitalsP.G.Road, Paradise CircleSecunderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500003Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,20-01-2017Mr.B.Sai Raj Singh040-44550000, 040-43444546-
187SCRKamineni HospitalSurvey No.68, Mansoorabad Road,Hyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500068Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,20-01-2017Mr.Y.Anil Kumar040-27206777, 040-39879700-
188SCRKrishna Institute of Medical SciencesMinister Road BegumpetSecunderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500003Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,26-01-2017K.Rajender Nath, GM/Marketing040-44885000, 040-27840980-
189SCRSai Sanjeevani HospitalPlot No.7, Narsimyhapuri Colony, #11-Hyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500035Orthpaedics, Gastroenterology, Neuro18-05-2017Dr.Tirupathi Reddy, Chief Operations040-24039012-
190SCRApollo HospitalPR No.3-5-836 to 838 Near Old MLAHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500029Orthpaedics, Cardiology,07-03-2017I.S.Rao, GM-Corporate Relations040-23231380-
191SCRAravind Eye HospitalH.No.12-2-824, Santosh Nagar Colony,Hyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500028Opthalmology03-08-2017Dr.M.Anil, Medical Officer040-23513743, 040-23512233-
192SCRSathya Kidney Centre & Super-specialty3-6-426, Street No.4, HimayatnagarHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500029Orthpaedics, Gastroenterology,26-06-2017Mr.V.V.S.Sarma040-27650935, 040-66564666-
193SCRPrithvi HospitalSubedari, HanamkondaWarangal/OthersTELANGANA-506001Cardiology17-01-2017Dr.Nivedita Sharma0870-2511438, 2510481-
194SCRSrikara Hospitals#10-3-188, Opp. Railway ReservationSecunderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500025Orthpaedics, Cardiology,11-02-2017Dr.Akhil Dadi040-46460000, 27831111-
195SCRDeccan Hospital6-3-903/A&B, SomajigudaHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500082Orthpaedics, Cardiology,29-03-2017Dr.C.Damodhar Reddy040-23410640, 23410642-
196SCRJaya HospitalChowrastha, Hanumakonda, WarangalWarangal/OthersTELANGANA-506011Medicine, Surgery11-03-2017Mr.Narasinga Reddy, MD2577686, 2553844-
197SCRBasavatarakam Indo-American CancerRoad No.10, Banjara HillsHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500034Oncology19-01-2017Mr.R.Dilip Singh040-23551235, 040-23607944-
198SCRIndo-US Super-speciality Hospital#7-1-57/B&C, Shyam Karan Road,Hyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500016Orthpaedics, Cardiology,11-05-2017Pro.Dasari.Prasada Rao040-23782378, 040-23782333-
199SCRMax Cure Hospitals5-9-22, Secretariat RoadHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500063Orthpaedics, Cardiology,26-04-2017B.Muralidhar Kumar040-23231111-
200SCRCare Hospital, Musheerabad#1-4-908/7/1, Bakaram, MusheerabadHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500020Orthpaedics, Cardiology,02-08-2017Mr.T.Sai
201SCRCitizens HospitalDoor No.1-100/1/CCH, NallagandlaHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500019Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,23-02-2017Mr.Praveen, Mr.M.Pratap Reddy040-67191919-
202SCRNeoretina Eye Care Institute5-9-83/B, Chapel Road, LaneHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500001Opthalmology26-04-2017Harshini Thada040-23236666, 040-64640566-
203SCRMax Cure HospitalsBehind Cyber Towers, Lane next to MCHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500081Orthpaedics, Cardiology,26-04-2017Mr.B.Muralidhar Kumar040-45404540-
204SCRCare Hospital, Nampalli#5-4-199, Jawaharlal Nehru Road,Hyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500001Orthpaedics, Cardiology,02-08-2017Mr.T.Sai Kiran040-30417777, 040-24735465-
205SCRApollo Hospital DRDODMRL Cross Roads, KanchanbaghHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500058Orthpaedics, Cardiology,13-03-2017Mr.I.S.Rao, Corporate Relations040-24342222-
206SCRStar Hospitals, A unit of Unimed Health8-2-594/B, Road No.10, Banjara HillsHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500034Orthpaedics, Cardiology,26-01-2017Mr.V.N.V.Krishore, Head
207SCRCare Hospital#6-3-248/2, Road No.1, Banjara HillsHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500034Orthpaedics, Cardiology,02-08-2017Mr.K.Anand040-30418888, 040-23284444-
208SCROmega HospitalsMLA Colony Main Road, Road No.12,Hyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500034Oncology20-01-2017Mr.D.Dinesh, AGM, Mr.N.Srikanth, GM040-23551034, 040-23550327-
209SCRPACE Hospitals1-11-254/11/A/3/1,2,3, Motilal NehruHyderabad/OthersTELANGANA-500016Orthpaedics, Gastroenterology,23-02-2017Dr.Govind R Verma040-66171717, 040-27764646-
210SECRKrishna Hospital, Korba, ChhattisgarhKorba, Distt-Korba, Chhattisgarhkorba/KorbaCHHATISGARH-495677Orthpaedics, Paediatrics, Medicine,22-06-2017Dr. Upaadhyay9826269876-
211SECRMGM Eye Institute, Raipur5th Mile Vidhan Sabha Road, RaipurRaipur/RaipurCHHATISGARH-493111Opthalmology11-07-2017Dr.Deepshikha Agarwal, Director0771-2970670, 2970671, 2970672-
212SECRKIMS Super specialityHospital Pvt.LtdAgrasen Chowk, Magarpara, BilaspurBilaspur/BilaspurCHHATISGARH-49500110-07-2017Dr.Y.R,Krishna, Director07752-431000-
213SECRApollo Hospital,BilaspurLingyadih village,Seepat Road,BilaspurBilaspur/BilaspurCHHATISGARH-495006Orthpaedics, Nephrology, Neuro26-01-2017DR.(Brig) Anil Kumar Sharma, Chief07752-248300-06, Helpline no. 07752-
214SECRBSR Cancer Hospital, BhilaiJunwani Road, Smriti Nagar, Bhilai,Bhilai/DurgCHHATISGARH-490020Oncology05-01-2017Dr. A.P. Savant, Medical Director0788-4085100/
215SECRSECL Hospital, CIC area, Bilaspur div.Manendragarh, Chirmiri, Kotma,Manendragarh/KorbaCHHATISGARH-497442Cardiology, Trauma and Emergency31-03-2017CMS9425533517,9425533316,7836266445-
216SECRSECL Hospital, Korba and Gevba Road,KorbaKorba/KorbaCHHATISGARH-495678Trauma and Emergency Medicine26-04-2017CMS9425533137,942553314,9225534010-
217SECRFortis O.P. Jindal, Hospital, RaigarhRaigarh, Distt-RaigarhRaigarh/RaigarhCHHATISGARH-496001Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Dermatology24-07-2017Rahul Sharma,
218SECRRamkrishna Care hospital, RaipurAurovindo Enclave, Pachpedi Naka,Raipur/RaipurCHHATISGARH-492001For all available specialties, Oncology,21-09-2016Dr. Ambrish Tripathi, C.O.O0771-3003300/01/02/03-
219SECRFortis Escort Heart Center, RaipurBehind Mekahara Hospital, Pt. JNMRaipur/RaipurCHHATISGARH-492001Cardiology11-09-2017Dr. Ajay Dogara, Facility Director0771--3089100/01-
220SECRApollo BSR Hospital, BhilaiJunwani Road, Smriti nagar, Bhilai,Bhilai/DurgCHHATISGARH-490020For all available specialties, Oncology,07-07-2017Dr. A P Savant, Medical Director0788-4085100/
221SECRPlatina Heart Hospital, Nagpur2nd 3rd floor Dhanshree Complex NearNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440012Orthpaedics24-02-2018PRO0712-2566555-
222SECRAshwini Kidney and Dialysis Center Pvt.301/B, Gaurav Complex, Central BazarNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440015Nephrology, Urology24-02-2018PRO0712-2448520-
223SECRHope Multispeciality Hospital & researchPlot no. 02 Behind Go Gas Teka Naka,Nagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440017Orthpaedics, Medicine, Neuro Surgery,25-02-2018P R O0712-298073-
224SECRSuretech Hospital & Research Centre13-A bannerjee Marg, Dhantoli, NagpurNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440012Oncology, Orthpaedics, Endocrinology,24-02-2018P R O0712-6636800-
225SECRRainbow Medinova Diagnostic Services,282 Central Bazar Road Nagpurnagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440010Pathology and Micro biology,24-02-2018P R O0712-6636666-
226SECRKhare Dental & implant Centre , Sainath289 Coffe Hourse, Dharampeth, NagpurNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-44001724-02-2018P R O0712-2641925-
227SECRSuraj Eye Institute, NagpurOm Drishti Trust BG Nangia EyeNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440001Opthalmology24-02-2018PRO0712-2595600-
228SECRCentral India Institute of haematologyPt no. 14/2 Park Corner, Bajaj Marg,Nagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440012Haematology, Medicine, Surgery24-02-2018PRO0712-2430038-
229SECRK.K. Spiral C.T. Scan & Diagnostic5, Permannand police station, KampteeNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-44001724-02-2018PRO0712-2645315-
230SECRAnantwar Eye Hospital , NagpurPt No. 500 Nari Ring Road, powegrideNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440026Opthalmology24-02-2018PRO0712-6459877-
231SECRSarakshi Netralaya Advance Eye &19,Rajiv Nagar, Near Bharat Furniture,Nagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440025Opthalmology24-02-2018P R O0712-2295630-
232SECRArogyam Superspeciality Hospital,34, Sita Nagar, Somalwada WardhaNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440025Orthpaedics, Medicine, Neuro Surgery,24-02-2018PRO0712-2294445-
233SECRShri Radha Krishna Hospital & ResearchEsat Wardhman Nagar, NagpurNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-44000824-02-2018PRO7888036414-
234SECRGanga Care Hospital Ltd. Nagpur3 Forland Panchsheel Square NagpurNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440012Orthpaedics, Paediatrics,24-02-2018PRO0712-3982222-
235SECRLata Mangeshkar Multispeciality5 YMCA Complex, Maharaj Bagh Road,Nagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440012Oncology, Orthpaedics, Paedatric24-02-2018PRO0712-2530347-
236SECRLotus Hospital and Research Center andOm Nagar Tiranga Sq. Sakkardhara,Nagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440009Orthpaedics, Paedatric Surgery,24-02-2018PRO0712-2706020-
237SECRVasan Eye Care Hospital Hump, NagpurYard Road Near Congress Nagar T.Nagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440012Opthalmology24-02-2018PRO0712-3989000-
238SECRAdvance Dental Hospital, Nagpur10 Residency Road, Sadar, NagpurNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-44000124-02-2018PRO0712-2520232-
239SECRRadiance Hospital Pvt. Ltd., NagpurCentral Avenue, Near Ambedkar SquareNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440008Oncology, Orthpaedics, Paediatrics,24-02-2018P R O0712-2769898-
240SECRZenith Hospital41, Shivaji Nagar Bhind Karan KotariNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440010Orthpaedics, Gastroenterology,24-02-2018PRO0712-2248648-
241SECRSengupta Hospital reearch Institute,Ravi Nagar square, NagpurNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-400033Orthpaedics, Gastroenterology,24-02-2018P S Sen9823022633-
242SECRArneja Heart Institute, Nagpur123, Ramddaspeth, NagpurNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440010Cardiology15-10-2016Dr. Jaspal Arneja, Dirctor0712-6661800-
243SECRAmbade Eye Hospital, Nagpur1st floor, Kamla Tower Near JanswantNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440017Opthalmology24-02-2018P R O7122631193-
244SECROrtho Relief Hospital & Research CentrePlot No. 19 Opp. Ramkrishna missionNagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440012Orthpaedics, Surgery24-02-2018P R O0712-2427799-
245SECRRashtrasant Tukdoji Regional CancerTukdoji Square, Manesada Road,Nagpur/NagpurMAHARASHTRA-440027Oncology01-07-2017Dr. Pankaj Chowdhary,
246SERTATA Motor HospitalTata Motors Hospital, Telco Colony.Jamshedpur/East SinghbhumJHARKHAND-831004Orthpaedics, Cardiology,31-07-2016Partho Mukhopadhyay0657-6695601/ 6453010.-
247SERGurunanak Hospital & Research Center.Station Road, Ranchi.Ranchi/RanchiJHARKHAND-834001Orthpaedics, Cardiology,21-08-2016Mr. Inderjeet Singh & Mr. Rajender0651-2460506 / 6455564.-
248SERMeherbai Tata Memorial Hospital.Stocking Road, Northern Town.Jamshedpur/East SinghbhumJHARKHAND-831001Oncology31-03-2017Md. Hashmatullah0657-2427933/
249SERKiriburu Iron Ore Mines Hospital.Steel Authority of India Ltd. RawKiriburu,/West SinghbhumJHARKHAND-833222Medicine, Surgery, Trauma and02-01-2016Dr. B. K. Hota, Jt. Director (Medical &
250SERBokaro General Hospital.Sector 4, Bokaro Steel City.Bokaro Steel City/BokaroJHARKHAND-827004Cardiology, Pulmonary Medicine and16-04-2017Dr. B. K.
251SERVasan Eye Care Hospital.Plot No 1789,Muncipal Survey SalujaRanchi/RanchiJHARKHAND-834001Opthalmology23-07-2016Mr. Kumar Adamya & Mr. S.
252SERRaj. Hospital & Research Centre.Main Road, Jharkhand.Ranchi/RanchiJHARKHAND-834001Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,14-06-2017Sri. Sanjay Kr. Verma & Sri. Mandip0651-2331128/2330129-
253SER7 Palms Hospital & Research Centre.Lalgutwa,Kathalmore, Itki Road.Ranchi/RanchiJHARKHAND-835303Neuro Surgery, Trauma and Emergency18-02-2017Sri. Sanjay Gope09006752339, 08757787036.-
254SERBrahamanand Narayan HrudayalayaNH-33, Near Pardih Chowk, Tamolia,Jamshedpur/SeraikelaJHARKHAND-831012Cardiology, Nephrology, Trauma and30-04-2017Mr. Samit Agarwal & Mr.
255SERIspat General Hospital.Steel Authority of India Ltd. RourkelaRourkela/SundergarhORISSA-769011For all available specialties,31-01-2017Dr. A. K. Singh, Director (Medical &0661-2640324.-
256SERRabindra Nath Tagore InternationalMukundapur, E. M. Bypass.Kolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700099Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,05-05-2018Pinaki Chandra & Raju Das033-71222222-
257SERDesun Hospital & Heart InstituteDesun More, Kasba Golpark, EMKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700107Orthpaedics, Cardiology,07-09-2018Tonmoy Sen033 71222000-
258SERRabindra Nath Tagore InternationalMukundapur, E. M. BypassKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700099Orthpaedics, Cardiology,07-09-2018"Pinaki Chandra / Raju Das033-71222222-
259SERNorth City Hospital & Neuro Institute73, Hudco Crossing Ultadanga, BagmariKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700054Orthpaedics, Cardiology, Paedatric14-06-2018Goutam Mukherjee033 66050999-
260SERSusrut Eye Foundation & ResearchHB-36/A/1, Sector III, Salt Lake City.Kolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700106Opthalmology30-06-2018Somnath Chatoopadhyay033
261SERMission HospitalPlot No: 219 P, Iman Kalyan Sarani,Durgapur,/BurdhamanWEST BENGAL-713212Cardiology, Paedatric Surgery,05-07-2017Mr. Sudipta Chatterjee.034-32535555.-
262SERDesun Hospital & Heart InstituteDesun More, Kasba Golpark, EMKolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700107Orthpaedics, Cardiology,30-05-2018Tonmoy Sen033 71222000-
263SERB. M. Birla Heart Research Centre1/1, National Library Avenue.Kolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700027Cardiology19-05-2018Siddartha Nandy033
264SERSaraj Gupta Cancer & ResearchMahatma Gandhi Road, Thakurpukur.Kolkata/KolkattaWEST BENGAL-700063Radio Therapy26-02-2017S. K. Chakraborty033-24532781/82/83.-
265SRM/s Lakshmi HospitalDiwans Road, Ernakulam,Ernakulam/ErnakulamKERALA -682016Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,11-01-2017Admin0484- 2382111,2382112,2382113-
266SRM/s.P.V.S.HospitalRailway Station Road, CalicutCalicut/CalicutKERALA -673002Cardiology, Dermatology and04-05-2017Admin3011333,3011222,2705045-
267SRRegional Cancer CentreGovernment of Kerala PO Box No.2417,Trivandrum/ThiruvananthapuramKERALA -695011Oncology, Radio Diagnosis, Radio30-05-2017NA91 471
268SRM/s.S.K. HospitalEdappazhinji, Thiruvanthapuram, KeralaTrivandrum/ThiruvananthapuramKERALA -69500631-12-2016NA0471-2356256, 3250038, 302222-
269SRNS Memorial Institute of Medical(A unit of kollam district Co-operativeKollam/ErnakulamKERALA -691020For all available specialties, Oncology,31-07-2017NA0474-2723199,2724823 -
270SRGovt. Wenlock HospitalHampankatta, Mangaluru, D.K.575 001Mangalore/PalghatKERALA -575001For all available specialties, Oncology,31-03-2018District Surgeon & Superintendent ofNA-NA
271SRM/s.Vasan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.,No.70 Westminster, 4th FloorCHENNAI/ChennaiTAMILNADU-600004Opthalmology31-10-2016NA39890950,
272SRRG Urology & Laparoscopy HospitalNo.391 Anna Salai, Saidapet, Chennai -CHENNAI/ChennaiTAMILNADU-600015Urology31-08-2016S.Balakrishnan, General
273SRM/s.Rajan Eye Care Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,No.5 Vidyodaya East 2ndCHENNAI/ChennaiTAMILNADU-600017Opthalmology31-10-2016Deepti Mohan, Asst. Director28340500/
274SRM/s.Kaliappa Renal Center Pvt. Ltd.,Old No.50 New No.14, 3rd Street,CHENNAI/ChennaiTAMILNADU-60002831-03-2017R.Vijayaraghavan, General Manager24997574, 24662381, 24662382-
275SRM/s.Dr.Agarwal’s Eye Hospital,No.19 Cathedral Road, Chennai - 600CHENNAI/ChennaiTAMILNADU-600086Opthalmology31-10-2016N.R.Ugandhar, AGM39916000, 28112811-
276SRM/s.Dr.Rai Memorial Medical CentreNew No.526, (old No.562) Anna Salai,CHENNAI/ChennaiTAMILNADU-600018Radio Therapy31-12-2016NA24349594, 24349860-NA
277SRShanmuga Hospital24 Saradha College Road SalemSalem/SalemTAMILNADU-636007Oncology, Orthpaedics, Dermatology02-08-2017Director Dr P Prabusankar04272315293,04272319469-
278SWRN.M.D.C. HOSPITALDONIMALAI IRON ORE MINE,Donimalai/BellaryKARNATAKA -583118For all available specialties31-12-2017S. CHATTERJEE, ASST. GENERAL08395-274624-
279SWRAPOLLO HOSPITAL154/11,Opp. I.I.M., Bannerghatta Road,Bangalore/BangaloreKARNATAKA -560076For all available specialties14-09-2017B.G. Chalageri080-26304050-
280SWRJ.S.S. HOSPITALMAHATMA GANDHI ROAD, MYSOREMysore/MysoreKARNATAKA -570004For all available specialties27-04-2017Public Relation
281SWRBHARAT HOSPITAL AND INSTITUTE OF# 438, Outer Ring Road, Hebbal.Mysore/MysoreKARNATAKA -570017Oncology, Pathology and Micro biology,18-06-2017Public Relation Officer0821-4240600, 4280011, 4280022,
282SWRVIKRAM HOSPITAL PRIVATE LIMITED#46, Vivekananda Road, YadavgiriMysore/MysoreKARNATAKA -57002020-10-2016Dr. S.N. Rajeshwar0821-4242424, 2412121-
283SWRHCG NMR CANCER CENTRET.B. ROAD, NEAR REVANKAR KALYANHubli/DharwadKARNATAKA -580029Oncology, Pathology and Micro biology,18-09-2017Dr. Narendra Sonigra0836-4252940, 4255710-
284SWRKARNATAKA INSTITUTE OF MEDICALP.B. ROAD, VIDYA NAGARHubli/DharwadKARNATAKA -580022Cardiology13-11-2016Dr.Shivappa V Anurshettru Medical836- 2370057, 2373447, 2373641-
285WCRFortis Escorts Heart Institute andFortis Escorts Heart Institute andNew Delhi/New DelhiDELHI -110025Cardiology31-05-2017Mr. Tarun Garg, Mob-09999510789011-47135000-
286WCRJabalpur Hospital and Research Centre,Jabalpur Hospital and Research Centre,Jabalpur/JabalpurMADHYA PRADESH-482002Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,14-04-2017Sanjeev Panday, Mobile-98930696260761-2450761, 4026000, Toll free-
287WCRChirayu Medical College & Hospital,Chirayu Medical College & Hospital,Bhopal/BhopalMADHYA PRADESH-462030For all available
288WCRJawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital andJawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital andBhopal/BhopalMADHYA PRADESH-462001Oncology, Radio Therapy, Onco Surgery30-04-2017Mr. Thomas0755-2665720, 4255680-
289WCRCity Hospital and Research Centre Pvt.City Hospital and Research Centre Pvt.Jabalpur/JabalpurMADHYA PRADESH-482001Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,19-12-2016Rajeev Sanghi,0761-4033111, 9755549756-
290WCRMGM Hospital & Research Centre, KatniMGM Hospital & Research Centre,Katni/KatniMADHYA PRADESH-483501Orthpaedics, Dermatology and14-02-2017Dr. Pankaj Gupta, Mr. Sanjay TiwariTel 07622-405070-71-72-
291WCRAditya Superspeciality Hospital &Aditya Superspeciality Hospital &Jabalpur/JabalpurMADHYA PRADESH-482002Orthpaedics, Othorhinolargngology,09-06-2018S.K.Mukherjee & Mrs. Shikha Das,0761-4218312-13-14-
292WCRBhopal Memorial Hospital & ResearchBhopal Memorial Hospital & ResearchBhopal/BhopalMADHYA PRADESH-462038Cardiology21-11-2016Saukat Aazam Ali0755-2742212-
293WCRAradhana Maternity and KidneyAradhana Maternity and KidneyBhopal/BhopalMADHYA PRADESH-462001Nephrology13-05-2017Dr Sanjay Gupta0755-4280189, 0755-2759857-
294WCRJamdar Hospital Pvt. Ltd.Jamdar Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Goal Bazar,Jabalpur/JabalpurMADHYA PRADESH-482001Orthpaedics, Trauma and Emergency09-10-2016Dr.S.Mishra, Mob:
295WCRNarmada Apna Hospital, HoshangabadNarmada Apna Hospital, Double PhatakHoshangabaad/HoshangabadMADHYA PRADESH-461001For all available specialties19-07-2017Sh. Kamlesh Malviya, Mob.07574 - 405060-
296WCRSudha Hospital & Medical Research11 A, TALWANDIKOTA/KotaRAJASTHAN -324005Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,16-09-2016Dr R K Agarwal, Parvez Khan0744-2790001, 0744- 2790002-
297WCRKota Heart Institute & Research Centre10-A, TALWANDIKOTA/KotaRAJASTHAN -324005Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,19-07-2017Rajesh Jain & Dr. Rakesh
298WRYashfeen HospitalYashfeen Hospital Opp. Morarji DesaiNavsari/NavsariGUJARAT -396445Oncology, Orthpaedics, Cardiology,09-05-2017Mr. M. Faisal2637- 235725, 235726, 235727-
299WRApollo hospital International Ltd.,Plot No.1 A, Bhat GIDC Estate,Gandhinagar/GandhinagarGUJARAT -382428Orthpaedics, Gastroenterology,06-06-2016Mr. Sandeep
300WRSterling Hospital, AhmedabadSterling Hospital Road, Memnagar,Ahmedabad/AhmedabadGUJARAT -380052Cardiology26-09-2016Mr. Mayur Trivedi079-40011111-
301WRB. T. Savani Kidney Hospital, RajkotUniversity Road, Off. Gangautri NearRajkot/RajkotGUJARAT -365005Nephrology19-09-2016Dr. Sandip D. Patel0281-2562299, 2562217-
302WRWockhardt Hospital, SuratR K Desai Marg, Opposite Chowpatty,Surat/SuratGUJARAT -395001Cardiology23-06-2017Jaymin Christian0261-6694444, 9925199925-
303WRM. P. Shah Cancer Hospital, AhmedabadCivil Hospital Campus, Asarwa,Ahmedabad/AhmedabadGUJARAT -380016Oncology, Haematology, Radio01-09-2017Dr. Devendra Patel079 2268 8000-
304WRSunshine Global HospitalNr. Shreyas Vidyalaya, Nalini House,Vadodara/VadodaraGUJARAT -390011For all available specialties, Oncology,02-02-2017Shri Neeraj Lal265 3300400, 2633200, 2632044-
305WRBanker Heart & Multispeciality HospitalBankers Heart & Multi-specialityVadodara/VadodaraGUJARAT -390006Cardiology08-07-2016Mr. JIgnesh Patel0265-253 0000, 09898587867-
306WRNathalal Parekh Cancer Institute, RajkotTirupati Nagar, Opposite NirmalaRajkot/RajkotGUJARAT -360007Oncology, Onco Surgery28-12-2017Dr. V. K. Gupta0281-2573136, 2582326, 2582327-
307WRN.M. Virani Wockhardt Hospital, RajkotKalawad Road, Near St. Mary HighRajkot/RajkotGUJARAT -360007Cardiology18-05-2016Mr. Sadashiv Vishnu0281-6694444-
308WRHaria L. G. Rotary HospitalPlot No. 363/1 & 364, Housing Sector,Vapi/ValsadGUJARAT -396195Oncology, Orthpaedics,04-08-2017S. S. Singh0260-6638888, 6542458, 6542459-
309WRBombay Hospital, IndoreEastern Ring Rd,Ring Rd, IDA SchemeIndore/IndoreMADHYA PRADESH-452010Cardiology, Nephrology, Urology22-09-2016Firoz Qureshi0731-4077000 / 4001713-17-
310WRBhandari Hospital & Research Centre21-23 G F, Scheme No. 54, Opp.Indore/IndoreMADHYA PRADESH-452010Orthpaedics, Paedatric Surgery,11-07-2017Dr. B. L. Bhatnagar(0731) 4733333, 4003333-
311WRCHL-Medical CentreNanakheda, Hari Phatak BypassUjjain/UjjainMADHYA PRADESH-456010Cardiology, Nephrology07-02-2017Dipesh Sharma0734-2534000, 2534141-
312WRRiddhi Vinayak Critical Care & Cardiac559/1, Riddhi Vinayak Temple lane, S VMumbai/MumbaiMAHARASHTRA-400064For all available specialties, Oncology,16-08-2016Dr. Vijay Goel022-28663984/85/86/87/88-
313WRApex HospitalVaishali Heights, Chandravarkar Road,Mumbai/MumbaiMAHARASHTRA-400092Cardiology, Nephrology, Neuro25-06-2017Mr Dilip
314WRBombay Hospital, Mumbai12, New Marine lines, Mumbai - 400020Mumbai/MumbaiMAHARASHTRA-400020Cardiology29-07-2016Dr. Narsinha Reddy022-22067676-

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Expected DA January 2021 - AICPIN for November 2020 increased by 0.4 points

  Expected DA January 2021 - AICPIN for November 2020 increased by 0.4 points Expected DA January 2021 Consumer Price Index for Industri...


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