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Revision of Casualty Pensionary awards in respect of Pre-2006 Armed Forced Officer and JCOs/ ORs Pensioners/ Family pensioners

Revision of Casualty Pensionary awards in respect of Pre-2006 Armed Forced Officer and JCOs/ ORs Pensioners/ Family pensioners.

Office of the Principal CDA(Pensions) Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad– 211014
Circular No. 565
Dated: 22.08.2016
1. The Chief Accountant, RBI, Deptt. Of Govt. Bank Accounts, Central office C-7, Second Floor, Bandre- Kurla Complex, P B No. 8143, Bandre East Mumbai- 400051
2. All CMDs, Public Sector Banks including IDBI Bank
3. Nodal Officers, ICICI/ HDFC/ AXIS/ IDBI Banks
4. Managers, All CPPCs
5. Military and Air Attache, Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal
6. The PCDA (WC), Chandigarh
7. The CDA (PD), Meerut
8. The CDA, Chennai
9. The Director of Treasuries, All States…
10. The Pay and Accounts Officer, Delhi Administration, RK Puram and Tis Hazari, New Delhi
11. The Pay and Accounts Office, Govt of Maharashtra, Mumbai
12. The Post Master Kathua (J&K)
13. The Post Master Camp Bell Bay
14. The Pr. Pay and Accounts Officer, Andaman and Nicobar Administration, Port Blair

Subject: Revision of Casualty Pensionary awards in respect of Pre-2006 Armed Forced Officer and JCOs/ ORs Pensioners/ Family pensioners.

Reference: This office Circular No.456 dated 18.03.2011, Circular No.503 dated 17.01.2013, Circular No. 542 dated 27.05.2015, Circular No. 547, 548 dated 11.09.2015 and Circular No.560 dated.08.06.2016

(Available on this office website

Consequent upon issue of GOI, MOD letter No.16(01)/2014/D(Pen/Pol) dated 18.05.2016, the Circular No. 560 dated 08.06.2016 was issued by this office for revision of Casualty Pensionary Awards in respect of Pre-2006 Armed Forced Officers and JCOs/ORs w.e.f. 01.01.2006. As per above Govt. letter, ‘the minimum guaranteed rates of Disability Element/ Liberalised Disability Element/ War Injury Element which were already revised w.e.f. 24.09.2012 vide GOI, MOD letter No 16(01)/2014-D(Pen/Pol) dated 10.04.2015 circulated vide this office Circular No. 542 dated 27.05.2015 has now been made applicable w.e.f. 01.01.2006 instead of 24.09.2012.

2. As per Para-5 of ibid Govt. letter, the aggregate of Service Element (revised in terms of Para 2.1 of GoI, MoD letter No 16(6)2008(1)/D(Pension/Policy) dated 04.05.2009 circulated vide Circular No. 410 dated 13.05.2009 and War Injury Element as amended from time to time, shall not exceed the minimum of the fitment table for the rank in the revised pay structure issued for implementation of recommendations of 6th CPC introduced from 01.01.2006 corresponding to the pre-revised Pay Scale held by the Armed Forces Personnel at the time of retirement/ discharge/ Invalidment. This ceiling of aggregate of War Injury Pension (Service Element plus War Injury Element) with reference to minimum of fitment table in the revised pay structure applicable from 01.01.2006 as mentioned above shall stand removed with effect from 01.07.2009 vide GoI, MoD letter No.10(01)/D(Pen/Pol)2009/Vol.II dated 19.01.2010.

3. Therefore, the arrears in respect of War Injury Pension shall be calculated in two phase viz. w.e.f 01.01.2006 to 30.06.2009 with ceiling/ cap as mentioned in Para-2 above and w.e.f. 01.07.2009 to 23.09.2012 without cap. It is also mentioned that the Service Element has also been revised vide GoI, MoD letter No.1(04)/2015(II)-D(Pen/Pol) and 1(04)/2015(I)-D(Pen/Pol) dated 03.09.2015 circulated vide this office Circular No. 547 and 548 dated 11.09.2015 respectively to ascertain current entitlement of the service element.

4. Accordingly, to facilitate the PDA’s for the revision of War Injury Pension, corrigendum PPO was considered to be necessary. Annexure attached with Circular No.560 dated 08.06.2016 in all such affected cases was called for with certain information. Now, considering the hardship to the Ex- Servicemen located in remote areas, it has been decided that the requirement of Annexure to the Circular No. 560 for revision of War Injury Pension will be dispensed with and revision will be done by the PDAs on the basis of minimum of fitment table attached herewith. No corrigendum PPO will be issued by this office in this regard.

5. For revision of War injury Pension, minimum fitment table has been enclosed as annexure ‘A’ to ‘F’ and PDAs are authorized for revision of pension within the cap (i.e. aggregate of Service Element and War Injury Element to revised amount till 30.06.2009. Thereafter, the revision shall be done as per table annexed to GoI, MoD letter No. 16(01)/2014/D(Pen/ Pol) dated 18.05.2016, circulated vide Circular No. 560 dated 08.06.2016 for calculating the arrears up to 23.09.2012 i.e. without cap.

6. It is also mentioned that vide this office circular No. 560 dated 08.06.2016 cited under reference, rates/ tables for modified parity of Special/ Liberalized Family Pension and Disability/ War Injury Element for various ranks was already prepared and circulated. In the said circular, there is no table for Hony. Naik, Hony. Havildar and Havildar granted Hony. rank of Nb Subedar. In view of above, it is hereby clarified that since Hony. Rank of Naik, Havildar and Havildar holding Hony rank of Nb Sub are drawing pay in the pay scale of Sepoy, Naik and Havildar respectively, therefore, they are entitled for modified parity with reference to substantive rank held at the time of retirement/ discharge/ invalidment except Naik (TS) who draws the pay of Naik. Therefore, Naik (TS) should be entitled for modified parity with respect to Naik rank.

7. All the Public Sector Banks disbursing defence pension would render a monthly progress report to the office of the PCDA(P) Allahabad as per the Proforma attached as APPENDIX- ‘Y’ (both for ICOs and JCOs/ ORs). All PDAs are therefore, requested to ensure rendition of the said monthly report both in hard and soft copy (Excel Format) by name to Shri S. Basumatary, Sr. Accounts Officer (P) (Audit Co-ordination) on e-mail ID: by 15th of the following month. It is also enjoined upon that all the columns of APPENDIX- ‘Y’ must be filled in complete and correct manner. It is also requested that one more copy of the requisite APPENDIX- ‘Y’ may invariably be sent along with the pension payment scrolls in which arrears of pension will be shown.

8. The DPDOs will render the said monthly progress report in APPENDIX- ‘Y’ to the office of the PCDA (P) Allahabad as well as respective CDAs i.e. CDA (PD) Meerut and CDA Chennai as the case may be.

9. A copy of arrear sheet shall invariably be provided to the concerned pensioner by the PDAs for information.

10. All other terms and conditions shall remain unchanged.

11. The provisions of this circular shall take effect from 01.01.2006 and arrears, if any, shall be allowed from 01.01.2006 up to 23.09.2012.

12. This circular has been uploaded on this office website for dissemination of Defence pensioners and Pension Disbursing Agencies.
No. Gts/Tech/05/LXXVII,

Dated: 22.08.2016
(C.B. Yadav)
Dy. Controller (P)
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