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Vacant Posts in CSSS

Vacant Posts in CSSS
Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
04-March-2015 17:18 IST
Vacant Posts in CSSS 
 A statement indicating the status of reserved vacancies and the number of officers promoted under Private Secretaries (PS) and Personal Assistants (PA) grades in Central Secretariat Stenographers’ Service (CSSS) during 2014 is placed below:

Private Secretary
Vacancies of Seniority Quota and Limited Departmental Competitive Examination Mode (including backlog)
No. of vacancies filled up

Personal Assistants

Vacancies of Seniority Quota and Limited Departmental Competitive Examination Mode (including backlog)
No. of vacancies filled up
 SLY- 2012
SLY- 2013
SLY- 2014


Status of Cadre Review proposals processed in DoPT from 1st January, 2011 to 28th February, 2015

Status of Cadre Review proposals processed in DoPT from 1st January, 2011 to 28th February, 2015
A. Approved by Cabinet
Sl. No. Name of the Service CRC* Meeting Cabinet Approval
1. CPWD Central Engineering Service,
Central Electrical Mechanical Engineering Service and Central
Architecture Service
 27th June, 2011 3rd January, 2012
2. Military Engineering Services (Indian
Defence Service of Engineers, Architect Cadre and Surveyor Cadre
22nd September 2011 and 23rd January
18th April 2013
3. Indian Radio Regulatory Service 19th Feb, 2013 3rd July 2013
4. Indian Revenue Service 19th Feb 2013 and GoM** on 29th April
23rd May 2013
5. Indian Customs & Central Excise 27th Aug. 2013 5th Dec. 2013
6. Indian Cost Accounts Service 29th October 2013 2nd January 2014
7. Central Labour Service 1th9 Feb. 2013 17th July 2013
8. Central Power Engineering Service 11th December 2013 13th May 2014
9. Indian Ordnance Factory Service 19th March, 2014 29th October, 2014
10. Indian Civil Accounts Service 17th July, 2013 16th January, 2015
*CRC – Cadre Review Committee
**GoM – Group of Ministers
B. Pending Proposals
Sl. No. Name of the Service Status
(i) With Cadre Controlling
Authority/Ministry Concerned – CRC meeting held but Cabinet approval pending
1. Railway Protection Force CRC meeting held on July 29th, 2013. Decision
with the approval of MOS (PP) and FM has been communicated to the Ministry
of Railways for taking Cabinet approval.
2. Indian Naval Material Management Service The CRC meeting on 24th October, 2013.
Comments of DoPT on Cabinet Note have been provided on 21st January, 2015.
3.  Indian Statistical Service CRC meeting held on 24.06.2014. Approval of
MoS (PP) and FM has been conveyed to Ministry of Statistics Programme
implementation for taking approval of the Cabinet.
4. Indian Trade Service CRC meeting held on 06.05.2014. Comments of
DoPT on Cabinet Note have been provided on 26th December, 2014.
5. Indian information Service CRC meeting held on 30.07.2014. Comments of
DoPT on Cabinet Note have been provided on 15th December, 2014.
(ii) With Cainet Secretariat
6. Border Road Engineering Service Approval of Secretary (P) & Secretary (Exp)
has been obtained. CRC Note is under preparation.
(ii) With Department of
7. Indian Postal Service Approval of Secretary (P) has been obtained
and the has been referred to DoE for approval of Secretary (Exp)
8. Defence Aeronautical Quality Assurance
CRC Meeting held on 8 January, 2014. Approval
of MoS (PP) has been obtained and the file has been referred to DoE for
approval of Finance Minister.
9. Indian P&T Acctt. and Fin. Service Reply received on 07.01.2015 from DoT
has been forwarded to DoE for comments
10. DGET & Women Training Directorate Approval of Secretary (P) has been obtained
and the file has been referred to DoE for approval of Secretary (Exp)
11. Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Approval of Secretary (P) has been obtained
and the file has been referred to DoE for approval of Secretary (Exp)
(iv) With Department of
Personnel & Training
12. Indian Railways Personnel Service Reply of clarifications is received on 08.01.2015 from
Ministry of Railways. A meeting with Ministry of Railways will be held on
13. Indian Railways Accounts Service Under Examination.
14. Indian Railways Stores Service -do-
15. Indian Railways Service of Signal
16. Indian Railways Service of Electrical
(v) With Ministry
concerned for clarification
17. Indian P&T Building Works Clarification are awaited from DoT.
Cabinet Secretariat has ben requested to convey date of meeting.
18. Central Engineering Service (Roads) The Proposal was received on 24.04.2014 but
lacked many essential information and therefore clarifications were sought
from MoRTH, Reply has been received on 16.10.2014.  A revised structure
suggested to MoRTH for their comments.  Reply from MoRTH is awaited.
19. Indian Railways Traffic Service Ministry of Railways is requested to provide
information.  Reply awaited.


Pension Scheme for Military Personnel and Financial Assistance from Raksha Mantri’s Discretionary Fund (RMDF): Lok Sabha Q&A

Pension Scheme for Military Personnel and Financial Assistance from Raksha Mantri’s Discretionary Fund (RMDF): Lok Sabha Q&A:-

ANSWERED ON 27.02.2015

852 . Premachandran Shri N.K.

Will the Minister of DEFENCE be pleased to state:-

(a) whether the Government proposes to introduce pension scheme for short service candidates and if so, the details thereof;

(b) whether the Government proposes to sanction pension for military personnels having less than fifteen years of service, if so, the details thereof;

(c) whether the Government received a representation from Military Service Pensioners Association in this regard;

(d) if so, the details thereof and the action taken by the Government thereon;

(e) whether the Government proposes to introduce welfare scheme for military personnels having less than fifteen years of service; and

(f) if so, the details thereof?



(a) At present, the Short Service Commissioned officers granted commission from other rank are entitled to pension on completion of 12 years of qualifying service. However, Short Service Commissioned officer who is granted commission from direct civil life is entitled to Terminal Gratuity only. There is no new proposal under consideration.

(b) Presently there is no such proposal.

(c) No, Madam.

(d) Does not arise, in view of (c) above.

(e) & (f): There are certain welfare schemes, administered by Kendriya Sainik Board for non- pensioners. Details are enclosed as per Annexure. There is no proposal at present to introduce any new welfare scheme.

1. Financial Assistance from Raksha Mantri’s Discretionary Fund (RMDF):

Ser Grants Amount (in Rs)
(a) Penury Grant (65 Yrs): (Non-Pensioners upto Hav Rank) 1,000/-pm (life time)
(b) Education Grant: (i)Boys/Girls upto Grdn.
(ii)Widows PG
(Non-Pensioners upto Hav Rank)
(c) Officer Cadet Grant (for Cadets of NDA only): (Pensioner/Non-Pensioner upto Hav Rank) 1,000/-pm
(d) Disabled Children Grant: (Pensioner/Non-pensioner upto Hav Rank)) 1,000/-pm
(e) House Repair Grant: (Pensioner/Non-Pensioner upto Hav Rank)
100% Disabled ESM.
Orphan Daughter (of all ranks)
(f) Marriage Grant: (Pensioner/Non-Pensioner upto Hav Rank)
Widow Re-Marriage Grant:
(Pensioner/Non-Pensioner upto Hav Rank)
(g) Funeral Grant: (Pensioner/Non-Pensioner upto Hav Rank) 5,000/-
(h) Medical Grant: (Non-Pensioners upto Hav Rank)
Medical Grant:
(Pensioner/Non-pensioner upto Hav Rank Nepal)
30,000/- (Max)
(i) Orphan Grant: (Pensioner/Non-pensioner All Ranks)
Daughters of ex-servicemen till she is married.
One Son of ex-servicemen upto 21 years of age.
(j) Vocational Training Grant For Widows: (Pensioner/Non-Pensioner upto Hav Rank) 20,000/- (One time)

2. Serious Diseases (Listed Only) Grant from AFFD Fund:-

(a)Serious Diseases:- Angioplasty, Angiography, CABG, Open Heart Surgery, Valve Replacement, Pacemaker Implant, Renal Implant, Prostate Surgery, Joint Replacement and Cerebral Stoke.(b)Other Diseases: Where more than Rs.1.00 Lac has been spent on treatment. 75% / 90% of total expenditure (Officer and PBOR respectively). Upto a maximum of Rs. 1.25 Lac.
(c)Dialysis and Cancer treatment: 75% / 90% of total expenditure (Officer and PBOR respectively). Upto a maximum of Rs.75,000/- per FY only.

Annexure Source:

Disciplinary Cases Against Railway Employees: Rajya Sabha Q&A on 27.02.2015

Disciplinary Cases Against Railway Employees: Rajya Sabha Q&A on 27.02.2015:-


ANSWERED ON 27.02.2015


Will the Minister of RAILWAYS be pleased to state:

(a) the number of employees in Railways who were kept out of service or suspended as part of disciplinary action during 2014 and the corresponding figures for 2012 and 2013;

(b) whether non-filling of a large number of vacancies and over work have led to strained relations between authorities and employees and increase in disciplinary actions;

(c) whether there is inordinate delay in settling such cases and that approach and action of suspicion has increased strains between authorities and employees; and

(d) whether Government will take steps to introduce a HR policy to improve working condition of employees and ensure safety of commuters?

(a) to (d): A Statement is laid on the Table of the House.


(a) The number of employees on Zonal Railways, Production Units, Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO), Central Organisation For Modernisation of Workshop (COFMOW) and Central Organisation for Railway Electrification (CORE), who were kept under suspension during period 2012, 2013 & 2014, is shown in the table below:

Year -Number of employees kept under suspension
2012 -1538
2013 -1460
2014 -1194

(b) No, Sir. The Authorities and employees on the Indian Railways share harmonious relations and work jointly in the common enterprise of train operations. Disciplinary action is initiated against employees as per Railway Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1968 on objective grounds. Occurrence of vacancies and filling them up is an ongoing process and has no bearing on disciplinary action against employees.

(c) There are well defined rules and instructions for expeditious disposal of disciplinary cases and constant monitoring is being done by the Ministry as well as top management at Zonal levels to ensure that disciplinary proceedings are concluded in a time bound manner. The employees and authorities share harmonious relationship between them.

(d) Sound Human Resource Policy, in keeping with the broad framework of Government of India, is in place for Human Resource Management of the Railway employees. The Ministry of Railways is the only Ministry under the Government of India, which has a separate Civil Services Cadre called Indian Railway Personnel Service, which is managing Human Resources and Industrial Relations in Indian Railways. The Human Resource policies are periodically reviewed in keeping with the changing environment, to ensure that the working conditions of employees remain healthy and safe and efficient transportation is provided to the users.

Source: Rajya

7th Pay Commission invited the Standing council members of National Council of JCM – INDWF

7th Pay Commission invited the Standing council members of National Council of JCM – INDWF
7th CPC meeting with National Council JCM on 25.02.2015

General Secretary
Date: 25/2/2015
All Affiliated of INDWF

Dear Colleagues,
VII Central Pay Commission invited the Standing council members of National Council of JCM for submission of oral evidence on the JCM/Common memorandum submitted by the National Council constituents to the commission on Pay and Allowances, Pay determination, Minimum and Maximum Pay, Pensionery benefits, Commutations, Revision of Pension for Pensioners etc on 25/2/2015 at 11.00 Hrs.
The Standing Committee members attendted the meeting with the 7th Central Pay Commission from 11.00 Hrs ti 12.30 Hrs and the details are given as under :

1. At the outset Leader and Secretary Staff Side raised the issues that 6th CPC Chairman invited the Standing Committee NC(JCM) for oral evidence on 17th, 18th and 19th April, 2008 on the common memorandum submitted by the National Council Consituents. Therefore, we need minimum three days to supplement and give oral evidence to the VII CPC and one day for Retirement benefits.
a. Determination Pay and Minimum Pay as well as Maximum Pay
b. Pay and Allowances
c. Special Benefits on particular categories
d. Terminal and Retirement Benefits etc.
After receiving the names and dates for discussion we shall be able to allot time for discussion on those matters mentioned in the memorandum.

2. We have demanded that sufficient time to be given to the Federation to present their respective Ministries/Departments specific problems particularly Railways, Defence, Postal, Health Ministry where the issues are different from each other. Chairman agreed to give time after requestes from the respective Federations.

3. Regarding merger of DA and Granting of interim report on granting Interim Relief as per our request, Chairman said that this has not been included in the Terms of reference. However, we have insisted upon that the erosion of pay due to increase in prices and inflation the DA has crossed more than 100%, therefore merger of DA is important and Interim Relief should be granted. Chairman 7th CPC said there is no mention in the Terms of Reference and there are directives from Government on this issue. However, he assured that he will a DO letter to the Government whether 7th CPC can consider to recommend and submit an Interim Report on this matter.

The National Council JCM agreed to submit the names of members and dates for further discussion on the memorandum after having internal discussions among us and also approach the Government of India to give directives to 7th CPC for submitting an Interim Relief on merger of DA and Interim Relief for both employees and pensioners.

The meeting ended after the above discussions.
Yours Sincerly,
General Secretary
Source: INDWF

Outcome of Meeting with DoPT on Joint Declaration and Charter of Demands of Central Government employees submitted by NC JCM Staff Side – INDWF

Outcome of Meeting with DoPT on Joint Declaration and Charter of Demands of Central Government employees submitted by NC JCM Staff Side – INDWF

General Secretary
Date: 25/2/2015
All Affiliated of INDWF

Dear Colleagues,

The National Council (JCM) constituents had their convention at New Delhi on 11.12.2014 and issued a joint declaration on Charter of Demands of Central Government employees and also declared their proposed action programme which you all are aware.

A letter has been sent to Cabinet Secretary alongwith Joint Declaration and Charter of Demands.
After reveiving the joint declaration and Charter of Demands, the Secretary, DoP&T called for a meeting to below for the information of all the unions affiliated to INDWF.

1. It was very much emphasised that the forum of JCM councils should be made effective. All the Departmental councils and National Council JCM should be conducted regularly so that the issues of Government employees can be discussed. It was agreed to take necessary steps to conduct the meetings regularly.

2. All agreed anomalies should be implemented particularly the fixation of pay between direct recruitees and promotees.

3. Anomaly committee should be convened to settle the pending issues.

4. MACP issues wherever courts have given judgements that should be considered and orders should be given to implement the same before 7th CPC report.

5. Wherever the Departments have recommended for improvement in Grade Pay of certain categories of employees should be considered by DOP&T and Ministry of Finance.
Further on Charter of Demands were discussed :

6. Pay Revision should be given effect from January 2014 due to the DA increase. Also in future, pay should be reivsed on completion of every 5 years.

7. Merger of DA upto 100%. It was insisted to direct the 7th CPC to consider and given their report by Ministry of Finance. After receiving a request from Staff Side it was agreed to consider.

8. Similarly on Interim Relief, after receiving a request letter from Staff Side, this will be processed.

9. Merger of Unskilled and Semi Skilled to Rs.1800/- Grade Pay, DoP&T has rejected to grant w.e.f.1.9.2008 which is against the CDS(RP) Rules 2008. It will be reconsidered after receiving a note from Defence Ministry.

10. MACP should be granted w.e.f.1.1.2006 for the benefit of reitired employees.

11. Wherever the promotion posts and feeder posts are identical (MAC and Chargeman) that should not be treated as promotion on their movement and ACP/MACP to be granted.

12. Railways and Defence employees should be exempted from NEW PENSION SCHEME.

13. On compassionate ground appointments ceiling of 5% to be removed which is without any rational.
The above points will be considered for remaining points, another meeting will be held with progress.
Yours Sincerely,
General Secretary
Source: INDWF

Air India LTC-80 Fares as on 02 March, 2015

Air India LTC-80 Fares as on 02 March, 2015


HLTC (Economy Class) DLTC (Executive Class) Airline Fuel Charge

Base Fare Base Fare
1 Agartala Guwahati 4831 10140 1850
2 Agartala Kolkata 3891 8506 1850
3 Agartala Silchar 4401
4 Agatti Bengaluru 10691
5 Agatti Chennai 10646
6 Agatti Kochi 8571
7 Agatti Kozhikode 7471
8 Agra Delhi 5681 15327 1850
9 Agra Khajuraho 3891 8506 1850
10 Agra Varanasi 4946 12951 1850
11 Agra Mumbai 8571
12 Ahmedabad Chennai 7426 26186 2950
13 Ahmedabad Delhi 6000 15502 2150
14 Ahmedabad Hyderabad 7076 19532 2150
15 Ahmedabad Mumbai 4351 13425 1850
16 Aizawl Guwahati 5351
17 Aizawl Imphal 4466 7337 1850
18 Aizawl Kolkata 4626 11108 1850
19 Allahabad Delhi 6541
20 Allahabad Kanpur 4751
21 Allahabad Mumbai 9401
22 Amritsar Delhi 4366 12436 1850
23 Aurangabad Delhi 8801 21747 2150
24 Aurangabad Mumbai 4451 10133 1850
25 Bagdogra Delhi 9716 21024 2950
26 Bagdogra Guwahati 4536 8398 1850
27 Bagdogra Kolkata 5436 13188 1850
28 Bengaluru Chennai 4701 10691 1850
29 Bengaluru Delhi 9901 28985 3650
30 Bengaluru Goa 5151 13297 1850
31 Bengaluru Hyderabad 5451 14823 1850
32 Bengaluru Kochi 4501 10907 1850
33 Bengaluru Kolkata 9701 30799 3650
34 Bengaluru Mangalore 4936
35 Bengaluru Mumbai 6851 16356 2150
36 Bengaluru Pune 6184 16506 1850
37 Bengaluru Tirupati 5221
38 Bengaluru Trivandrum 5451 12473 1850
39 Bhopal Delhi 4801 14856 1850
40 Bhopal Indore 4281 8625 1850
41 Bhopal Mumbai 5356 15560 1850
42 Bhubaneshwar Chennai 8291 17520 2950
43 Bhubaneshwar Delhi 9001 27424 2950
44 Bhubaneshwar Kolkata 5406 11764 1850
45 Bhubaneshwar Mumbai 9401 29518 2950
46 Bhubaneshwar Port Blair 11216
47 Bhuj Mumbai 6541
48 Chandigarh Delhi 4301 10534 1850
49 Chandigarh Mumbai 8836 26295 2950
50 Chennai Coimbatore 4251 12166 1850
51 Chennai Delhi 8456 28474 3650
52 Chennai Goa 6311 16217 1850
53 Chennai Hyderabad 4451 13732 1850
54 Chennai Kochi 5251 14630 1850
55 Chennai Kolkata 8566 27543 2950
56 Chennai Madurai 4251 11801 1850
57 Chennai Mumbai 8571 18623 2950
58 Chennai Pune 7851 21017 2150
59 Chennai Portblair 9411 24229 2950
60 Chennai Trivandrum 5601 14637 1850
61 Chennai Vishakhapatnam 4801 14673 1850
62 Coimbatore Delhi 9751 32763 3650
63 Coimbatore Kozhikode 4451 6739 1850
64 Coimbatore Mumbai 8001 18331 2950
65 Dehradun Delhi 5221 13980 1850
66 Dehli Dharamsala 4821
67 Delhi Gaya 6851 19532 2150
68 Delhi Goa 8821 25860 3650
69 Delhi Guwahati 9811 24988 3650
70 Delhi Gwalior 5051 9977 1850
71 Delhi Hyderabad 8401 25748 2950
72 Delhi Imphal 9081 27248 3650
73 Delhi Indore 4851 15867 1850
74 Delhi Jabalpur 6401
75 Delhi Jaipur 3551 8815 1850
76 Delhi Jammu 4401 13181 1850
77 Delhi Jodhpur 5706 14290 1850
78 Delhi Kanpur 5701
79 Delhi Khajuraho 5651 15108 1850
80 Delhi Kochi 12351 37731 3650
81 Delhi Kolkata 9061 24251 2950
82 Delhi Kozhikode 10051 32763 3650
83 Delhi Kullu 6301
84 Delhi Leh 5501 15141 1850
85 Delhi Lucknow 4821 12505 1850
86 Delhi Ludhiana 4351
87 Delhi Mangalore 9901 29248 3650
88 Delhi Mumbai 8951 22740 2950
89 Delhi Pantnagar 4301
90 Delhi Nagpur 7171 17336 2150
91 Delhi Pathankot 5101
92 Delhi Patna 7151 17265 2150
93 Delhi Port Blair 21516
94 Delhi Pune 9401 28208 2950
95 Delhi Raipur 7851 22112 2150
96 Delhi Rajkot 9101
97 Delhi Ranchi 8811 20732 2950
98 Delhi Srinagar 6201 13370 1850
99 Delhi Surat 9101 20819 2150
100 Delhi Tirupati 9016 23756 3650
101 Delhi Trivandrum 12156 37731 3650
102 Delhi Udaipur 5786 15382 1850
103 Delhi Vadodra 7051 19853 2150
104 Delhi Varanasi 5681 15327 1850
105 Delhi Vijayawada 8566 26202 2950
106 Delhi Vishakhapatnam 10401 30218 2950
107 Dibrugarh Dimapur 3251 5106 1850
108 Dibrugarh Guwahati 4801
109 Dibrugarh Kolkata 7401 14776 2150
110 Dibrugarh Lilabari 4051
111 Dimapur Guwahati 4701
112 Dimapur Imphal 4401
113 Dimapur Kolkata 6101 13822 1850
114 Dimapur Shillong 4101
115 Gaya Kolkata 4501 11744 1850
116 Gaya Varanasi 4851 9518 1850
117 Goa Kochi 5001 15159 1850
118 Goa Hyderabad 5251 13657 1850
119 Goa Mumbai 5321 11232 1850
120 Goa Pune 4536 8874 1850
121 Goa Srinagar 12351 38431 3650
122 Guwahati Imphal 4901 9498 1850
123 Guwahati Jorhat 3736
124 Guwahati Kolkata 5076 11465 1850
125 Guwahati Lilabari 5151
126 Guwahati Silchar 5251
127 Guwahati Tezpur 4436
128 Gwalior Mumbai 8401 19551 2150
129 Hyderabad Kolkata 9696 24985 2950
130 Hyderabad Mumbai 5251 14980 1850
131 Hyderabad Pune 5231 14265 1850
132 Hyderabad Tirupati 4656 12571 1850
133 Hyderabad Varanasi 8811 21806 2950
134 Hyderabad Vijayawada 5051 10655 1850
135 Hyderabad Vishakhapatnam 4946 12951 1850
136 Imphal Kolkata 4281 11680 1850
137 Imphal Silchar 4601
138 Indore Mumbai 4481 12637 1850
139 Jaipur Mumbai 7851 18794 2150
140 Jammu Leh 4886 9069 1850
141 Jammu Srinagar 4403 6998 1850
142 Jamnagar Mumbai 5181 12400 1850
143 Jodhpur Mumbai 7686 18670 2150
144 Jodhpur Udaipur 4231 8724 1850
145 Jorhat Kolkata 4976
146 Jorhat Tezpur 4136
147 Kanpur Kolkata 7401
148 Khajuraho Varanasi 4936 12681 1850
149 Kochi Kozhikode 3501 7283 1850
150 Kochi Madurai 4301
151 Kochi Mumbai 8401 21634 2950
152 Kochi Trivandrum 4301 8326 1850
153 Kolkata Kochi 10051
154 Kolkata Lilabari 7800
155 Kolkata Mumbai 8486 23558 3650
156 Kolkata Patna 5706
157 Kolkata Port Blair 11071 26781 2950
158 Kolkata Ranchi 4536
159 Kolkata Shillong 5481
160 Kolkata Silchar 5001 11085 1850
161 Kolkata Tezpur 5151
162 Kozhikode Chennai 5151
163 Kozhikode Kolkata 8456
164 Kozhikode Mumbai 9100 16513 2150
165 Kozhikode Trivandrum 4391
166 Kullu Pathankot 4001
167 Leh Srinagar 4603 8283 1850
168 Lilabari Tezpur 3881
169 Lucknow Mumbai 8051 24985 2950
170 Lucknow Varanasi 4626 9607 1850
171 Ludhiana Pathankot 4201
172 Madurai Mumbai 7851 23657 2950
173 Mangalore Mumbai 6086 15761 1850
174 Mumbai Nagpur 5001 15159 1850
175 Mumbai Raipur 9500 20692 2150
176 Mumbai Rajkot 5281 12473 1850
177 Mumbai Ranchi 9751 22813 2950
178 Mumbai Srinagar 9016 23756 3650
179 Mumbai Trivandrum 10201 23901 2950
180 Mumbai Udaipur 4786 15407 1850
181 Mumbai Varanasi 9696 24511 2950
182 Mumbai Vishakhapatnam 9101 24872 2950
183 Patna Ranchi 4603
184 Raipur Bhubaneshwar 4281 9977 1850
185 Raipur Nagpur 5181 12660 1850
186 Raipur Vishakhapatnam 4251 11606 1850
187 Shillong Jorhat 4551
188 Silchar Tezpur 4101
189 Tirupati Vijayawada 5406
190 Vishakhapatnam Bhubaneshwar 5321 10518 1850
Islanders Fares
Sector & v.v
One Way Return Airline

Fare Basis Fare Basis

Port Blair Kolkata 5016 8632 2950
Port Blair Chennai 4816 8272 2950

Note : Above fares are valid for sale in Port Blair only against Identity Card.
Remarks & Notings

1 a) RBD 'Z' is Advance Purchase fare in Business Class. Fare Basis is 'ZAP' with minimum 3 days advance purchase restriction.
SAP90, SAP60, TAPP30 , T30PP, TRT30, TAP14,TRT14,T14PP, TAP7, TRT7, T7PP,TAP2,TRT2 & T2PP Fares Levels are Advance Purchase Fares which are available for sale upto 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 14 days, 7 days & 2 days respectively in advance before schedule date of departure of the flight.

b) *Some flights/sectors may not have the Advance Purchase restrictions and
 *Some Sectors are non-operating
2 Flight Routing D- Direct flight to destination.
V- Via Flight to Destination with stop/stops without change of aircraft
Link - Connecting Flight to Destination with a change of aircraft at a transit point

3 Taxes, Fee &
In addition to the above fares, Passenger Service fee, Airport Development Fee (wherever applicable) and Service Tax would apply.

a) Passenger Service fee is Rs. 233 except (a) Ex Jammu,Srinagar Leh where it is 207 (b) ex Kochi it is 225/-& ( c ) ex Delhi ,Mumbai,Chennai , Guwahati, Hyderabad, Bengaluru & Kolkata Rs.147/-

b) (a) User Development Fee (IN) ex Jaipur Rs. 150,
Amritsar Rs. 150, Trichy Rs. 150, Vishakapatnam Rs. 150, Udaipur Rs. 150, Ahmedabad Rs. 124, Mangalore Rs. 150,
Varanasi Rs. 150, Kolkata Rs.477 , Chennai Rs. 187 ,
Ex Guwahati: Rs.352(1st Apr 14- 31st Mar 15), Rs.374 (1st Apr 15- 31st Mar 16)
(b) UDF from Delhi( from 1st Apr 13- 31st Jan '15) : Distance upto 500 Km- Rs 276/- more than 500 Km- Rs 551/-
( c ) UDF to Delhi( from 1st Apr 13- 31Jan ' 15) : Distance upto 500 Km- Rs 233/- more than 500 Km- Rs 466/-
(d) UDF from Mumbai (Travel from 1st Apr 13 to 31st Jan ' 15) Rs 308/-
Ex Bengaluru: Rs.385(1st Jul 14- 31st Mar 15), Rs.344 (1st Apr 15- 31st Mar 16)
(e) Airport Development Fee ( YM ) ex Delhi & ex Mumbai Rs. 113

c) Service Tax as applicable would be additional.
4 Fare Rules:
Fee for Refund/revalidation/re-issuance is levied as detailed under:effective 27th Apr'13

RBD Re-Issuance /Re-validation/ Refund Fee No-Show /Refund Fee( within 1 hour of flight departure )
First Class F NIL (Till 1 hour before departure) Rs.1053
Business class C, D & J NIL (Till 1 hour before departure) Rs.1053

Re-Issuance /Re-validation/Refund Fee No-Show Fee/Refund Fee

Z Rs.1053( Till 1 hour before departure) Rs.1579

Re-Issuance /Re-validation/ Refund Fee No-Show/Refund Fee( within 1 hour flight departure )
Premium Economy Class P NIL (Till 1 hour before departure) Rs.1053
Economy Class

Instant Purchase fares Y,B & M NIL (Till 1 hour before departure) Rs.1053
Instant Purchase fares H,K,Q,V,W,G,L & U Rs.1053( Till 1 hour before departure) Non-Refundable
Instant & Apex Fares E, S & T Rs.1579( Till 1 hour before departure) Non-Refundable

 (Penalty amount inclusive of service tax and applicable on Base Fare and Airline Fuel Charge.) 

a). Above Charges are applicable per coupon.
In case of 'non-refundable, Basic Fare and Airline Fuel Charge will be forfeited.
b). In case of Re-issuance : Aplicable Charges and difference of fare if any are applicable.
c).LTC Tickets: Change/Refund Fee will be as applicable for highest Business or Economy Class fare
d).Armed Forces and related discounts : Change/ Refund Fee applicable for highest economy class fare. All categories of (Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces, General Reserve Engineering Forces, War Disables Officers, War Widows and Gallantry Award Tickets under RBD Y to H)

d)The refund rules applicable to Link Fares on all RBDs are as under:

(A) Originating point:
1. Tickets issued on fares under: RBDs U to K
a) Refund - Permitted up to 1 hr before scheduled departure of the flight against a Refund Fee of - Rs. 1053 /- coupon.
b) Refund of No-show ticket: Non Refundable(Basic fare + Airline Fuel Charge)
2) Tickets issued on fares under: RBDs S & T
(a) Refund - Permitted up to 1 hr before scheduled departure of the flight against a Refund Fee of - Rs.1579/- per coupon. b) Refund of No-show ticket: Non Refundable(Basic fare + Airline Fuel Charge)

(B) Intermediate Point :
In case of completion of part itinerary, a passenger desirous of claiming refund will be allowed to do so after deducting the applicable fare on booked RBD, for the sector travelled along with the applicable Refund Fee. Not permitted for RBDs S & T.

(C) In cases of Flight Disruptions:
(a) Alternate arrangements are made by the Airline- No Refund
(b)Passenger is taken back to the point of origin by the first available service- Full amount to be refunded.
(c)Own arrangement for the cancelled sector is made by the passenger(s): Refund of Basic fare of the cancelled sector in respective RBD (Airline Fuel Charge to be retained) along with unutilized non-airline taxes, if any.
e). No Re-validation or Cancellation Fee applicable on Infant Tickets.

5 Applicable Fares as on 2nd Mar '15

6 These fares are subject to Change without prior notice.


Rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen

Rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen

The Directorate General of Resettlement (DGR), an Attached Office of the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence, is responsible for rehabilitation of retired defence personnel in the country including in the State of Himachal Pradesh. DGR implements certain schemes /resettlement opportunities for retired defence personnel viz. Security Agency scheme, management of CNG stations in NCR, allotment of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., / Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (Company Owned Company Operated) outlets, Coal Loading and Transportation scheme, Mother Dairy/Gopaljee outlets, etc.

Reservation ranging from 10% to 24.5% of the available vacancies in Group C&D posts in Central Government and Central public Sector Undertakings/ Banks has been provided for the willing and eligible Ex-servicemen (ESM). 10% vacancies are reserved in the posts up the level of Assistant Commandants in Para-military forces. Moreover, age relaxation is available for the ESM in services or Posts filled by direct recruitment. ESM Officers are sponsored by DG Resettlement for jobs, based on requisitions received from Government/PSUs and Corporates.

In addition to this, Army Welfare Placement Organization and similar placement cells in Air Force help ESM in finding suitable jobs in Banks, Industries, corporate Houses, Academic Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels and Real Estate, etc.

Professional and vocational training to retiring officers, Junior Commissioned Officers & Other Ranks is imparted by DGR through various training institutes for rehabilitation and resettlement of ESM in civil life.

2 : Most State Governments also provide reservation to ESM in State Government jobs as per their own reservation policy which varies from State to State. Himachal Pradesh Government has provided 15% reservation to Ex-servicemen in Class I to Class IV posts in all services of the State Government including Public Sector Undertakings/Corporations and Autonomous Bodies. Posts like Sub-Inspector, Constable, Water Carrier, Dhobi, Cook, Sweeper and Barber reserved for Ex-servicemen are being requisitioned by the Police Department of Himachal Pradesh and the same are being filled up from the Ex-servicemen. Instructions to the concerned employer/department for filling up posts reserved for Ex-servicemen through Ex-servicemen Employment Cell are already in place.

The total number of ex-servicemen rehabilitated in Himachal Pradesh during the last three years and current year is 1187.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Rao Inderjit Singh in a written reply to Smt Viplove Thakur in Rajya Sabha today.

Defence Organisation Under the Purview of RTI

Defence Organisation Under the Purview of RTI

justify to Information Act, 2005 is applicable to any authority or body or institution of self-government established or constituted by or under the Constitution of India; by any other law made by Parliament; by any other law made by State Legislature; by notification issued or order made by the appropriate Government and includes (i) anybody owned, controlled or substantially financed;

(ii) non-Government Organization substantially financed, directly or indirectly by funds provided by the appropriate Government. Further, no provisions of the RTI Act shall apply to the intelligence and security organizations specified in the second schedule of the Act, being organizations established by the Central Government or any information furnished by such organizations to that Government provided that the information pertaining to the allegations of corruptions and human justifys violations shall not be excluded. Two organizations of the Ministry of Defence namely, Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Border Roads Development Board (BRDB) are placed in the second schedule of the RTI Act, 2005.

As per available information, no notice of Supreme Court regarding applicability of RTI Act on Defence organizations has been received.

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Dr. Pradeep Kumar Balmuchu in Rajya Sabha today.

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