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Air India LTC 80 fare list from November 2019 for Central Government employees

Air India LTC 80 fare list from November 2019 for Central Government employees

Air India LTC 80 fare list from November 2019 for Central Government employees

a) Above Charges are applicable per coupon.
In case of non-refundable, Basic Fare will be forfeited.

b) In case of Re-issuance : Applicable Charges and difference of fare if any are applicable.

c) LTC Tickets: Change/Refund Fee will be as applicable for highest Business or Economy Class fare

Also check: Updated list of All India LTC fare under LTC 80 Scheme for May 2019

d) Armed Forces and related discounts : Change/ Refund Fee applicable as per RBD fare rules. All categories of (Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces, General Reserve Engineering Forces, War Disabled Officers, War Widows and Gallantry Award Tickets under RBD K to L), (Armed Forces Bravery Award Tickets under RBD K to L)

(B) The refund rules applicable to Link Fares on all RBDs are as under:
(A) Originating point :
Tickets issued on fares under: RBDs K to U
  • Refund - Permitted up to 1 hr before scheduled departure of the flight against a Refund Fee of - Rs. 2500/- on the fare component.
  • Refund of No-show ticket : Non Refundable (Basic fare)
(B) Intermediate Point :
In case of completion of part itinerary, a passenger desirous of claiming refund will be allowed to do so after deducting the applicable fare on booked RBD, for the sector traveled along with the applicable Refund Fee plus applicable goods & service tax (GST).

(C) In cases of Flight Disruptions:
  • Alternate arrangements are made by the Airline- No Refund
  • Passenger is taken back to the point of origin by the first available service – Full amount to be refunded.
  • Own arrangement for the cancelled sector is made by the passenger(s): Refund of Basic fare of the cancelled sector
  • The passenger is not taken to the ticketed destination & passenger(s) makes own arrangement : Full refund in order in respective RBD along with unutilized non-airline taxes, if any.
  • No Re-validation or Cancellation Fee applicable on Infant Tickets.
5. Applicable Fare season 06, NOV 2019

6. These fares are subject to Change without prior notice.

HLTC (Economy Class) DLTC (Executive Class)
Agartala Kolkata 875017880

Agra Delhi 875017880

Agra Khajuraho 875017880

Agra Varanasi 950019320

Ahmedabad Chennai 1750035400

Ahmedabad Delhi 1105022440

Ahmedabad Mumbai 875017880

Aizawl Imphal 410017880

Aizawl Kolkata 720017880

Amritsar Delhi 875017880

Amritsar Mumbai 1750035400

Amritsar Nanded 1750035400

Aurangabad Delhi 1505030560

Aurangabad Mumbai 825021000

Bagdogra Delhi 1520030600

Bagdogra Kolkata 875017880

Bengaluru Bhubaneshwar 1510030600

Bengaluru Chennai 875017880

Bengaluru Delhi 1990040200

Bengaluru Goa 950019320

Bengaluru Guwahati 1990040200

Bengaluru Hubli 875017880

Bengaluru Hyderabad 875017880

Bengaluru Kolkata 1750035400

Bengaluru Mumbai 1105022440

Bengaluru Trivandrum 950019320

Bhopal Delhi 950019320

Bhopal Mumbai 1240026960

Bhubaneshwa r Delhi 1510030600

Bhubaneshwa r Hyderabad 1135022440

Bhubaneshwa r Kolkata 875017880

Bhubaneshwa r Mumbai 1750035400

Chandigarh Delhi 875017880

Chandigarh Leh 875017880

Chandigarh Mumbai 1750035400

Chandigarh Pune 1750035400

Chennai Coimbatore 875017880

Chennai Delhi 1990040200

Chennai Goa 970019320

Chennai Hyderabad 950019320

Chennai Kochi 950019320

Chennai Kolkata 1750035400

Chennai Madurai 875017880

Chennai Mumbai 1510030600

Chennai Portblair 1750035400

Chennai Trivandrum 950019320

Coimbatore Delhi 1990040200

Coimbatore Mumbai 1510030600

Delhi Gaya 1105022440

Delhi Goa 1750035400

Delhi Guwahati 1750035400

Delhi Hyderabad 1510030600

Delhi Imphal 1990040200

Delhi Indore 950019320

Delhi Jaipur 875017880

Delhi Jammu 950019320

Delhi Jodhpur 875017880

Delhi Khajuraho 875017880

Delhi Kochi 1990048240

Delhi Kolkata 1750035400

Delhi Leh 1110019320

Delhi Lucknow 875017880

Delhi Mumbai 1510030600

Delhi Nagpur 1135022440

Delhi Patna 1135022440

Delhi Port Blair 2870051600

Delhi Pune 1510030600

Delhi Raipur 1205022440

Delhi Rajkot 1330022440

Delhi Ranchi 1510030600

Delhi Srinagar 960019320

Delhi Surat 1330022440

Delhi Tirupati 1990040200

Delhi Trivandrum 2050049680

Delhi Udaipur 950019320

Delhi Vadodra 1125022440

Delhi Varanasi 950019320

Delhi Vijayawada 1750035400

Delhi Vishakhapatnam 1750035400

Dibrugarh Kolkata 1160022440

Dimapur Kolkata 950019320

Gaya Kolkata 875017880

Gaya Varanasi 875017880

Goa Mumbai 875017880

Guwahati Imphal 875017880

Guwahati Kolkata 875017880

Hubli Mumbai 875017880

Hyderabad Kolkata 1515030600

Hyderabad Mumbai 950019320

Hyderabad Tirupati 875017880

Hyderabad Vijayawada 875017880

Hyderabad Vishakhapatnam 950019320

Imphal Kolkata 950019320

Indore Mumbai 950019320

Jaipur Mumbai 1205022440

Jammu Leh 1025017880

Jammu Srinagar 875017880

Jamnagar Mumbai 875017880

Jodhpur Mumbai 1390026960

Khajuraho Varanasi 875017880

Kochi Mumbai 1510030600

Kochi Trivandrum 875017880

Kolkata Mumbai 1990040200

Kolkata Port Blair 1750035400

Kolkata Silchar 875017880

Kolkata Varanasi 950019320

Kozhikode Mumbai 1325022440

Leh Srinagar 880017880

Lucknow Mumbai 1510030600

Madurai Mumbai 1510030600

Mangalore Mumbai 950019320

Mumbai Nagpur 950019320

Mumbai Pune 810017880

Mumbai Raipur 1365022440

Mumbai Rajkot 1285023240

Mumbai Trivandrum 1570030600

Mumbai Udaipur 950019320

Mumbai Varanasi 1515030600

Mumbai Vishakhapatnam 1510030600

Port Blair Vishakhapatnam 1515030600

Raipur Nagpur 875017880

Raipur Vishakhapatnam 875017880

Bengaluru Belgaum 875017880

Kolkata Jaipur 1750035400

Bengaluru Ahmedabad 1515030600

Hyderabad Guwahati 1990040200

Bhubaneshwa r Guwahati 1135022440

Hyderabad DURGAPUR 1380030600

Delhi Nanded 1750035400

Chandigarh Nanded 1750035400

Delhi Kannur 1810040200

Kannur Kozhikode 810017880

Delhi Kozhikode 1810040200

Aurangabad Udaipur 950019320

Dehradun Mumbai1750035400

 Dehradun Varanasi 970019320

For more details check the Air India website.


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