Monday, June 11, 2018

Appointment on compassionate grounds - Suitability Test

Compassionate grounds

RBE 81/2018
RBE No. 81/2018

No. E(NG)II/20 li/RC-1/GenI/f New Delhi, dated 07 .06.2018

The General Manager(P)
All Indian Railways & PUs.

Sub: Appointment on compassionate grounds- Suitability Test- regarding .

Attention is invited to this Ministry's letter No.E(NG)II/84/RC-1/174 dated 25.06.1985, No. E(NG)ll/88/RC-1/1/Policy dated 02.11.1989 read with para 2(i) of letter No. E(NG)Il/88/RC- 111/Policy dated 16.05.1991, stipulating inter-alia, that suitability of a person to be considered for appointment on compassionate grounds should be assessed by an appropriate suitability test, keeping the compassion in view. Board's letter dated 25.06.1985 has laid down that such appointment be considered as per the educational qualification possessed by the candidate.

2. As regards number of chances, this Ministry’s letter dated 28.04.1999 (RBE No. 84/1999), 21.09.2001(RBE No. 192/2001) and dated 02.03.2012 ( RBE No. 28/2012), specify the number of chances to be given to a candidate (wards as well as widow/wife), for appearing in the suitability test for appointment on compassionate grounds to Non-Gazetted posts on the Railways. Accordingly, at present, there are three (03) and four (04) chances available for wards and widow/wife respectively.

3. It has come to the notice that not only the procedure adopted for conducting suitability test and additional chances to be given to candidates for appointment on compassionate grounds by the Zonal Railways vary from the instructions issued at paras I and 2 above, but the directives/intent of stipulation made in the instruction ibid are also not being followed in true spirit.

4. Accordingly, the matter has been looked into. It has now been decided by the Board that in compliance of letters mentioned at para 2 above, maximum of three such chances to the wards and four chances may be given to widow/wife commensurate with their educational qualification to the post and suitability may be adjudged accordingly. Second chance should be given as a rule and uniformally followed.

5. It is also reiterated that 2nd chance to wards and widow should be given with the approval of competent authority (DRMs/HODs/CWMs as the case may be). However, 3rd chance to ward/widow/wife and 41h chance to widow/wife will require personal approval of the General Manager.

6. In case a request has been received from the candidate for appointment on other Railway, his/her case may be transferred eylongwith all relevant papers to that Railway. Assessment of suitability may be done by the Railway where the candidate is to be appointed.

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