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Railway Board letter to AIRF: Cadre Restructuring of Accounts Staff

Railway Board letter to AIRF: Cadre Restructuring of Accounts Staff.

(Railway Board)
No PC-V/2009/ACP/7/SCR
New Delhi, dated 31-05-2013
The General Secretary AIRF
4, State Entry Road, New Delhi-110055

Sub:-Treating of upgraded posts form JAA to AA on account of restructuring of Accounts Staff as financial upgradation of promotion.

The undersigned is directed to refer to AIRF's letter No.AIRF /05(96), dt. 11-04-2013 on the above subject and to state that the matter has been examined in light of the provisions regarding recruitment/promotion of Account Cadre and relevant clarifications of ACP/MACP Scheme and it has been observed as under:-

a) That the provisions regarding recruitment and promotions of Accounts Staff are contained in Para 171 of IREM Vol.' and as per para 171 (5), the post in the grade of Account Assistant in scale of Rs.1400-2600 will be filled by promotion of Junior Account Assistant in scale of Rs.1200-2040 after they have completed 3 years service in the grade and passed Appendix-II examination. This is statutory position regarding appointment to Account Assistant's grade which categorically stipulates that this is not only promotion but also laid down the eligibility criterion viz. 3 years service in JAA grade for the said promotion. Further, on appointment to AA grade from JAA grade the employees is also allowed benefit of pay fixation under FR 22 C as admissible in case of promotion to the post having higher duties and responsibilities.

b) That Board's instructions No. PC-1V/86-Imp/30, dated 18-06-1987 and E(NG) I-86/PM¬9/8, dated 27-08-87 while providing for introduction of higher functional scale of Rs.1400-2600 in Accounts Cadre to the extent of 80% of the post of Clerk Grade-I/Rs.1200-2040 (including existing Sub-Heads) also simultaneously laid down that Staff in Grade Rs. 1200-2040 will be eligible for promotion to the higher grade after minimum 3 years service in Rs. 1200-2040 provided they have passed Appendix-IA examination.

c) That in terms of clarifications issued against S.No.3 1 of Board's letter dated 19-02-2002 when only a part of the posts are placed in a higher scale and rest are retained in existing grade thereby involving re-distribution of posts, then it involves creations of another grade in the hierarchy requiring framing of separate recruitment rules of the upgraded posts. Placement of existing incumbents to the extent of upgradations involve in the upgraded posts will also be treated as promotion/upgradation and offset against entitlement under the ACP Scheme. Evidently, the case of Accounts Staff stands covered with aforementioned instructions and therefore their promotion/upgradation to the post of AA from JAA is to be taken into account for the purpose of ACP Scheme and offset against entitlement under the Scheme. From the aforementioned instructions, it is also evident that not only promotions but upgradations as well are to be taken into account for the purpose of ACP Scheme and the notion that only promotions has to be reckoned for the purpose of ACP Scheme is incorrect.

d) That the ACP/MACP Schemes provides for grant of financial upgradation to the employee subject to the fulfillment of terms and conditions prescribed for the respective Schemes. Therefore, as per principle of equity any upgradation granted otherwise is requires to be taken into account for the purpose of grant of financial upgradation under the ACP/MACP Scheme. In respect of many other categories, DoP&T- the nodal department of Govt. on ACP/MACP Scheme have clarified that every financial upgradation is to be counted as upgradation and offset against the financial upgradation under the MACPS.

2. In view of the aforementioned statutory provisions and relevant clarifications regarding ACP/MACP Scheme, the demand of the federation is not feasible for acceptance.

Yours faithfully,
for Secretary/Railway Board

Persmin criticised the Railways in SCOVA meeting for failing to revise Pension as per 6th CPC

Persmin criticised the Railways in SCOVA meeting for failing to revise Pension as per 6th CPC
Railways draws flak for not revising its pension list: The Indian Express
Shoddy handling of Railways' burgeoning pension rolls whose burden has touched Rs 22,000 crore has drawn flak from the pension ministry. It has now asked the Railways to get its act together by September. The national carrier has more than 12 lakh pensioners.

In a recent meeting of the Standing Committee on Voluntary Agencies that handles pension issues of the Centre, V Narayanasamy, MoS for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, criticised the Railways for failing to revise its pension list as per Sixth Pay Commission of 2006, sources said.

The absence of comprehensive records has led to instances where banks, by mistake, had either overpaid or underpaid the pensioners. The Railway Board has asked railway zones to do spot-checking at banks and recover overpaid amounts. Such checkings have revealed that there are many discrepancies across India.

The Railways admits that close to 52 per cent pension orders are yet to be revised. In the absence of revised rolls, it has to give arrears to its pensioners even in cases where pensions have started well after 2006. This has become a burden for its coffers. The board officials have told the zones that "such cases were unacceptable".

"We have to cut a sorry figure in these meetings as we were found lacking in our moral and administrative responsibility towards old pensioners," the Railway Board has admitted to zonal railways.

The previous deadline to complete revision of pension rolls was March 31. Officials say the new deadline too might not be met. Mounting staff costs, including pension, is considered the heaviest burden on railway finances, especially in the wake of the Sixth Pay Commission. The estimated additional outgo is around Rs 73,000 crore in five years. Unlike other ministries, the Railways has to fend for itself to foot the huge costs.

BSNL: Expected IDA from July 2013, CPSE will be upto 79% with increase of 4%

BSNL: Expected IDA from July 2013, CPSE will be upto 79% with increase of 4%

Calculation of expected IDA from July, 2013 for Officers and Employess of BSNL, CPSE is based on All India Consumer Price Index Number [] for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the months of Mar-2013, Apr-2013 and May-2013.  After announcement of CIP-IW for the month of Apr-2013 expectation of IDA from Jul-2013 will be as under:-

MonthCPI(IW)Average of CPIIDAIncrease in IDA
Announced CPI(IW)Feb-13223221.0074.9click here to view
Announced CPI(IW)Mar-13224
Announced CPI(IW)Apr-13226
1st ExpectationMay-13226225.3378.43.5
2nd ExpectationMay-13227225.67 78.63.7
3rd ExpectationMay-13228226.00 78.94.0
4th ExpectationMay-13229226.3379.24.3
5th ExpectationMay-13230226.6779.44.5

As per above table it is cleared that expectation of IDA from Jul-2013, will be based on May-13 AICIPN and as per trend AICIPN for May, 2013 will increase 1 or 2 point i.e. 227 or 228.  Thus we may expect IDA from July 2013 will be 78.6 or 78.9 with increase of 3.7 or 4.0 respectively.

Note: Above expectations are based on standard calculation of IDA.

PCDA publishes observations on Rank Pay cases

PCDA publishes observations on Rank Pay cases

Observations on Rank Pay cases

a. Arrears are not directly proportional / same to either of the following: -
i. Rank Pay of the rank held on 01/01/1986.
ii. Same seniority of batch mates.
iii. Service completed after 01/01/1986
b. There may be discontentment amongst the officers as the quantum of arrears received is much less than the expected. The possible reasons may be

Some officers reaching to the maximum of the pay scale immediately after 01/01/1986 (the effective date of pay revision) due to their fast career progressions on completion of qualifying service.
Though the pay of batch mates fixed at the same stage as on 01/01/1986, some of them promoted to higher ranks earlier than their batch mates and drawn more pay of promoted rank earlier.
In certain cases, the revised pay on the date of promotion, becomes equal to the pay fixed earlier, resulting no arrears.
Pay earlier revised after deducting rank pay was not necessarily at the next immediate stage of pay scale, but was fixed to the minimum of the rank. Hence there is very little hike / difference now in pay stage when actually rank pay is not deducted from emoluments.

c. Data required for calculation of arrears in case of approx. 9000 retired officers, whose IRLA’s are not available in PCDA(O). The action regarding pay revision and remittance of arrears to be expected soon.

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