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Minutes of the meeting of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) held on 21.02.2013: KVS

 Minutes of the meeting of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) held on 21.02.2013: KVS

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New Delhi 110 016
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Date 16.04.2013

Sub: Minutes of the meeting of the JCM of KVS held on 21.02.2013 in C.S.L Conference Hall. Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi.

A copy of the minutes of the JCM meeting held on 21.02.2013 duly approved by Chairperson, JCM of KVA is enclosed.
Comments if any, may please be forwarded to the undersigned by 20.04.2013 positively.

(Dr. E.Prabhakar)
Joint Commissioner (Pers.) &
Member Secretary, JCM, KVS

The meeting of Joint Consultatve Machinary (JCM) was held on 21.02.2013 in CSL, Conference Hall, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Addl Secretary & Chairperson, JCM and the following were present:-

Sl.No.MEMBERS OF JCM.Designation
1Mrs. Vrinda Sarup
Addl. Secretary, MHRD &
Vice Chairperson, KVS,
2Sh. P.K. Srivastava
MHRD, Deptt. of Education
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi.
3Sh. Rajiv Rai
Chief Welfare Officer
Deptt. Of Personnel & A.R.
Room No. 384, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
New Delhi.
4Sh. Avinash Dikshit
New Delhi
5Sh. G.K.Srivastva
Addl. Commissioner (Admn..)
KVS Hqrs. New Delhi.
6Dr. E.Prabhakar
Joint Commissioner(Pers.)
KVS Hqrs New Delhi.
7Sh. K.Babu Rajan
President, AIKVTA
K.V.No. 1, Calicut
8Sh. Vijeyesh Pande
General Secretary, AIKVTA
A-502, Gauri Ganesh Apptt. Plot No.8,
Sector- 3 Dwarka, New Delhi-110 075
9Sh. M. Murali Krishna
Sr. Vice President AIKVTA
K.V.No. 2 Shri Vijay Nagar.
10Sh. K.R. Thakur
Yoga Teacher &
Secretary, Press & Publication,
KV No. 1, Faridabad
11Sh. M.D.Murthy,
President, KEVINTSA
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,
Regional Office, K.Kamaraja Road,
12Sh. Ashok Kumar Verma,
General Secretary (I/C), KEVINTSA
H.No. 1614/1, Prabhat Nagar,
Yadav Colony, Jabalpur-482002

Following Special Invitees were also present:
1. Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Addl. Commissioner(Acad.) KVS
2. Dr. Shachi Kant, Joint Commissioner(Trg.), KVS
3. Sh. S. Vijaya Kumar, Joint Commissioner(Admn.), KVS
4. Sh. S. Muthushivam, Assistant Commissioner(Fin.), KVS
On behalf of the Joint Commissioner(Fin.), KVS
Minutes of the meeting of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) held on 21.02.2013 in CSL Conference Hall, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi.

The Member -Secretay, JCM welcomed the Chairperson and other members of JCM and with the permission of the Chair the meeting started.

In the begining the General Secretary, AIKVTA requested for election of Leader, JCM and Secretary, JCM. Accordingly the following were elected as leader, JCM and Secretary, JCM from Associations side unanimously.-
1. Sh. Vijyesh Pande, General Secretary, AIKVTA—- Leader, JCM
2. Sh. A.K.Verma, General Secretary(I/c), KEVINTSA—Secretary, JCM
After the election the business of JCM started as under:-

S.N.Points Submitted by AIKVTADecision of JCMATRDecision on 21.02.2013.
3.Reduction of work load on teachers by reducing (restoring) the weekly number of periods to 30/33/36 for PGT/TGT/PRT as well as fixing the teacher student ratio at 1:25The President of AIKVTA put forth the demand of association of re-storing the periods to 30/33/36. After due deliberation it was decided that Commissioner, KVS will constitute a committee which will examine the matter. The Committee will submit its report within the perview of RTE 2009, within 03 months, from the date of circulation of the minutes.The matter was taken up with BOG in its 94th meeting held on 28.12.2012 through Finance Committee, KVS. Which deliberated that Sangathan should examine the proposal in greater detail taking into account the pupil teacher ratio and place in the next Finance Committee meeting for its consideration.The Chairperson JCM was of the view that the matter may be reviewed in the next meeting.
4.Special recruitments for NE region and Hard and Very Hard Stations.The Commissioner, KVS informed the council that for the purpose of ensuring availability of teaching and non teaching staff in Kendriya Vidyalayas located in NE Region and Hard/Vary hard stations, KVS is already considering the proposal for Zonal recruitments although with all India transfer liability. Hence resolved.Commissioner has constituted three member committee headed by Additional Commissioner(Admn.) as Chairman and Additional Commissioner (Acad) and Jt. Commissioner( Admn) as member of the Committee. The Committee in its recommendations suggested that campus recruitment to the post of PGT from Central Universities of North Eastern regions approved by the BOG in its meeting held on 30.8.2011 may not be adopted and be referred back to BOG for its consideration and withdrawl as the scheme is not as per the existing recruitment rules and there is no dearth of candidates applying for the post of PGT without B.Ed. The Board of Governors in its 94th meeting held on 28.12.2012 has approved the recommendations of the committee to withdraw the scheme of campus interview from North East Universities for the post of PGT.After due deliberation the matter was dropped.
5.Reintroduction of transfers against no taker vacancy and mutual transfers.The Commissioner, KVS inform that KVS is already issuing transfers within the framed guidelines which are flexible and has not banned transfer against no taker vacancy. However, the needy/genuine cases are being accommodated against available vacancies. As regards to KVS spouse cases the matter will be reviewed as per the requirement as situation arise from time to time. However mutual transfers are not feasible for administrative convenience.The Committee constituted for the purpose has examined the issue and recommended that transfer against “No Taker Vacancy” may not be re-introduced in the overall interest of the Organization.After due deliberation the matter was dropped.
6.Teacher’s representations on Academic Advisory Committee.Although it was stressed that there is no need of introduction of teacher representative in Academic Advisory Committee, the Chairperson was of the view that KVS may explore the possibility for teachers representation in AAC apart from Principal. The Commissioner, KVS may constitute a Committee which will submit its report within 03 months from the date of circulation of the minutes.The Committee was of the opinion that the Principal as a member of AAC has been incorporated/nominated as a teacher representative.In view of recommendation of Committee constituted for the purpose the matter stands dropped.
7.Sanction of post of Sub-Staff for Vidyalaya Library & Computer Laboratory.Will be reviewed in the next meeting.The proposal to have one library assistant in KVs having 03 sections and above is under consideration.
The post to be created in any case are to be approved by Academic Advisory Committee, Finance Committee and finally by BOG. This is further subject to approval of Ministry of HRD being financial implication.
The outcome will be reviewed in the next meeting of JCM.

1.Restoration of AIKVTA representation on KVS BOG:-
After persistant struggle for years, AIKVTA was representated on KVS BOG in the 80ths but subsequently it was withdrawn during early 90s.Similarly AIKVTA representation on KVS granted in 2003 was again withdrawn in 2004. HRD standing committee( DEPARTMENT RELATED PARLIAMENTARY STANDING COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT, HUNDRED SIXTY- SECOND REPORT ON FUNCTIONING OF KENDRIYA VIDYALAYAS) (PRESENTED TO THE RAJYA SABHA ON 28TH APRIL,2005)recommended for representation of Teachers Association on KVS BOG for better functioning of KVS which is yet to be implemented. AIKVTA is the only recognized Association representing KV Teachers hence deserves representation on KVS Board of Governors.
After due deliberation the Chairperson was of the view that although the JCM is the right platform to contribute for the welfare of staff as well as organization. The possibility may be explored whether the teachers representation is required in BOG.The Committee was of the view that the order service associations may also demand for inclusion of their representatives in BOG. Inclusion of the representatives of service associations will turn of JCM. Thus, defeating the purpose of JCM and the existing JCM would be left with least relevance. In the composition of BOG ample representation has been provided to the educationist. It would not be desirable to substitute the educationists by the service associations representatives.After deliberation at length and considering the views from both sides the matter stands dropped.
3.Review and formulation of a reasonably lasting Transfer policy that conform to GOI guide lines:-
KVS transfer policy changed about four times during last ten years. This it self shows that there is no policy guiding the transfer of personnel in KVS. That apart KVS often ignores the DOPT guidelines on transfer policies. Teachers including ladies and other spouse cases are worst victims of the existing transfer policy alongwith the teachers serving in Had/Very Hard stations who could not be transferred to their choice stations in spite of completion of defined tenure in hard stations. Even in fixing the tenure in hard stations and very hard stations KVS ignored the criteria fixed by DOPT (GOI). There have been scores of instances where ladies including spouse cases have been transferred to NE Region and Naxal infested area without any concern for their safety and difficulty.
The transfer policy is corollary to recruitment policy. KVS should take the leaf out of recruitment policy of NVS where attempts have been made recruit teachers on state/region basis, thus minimizing the requirement of inter- region transfers. The letter from NVS that streamlined the recruitment policy which in turn reduced the transferability of teachers is given below
The Staff side raised the issue that about 25% of spouses are not getting the desired place of posting hence not satisfied with the transfers made by KVS. In reply KVS informed that the transfer policy is safely transparent. All such spouse cases have been considered and adjusted as far as possible. Since certain special provisions are available in KVS transfer policy, such individual case shall be considered on receipt of representation. More so as regard to tenure of employees in North East and Hard and Very Hard Stations the staff side insisted that there is tenure of posting of two years in Govt. Departments instead of three years as is in KVS, who have been transferred to these stations after 10 years of service. The Staff side was directed to produce the copy of Government of India’s order in this regard to KVS to re-look into such cases.Copy of GOI order has not yet been received from the staff side. Hence, no action could be taken.The association side was once again advised to provide relevant GOI orders to KVS for further examination. The matter will be reviewed in the next meeting.
4.Restoration of 10 days Earned eave along with 20 days half pay leave for teachers:-
GOI has restored the provision of 20 days Half Pay Leave p.a for teachers (Who are vocational staff) as per recommendations of 6th CPC. However, simultaneously the earlier provision of 10 days Earned Leave p.a has been withdrawn. This has terminated a facility granted to teachers after long struggle. 10 days E.L should be granted to KV teachers along with 20 days HPL as per recommendations of 6 CPC or at least it should be restored as was earlier to 6th CPC.
The order is issued based on recommendations of 6th Pay Commission; hence the demand for restoration of 10 days Earned Leave in addition to 20 days HPL was not accepted.Clarification to All DC KVS Regional Offices has been issued vide lette No. F.11046/15/2011- KVSHQ (Estt-II) dated 14.02.2013.Discussed & dropped.
5.Introduction of 5 days week in KVS:-
5 days week should also be implemented in KVs which may give space for students to pursue self learning as per their aptitude and interest. Keeping them bound to school routine six days a week is determined to their natural growth of talent in various fields. While Western system of Education is quoted and applauded in ways, this important aspect of giving autonomy to students to pursue their hobbies and interests away from Vidyalaya binding is overlooked. In the interest of over burdened KV teachers also 5 day week should be introduced in Vidyalayas as has been in force for KVS HQ and Regional offices.
In view of implementation of RTE 2009 it is not possible at present. However, the matter regarding working hours is already sub- judice. The Presidents, AIKVTA informed that there are so many other institutions who are observing 05 days week. The Chairperson, JCM directed him to submit the details with supporting documents of such institutions who are imparting the school education, observing 05 days week.No such documents are committed in the last meeting are provided by the association side.
The matter was taken put up by AAC on 19.05.2011 but did not approve, and defer the matter to examine the same in the light of provisions of RTE Act.
After due deliberation the matter was dropped.
6.Review of departmental promotion policy for teaching cadre, with AIKVTA representation on any such review committee:-
Departmental promotion for teachers in KVS is a myth, not available to senior teacher even with 15 to 20 years of experience in the Grade. The reason being the introduction of selection promotion policy in place of non selection promotion policy which was in force earlier. We do not have problem with selection promotion policy as long as the tests conducted to evaluate the suitability of teachers in the higher post is limited to a qualifying cut marks rather than a as per merit list position. Written test may serve the limited purpose of evaluating the content knowledge of the examinees but can not evaluate the teaching techniques and effectiveness of teaching in a class room situation. Senior teachers by virtue of their experience prove to be better teachers than “more informed on content” teachers. Hence promotion policy should be modified to accommodate both the experience and content knowledge by fixing a suitable cut mark in the tests so that those who clear that cut marks may get promotion as per seniority. Even if KVS might have undertaken some review of promotion policy, but AIKVTA was not invited to put forth its views before it. Hence, KVS should reconsider review of promotion policy in the light of AIKVTA view points & with AIKVTA participation in any such endeavour.
After due deliberation it has been decided that the association (AIKVTA) will submit a detailed proposal separately within 30 days from the date of receipt of the minutes for further examination of KVS.The detailed proposal is still awaited from association side for further examination.The association was once again advised to submit a detailed proposal supported by relevant GOI orders to KVS for further examination.
7.Promotional avenues for TGTs(WET/ PET/ARTS/Sans) & Librarian by introducing additional subjects in + 2 Classess and TGT grade to Music Teachers:-
(W.E.T,P.E.T,ART) and Librarians do not have promotional avenues and KVS should introduce additional elective subjects at plus to level in those subjects to facilitate creation of PGT posts and facilitate promotion of those teachers.
Music teachers are the most neglected of the staff serving the Kendriya Vidyalayas. The essential qualification prescribed for recruitment to the post of Music Teacher corresponds to TGTs, but they are given PRT post. They train secondary and higher secondary students for all sorts of cultural functions held in the Vidyalaya, for Social Science exhibitions, Annual day celebration, to welcome and entertain VIPs visiting the Vidyalayas apart from taking regular period in Primary Classess. In NCT Delhi Schools and many other Govt. School they are given TGT grade but KVS put them in Primary Scale. It is not exaggeration of facts if we say the Music Teachers in KVS are illegally exploited, they draw the salary of PRT grade and we are compelled to work with secondary and higher secondary students.
The matter may be reviewed by forming a committee by KVS within 03 months from the date of issue of minutes.The Committee has been constituted vide order dated 15.10.2012 and the issue is being examined. However, such issues are subject to discussion in Acedemic Advisory Committee, finance Committee and recommendations submitted to BOG for consideration/approvalThe recommendations of the Committee will be reviewed in the next meeting.
8.Grant of higher pay scale and providing other incentive to KV teachers as per decision taken in 80th meeting of BOG & Grant of Higher Grade Pay,Rs.4600/- to PRT’s at stage 1 and so on:-
The 80th BOG discussed and unanimously decided to grant Higher pay scale and other incentives to KV teachers who are highly qualified and talented. A committee was also set under the Chairmanship of Vice-Chairman,KVS to examine the proposal for granting higher pay scale and other incentives to KV teachers. This meeting was held on 26-07-2008 and since then no action has been taken to implement the decision to grant higher pay scale and other incentives to KV teachers.
The Primary teachers in KVs have been denied 4600/ grade pay at stage-1 though many other categories of employees were granted higher grade pay of 4600/-. GOI,MOF,Deptt. of Expenditure ,New Delhi vide Memo No.F.No.,-1/1/2008/Lc dated 13 Nov,2009 granted higher grade pay of 4600/- to employees in pay scale of 6500-200-10500 who were granted grade pay of 4200/0 earlier.
Accordingly KVS vide letter No.F.-11081-04/2008-KVS HQ(Admn-1)962 dated 27-07-2010 and letter no. same reference 1102 dated 27-08-2010 granted higher grade pay of 4600/- to Superintendent merged/upgraded to Section Officer in same pay scale of 6500/-. However similarly place PRTs are denied the benefit of higher grade pay.
This is nothing but injustice with our Primary Teachers and KVS should immediately consider the matter of higher grade pay to PRT’s similarly as has been granted to other employees in the pay scale of Rs.6500-200-10500.
The decision of MHRD has already been conveyed to the association. However, the Chairperson, JCM was of the view that the matter may be re-submitted to MHRD for consideration.The MHRD vide its letter dated 11.12.2012 has informed that the matter for further revision of pay scales of teachers has been considered by the competent authority but could not be acceded to as after the implementation of recommendation of 6th Pay Commission, the teachers have already been suitably benefitted.In view of decision of MHRD the matter stands dropped.
9.Extension of CGHS facilities to KV teachers similarly as being extended to KVS(HQ) and KVS(Regional Office,) staff and extension of CGHS facility to KVS employees at par with retired GOI employees:-
Teachers should also be granted CGHS facility as is being provided to KVS HQ and Regional Office Staff. The CGHS benefits available to GOI employees after their retirement should also be available to retired KVS employees as is being extended to NCERT employees.
Although, the staff side and official side were of the view that the CGHS facilities should be extended to all the serving and retired employees of KVS. Since the CGHS authorities have shown their inability in extending the facility for want of infrastructural facilities as such, it was unanimously decided that the matter may be taken up with the Ministry of Health again through MHRD and the progress should be submitted in the next meeting.
Apart from above the Commissioner, KVS was of the view that the Association as well as KVS may explore the possibility of introduction of medi-claim policies being offered by many companies in the respective field, may be from Government Sector or the Private Sector, covering serving and retired employees(Pensioners & Non Pensioners).
The matter was referred to the MHFW through MHRD but MHRD vide letter F.No.3-5/2011-UT-2 dated 1st Jan. 2013 has conveyed the decision of MHWF that they have shown their inability to extend the CGHS facilities to all the (Serving/Retired) employees of KVS due to acute shortage of human resources.
A proposal for health insurance policy is under consideration of the KVS.
The Chairperson desired to examine the prososal(s) received. She also desired to recirculate/reiterate the relevant orders/circular s of the year 2000/2007 for the information of all the employees of KVS.
The matter will be reviewed in the next meeting.

S.N.Points submitted by KEVINTSA   
1.Staffing pattern of the non teaching staff in KVs, with particular reference to the decision already arrived at in the meeting held during the year 2000, and staffing pattern of KVS Regional offices.The association will submit a logical fresh proposal for further examination of KVS.The association side did not provide the required information as committed in last meeting.The association side produced the required documents. The matter will be examined by KVS and outcome will be reported in next meeting.
3.Duty allocation of non teaching staff commensurate with the pay scale granted to each category of staff at par with Govt. of India pattern, based on proper work study.After due deliberation it was decided that a committee may be constituted by KVS soon after issue of minutes of the meeting. The Committee will submit its recommendation describing the job chart of non- teaching staff in Vidyalayas at different level of posts.The recommendations of the Committee has been approved by Commissi9oner, KVS and orders regarding distribution of work amongst non-teaching staff were issued vide order dated 15.01.2013.The association side raised objection against work distribution order dated 15.01.2013. The Chairperson, JCM directed the association to submit their views on the said work distribution, to KVS, if any in writing for further examination.
5.Five days week to be observed for all the non-teaching staff working in KVS at par with their counterparts working in KGS, ROs, KVS, ZIETs and HQ.In view of implementation of RTE 2009 it is not possible at present. However, the matter regarding working hours is already sub-judice. The President, AIKVTA informed that there are so many other institutions who are observing 05 days week.
The Chairperson, JCM directed him to submit the details with supporting documents of such institutions who are imparting the school education, observing 05 days week as in the matter of teaching staff.
No such documents as committed in the last meeting are provided by the association side.
The matter was taken put up by AAC on 19.05.2011 but did not approve, and defer the matter to examine the same in the light of provisions of RTE Act.
Further it would not be possible to observe five days week only for non-teaching staff, as their services are very much required when 6 days week is observed as is at present.
After due delebration the matter was dropped.
6.Sub-Staff to be treated as Non-Vocational Staff, as their requirement during vacation and breaks is essential.After due deliberation it was agreed by officials side that the matter will be reconsidered by constituting a Committee for the purpose.The Committee constituted for the purpose did not find it feasible to convert the sub-staff from vacational to non-vacational as the conservancy watch and ward and gardening have already been outsourced.
However, 01 or 02 persons are put on duty during breaks/vacations and they will be compensated by sanction of EL/ compensatory leave as per rules.
The matter was discussed and dropped.
10.Conversion of the few CPF optees to GPF/Pension scheme as has been provided to many categories of staff working in other Central Govt. Departments.The staff side must bring the examples from similar Central Government Departments to strengthen their case. However, the matter is already under consideration by MHRD. The decision thereon may be communicated in due course of time.The matter is already under examination f MHRD/MoF.a) AIKVTA referred to a letter No. FA.11018/15/2001-DFQC dt. 25.02.2009 of Min. Of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India extending the facilities of pension to NIB, a Central Autonomous Organization. The Chairperson desired that the issue may be examined in the light of said circular. B) The association side pointed out that in some cases who were appointed after 01.01.1986 are not treated as GPF beneficiary. The association members informsed that many KVS employees have yet not exercised their options. The Chairperson advised them to submit the list of such employees for examination.
12.Extensions of Infrastructural facilities for proper functioning of Recognized Association at station headquarter of General Secretary/President & Regional Secretary/Regional President.After due deliberation it was recommended by the Chairperson, JCM that KVS may explore the possibility to provide a room where the General Secretary/President of a recognized association is posted, subject to its availability.It has been reported that sufficient space is not available either in Regional Offices or Headquarter. The request of the association shall be considered as and when adequate accommodation is available.The chairperson was of the view that the President/ General-Secretary of the recognized association at Central level be provided infrastructural facilities to the extent possible. Item was dropped.
Addl. Agenda
1Grant of MACP to teaching staffThe Chairperson, JCM was of the view that KVS may continue its efforts with the MinistryThe MHRD has desired some more information to examine the matter the same is being provided.The Chairperson clarified that the extension of benefits of MACPS to the teacheing category of staff of KVS is at the stage of inter ministrial examination. Decision when received will be comunicated.
Points submitted by AIKVTAComments of KVSDecision
1.Quick implementation of MACPs for teachers, Vice-Principal and Principals
The MACPS is a long standing demand of teachers and Principals. KVS must accelerate as the assurance was given by KVS authorities by 30th September, 2011. So we request the KVS authorities to make a time bound programme for implementation.
Already discussed in earlier JCM meeting dated 18.10.2012. The matter is still under examination of MHRD/MoF.Dropped.
2.Conversion of CPF to GPF-
The facilities of conversion from CPF to GPF for the teachers may be granted.
matter has already been discussed in last JCM meeting held on 18.10.2012.Dropped.
3.Revival of no taker vacancy and mutual transfer-
The teachers must be given the opportunity to apply for no taker vacancy position and be allowed for mutual transfer.
Already discussed in the meeting of JCM held on 18.10.2012.Dropped.
4.Restoration of AIKVTA representation on KVS Board of Governors-
As per the recommendation of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on its 62nd report there is a provision of AIKVTA representation in KVS BOG. Hence the leader of The JCM be nominated to BOG member.
Already discussed in the meeting of JCM held on 18.10.2012.Dropped.
5.Special recruitment of teachers and principals in north-east region/very hard station-
Special recruitment of teachers and principals be conducted for north-east region and very hard station so that vacancy will be fulfilled and teaching learning will not suffer.
The matter has already been discussed in last JCM meeting held on 18.10.2012Dropped.
6.Hundred percent promotion of PGT to Vice-Principal-
In order to give weightage to senior PGTs there must be hundred percent promotion of from PGT to Vice-Principal.
50% posts are filled through seniority based promotion and 50% through limited Deptt examination from amongst PGTs of KVS with 05 years experience as per Recruitment Rules (RRs) duly approved by BOG.After due delebration the matter was dropped.
7.Seniority No. of teachers to be updated.The seniority list of teachers as on 01.01.2009 are available on KVS website. The updation of seniority list as on 01.01.2011 is under process and will be displayed on KVS website within 06 to 08 months.The matter stands dropped with the direction that the seniority list be uploaded on the website of KVS within 06 months.
8.Selection scale to all the teachers-
After completion of 24 years all the teachers be sanctioned with selection scales respective of ACR remarks.
The selection scale to teachers is restricted to 20% of the teachers in the Senior scale in a particular cadre. It is granted by screening Committee subject to fulfillment of of Qualification for next post and 21 days In-Service Course in last 06 years.The matter was discussed at length and the Chairperson was of the view that the action of KVS is as per Govt. of India instructions issued from time to time. The matter stands dropped.
9.Reduction of court cases-
The Sangathan must take steps to reduce the court cases. The erring officers responsible of court cases be penalized.
The matter dropped in the last meeting held on 18.10.2012.Dropped.
10.Abolition of 81-D-
The article of 81-D is often misused. It must be stopped with retrospective effect.
Article 81(d) of Education Code has been introduced in KVS to ensure the presence of employees for smooth functioning of KVS.
By introducing this article unauthorized absence has been put on check and employees do not leave the place of posting without prior approval of competent authority. This has improved the discipline amongst employees and KVS has been able to maintain continuous progress and is considered as roll model in the field of education. Hence, cannot be abolished.
The matter was discussed and dropped.
11.Regional JCM to be conducted in all the regions-
In most of the regions RJCM are not conducted. Hence the Deputy Commissioner be directed.
The Regional Offices are conducting JCM. In case any Regional Office is not conducting the same it may be brought to the notice of KVS.The AIKVTA informed tha the following Regiona Offices are not conducting the JCM as per provisions of education Code:-
1. Bhubaneswar
2. Jabalpur
3. Ernakulam
4. Bangalore
5. Lucknow
The Chairperson was of the view that these Regional Offices be directed to conduct the Regional JCM as per provisions.
12.Restoration of EL.Already discussed in the meeting of JCM held on 18.10.2012Dropped.
13.Timely circulation of letters for deduction of membership of AIKVTA to regional offices-
In the month of June every year KVS Hq. must write to the regional offices for the deduction and remittance of Association (AIKVTA) fees. The amount pending in different Vidyalayas be sent with interest.
Standing instructions are there to deduct and remit the subscription of the recognized staff association in the Education Code.The Chairperson, JCM was of the view that instructions of KVS may be reiterated among all the Regional Offices.
The Chairperson further directed to the associations to provide their Bank Account Number with in a week so that the same could be circulated to all and the subscription be credited in their account.
14.Enhancement of timing for grievance at the HQ-
The present timing of 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the HQ. Creates inconvenience for teachers coming from far of places. Hence they should be given time both in forenoon and afternoon (Half an Hour each)
The present visitors timing from 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM requires no change.
Besides, PR Cell is working at KVS Headquarter from 25.05.2012 who receive the representation about any kind of information sought by the employees between 10 to 12:00 AM and provide the replies/information to concerned either on same day or within a week/10 days. About 2248 visitors visited the PR cell since 25.05.2012 onward.
The matter was discussed and it was decided that the existing provisions will continue hence stands dropped.
15.Provision of space for Association at the HQ. and regional offices-
The National JCM leader as well as the regional offices bearers be provided accommodation at the HQ. and regional offices as per Association rules. This provision was available at the HQ earlier.
The matter was deliberated at length in earlier meeting of JCM and subsequent instructions have been issued among all concerned.Dropped in view of para 12 (KEVINTSA-C) of ATR above.
16.CGHS facilities to teachers and principals and retired employees as per Delhi Govt. norm.The matter was referred to the MHFW through MHRD but MHRD vide letter F.No.3-5/2011-UT-2 dated 1st Jan. 2013 has conveyed the decision of MHWF that they have shown their inability to extend the CGHS facilities to all the (Serving/Retired) employees of KVS due to acute shortage of human resources.Dropped in view of para 9 (AIKVTA-B) of ATR above.
17.Extension of retirement age upto 62 years-
It may be extended as per Delhi Govt.
Already discussed in earlier JCM meeting and dropped.Dropped.
18.Provision of compassionate appointments-
compassionate appointment may be extended to the dependent of deceased KV teachers.
As per DoPT, Government of instructions, compassionate appointments can be made up to a maximum of 5% of direct recruitment vacancies in the cadre of Group-“C” post. This facility already provided to the KVS teachers.Dropped.
19.As per association rules KVS must provide facilities during national convention and CEC meetings. Similarly KVS authorities particularly the Commissioner may be available to listen to the grievances of the teachers when requested by the Association.The KVS is always providing the facilities to the KVS recognized staff Associations as available in the rules.
There is already a time schedule of Commissioner, KVS for listening the grievances of the public including the employees of KVS between 4 to 5 PM daily without prior appointment.
Besides, as and when any specific request is received from the Association the same is being attended to subject to availability of time on the particular date.
Further reference to letter No.F-9-2/99-KVS(Admn.-III)/293 dt. 06.07.1999 that there is no provision for use of Vidyalaya building for the purpose of National Convention of AIKVTA.
Discussed and droped.
20.In the last working day of the month there should be half day for the students to allow the teachers to fulfil their work specified on that day.Already prevalent.The AIKVTA informed that this practice is not followed in the Kendriya Vidyalayas of Bhubaneswar Region. The Chairperson, JCM directed that the instructions of KVS may be reiterated among all Regional Offices, especially Bhubaneshwar Regional Office for compliance.
21.Study leave – All the education departments/organizations the teaching fraternity is entitled for leave for pursuing the higher studies.As per article 48 of the Education Code for Kendriya Vidyalayas, the provisions of CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972 as amended from time to time are admissible to KVS employees.The Gol provisions are already being implemented in KVS and hence item stands dropped.
22.Head master – As per recommendation of the RTE 2009, a Head Teacher is to be appointed in the middle section (class VI to X). It is to be implemented by giving promotion to TGTs.The matter was placed before 94th BOG held on 28.12.2012 through Finance Committee who deliberated that upper primary/secondary classes are being supervised by Vice-Principal/Principal, hence took a unanimous view that there exists no necessity to create head teacher/Vice-Principal post for supervising upper primary sections. However, the staffing norms for teachers proposed by the Sangathan was duly considered by the committee and recommended to the BOG, KVS for its approval as per RTE Act schedule.Dropped.
Addl. agenda
Submitted by AIKVTA
1.Medical reimbursement for retired KV Employees:
The govt. is under an obligation to provide its every citizen all necessary facilities to enjoy the best of health when the Govt. is not in a position to provide necessary hospital facilities for securing the best medical treatment available it is under obligation to reimburse the treatment taken in hospitals. For this purpose no discrimination can be made between serving govt. official and retired govt. official, both are citizen of India and both are entitled to same treatment. when the serving employees are entitled to reimbursement of their medical claim, the retired employees cannot be discriminated in that behalf. The extension of the medical reimbursement facility to pensioners of the Govt. was even recommended by the Fifth Pay Commission and accepted by the Govt.
The retired pensioners of KVS are eligible to draw a Fixed Medical Allowance of Rs. 300/- per month w.r.t. to DOPT order No. F. 4-25/2008-P&PW(D) dt. 26.05.2010
So far as CPF optee is concerned, they are not pensioners, and hence not eligible for FMA as per Govt. f India orders
Dropped in view of para 9 (AIKVTA-B) of ATR above.
2.Conversion of CPF Optees to GPF/Pension Scheme: The AIKVTA will provided the relevant papers to KVS as desired in point 10 Part C of the minutes of the meeting held on 18/10/2012. However it may also be considered in the light of the following facts: (a) Optees who has not submitted the option to KVS to continue in CPF Scheme by 28/02/1989, but are still continuing in CPF scheme.(b) the employee of various PSUs, Autonomous Organisations and GOI departments have already given another option to their employees after 5th Central Pay Commission to switch over from CPF to GPF. The list of some of such beneficiaries are given below.
2. NATIONAL INSTITUE OF BIOLOGICALS- GOI, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Letter No.A.11018/15/2001-DFQC Dated.25th February 2009.
3. PUNJAB AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY- No.CAU.Pen.1.98/4156 Dated. Ludhina the :26.3.98.
4. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE, BANGALORE- Letter No.R(VB)CPF- GPF/98-99 dtd.July30, 1998.
5. UNIVERSITY OF DELHI (PENSION CELL) – No.Fin/Pen.Cell/Notif./98/Del hi, dtd.the 9th Jan 1998.
6. SYNDICATE BANK- Circular No.242-2010-BC-PD-53-SWD date. 16-09-2010.
The matter has already been discussed in last JCM meeting held on 18.10.2012. However the matter is already under examination by MHRD.Dropped in view of para 10(AIKVTA-B) of ATR above
3.Automatic Re-employment of all retiring teachers up-to PGT level subject to fitness and vigilance clearance till they attain the age of 62 years:
There will be no extra financial burden to grant re-employment for a period of two years up-to the age of 62 years to the retiring teachers of KVS as the re-employment will be granted against a clear vacancy.
Will be examined at appropriate level.The association side made a mention of some organizations who have the provisions of automatic re-employment upto the age of 62 years. It was pointed by official side, such cases can’t be compared with KVS, which is a Central Govt. Autonomous organization and follows the Govt. of India rules. Hence, the issue stands dropped.
4.Compassionate appointment:
Appointment of the nearest dependent on compensate ground to overcome the constraints faced by the family of a deceased KV employee, as a welfare measure.
KVS followed the instructions of DoPT, Government of India which do not have such provisions.Discussed and dropped.
1Compassionate Appointment:
One –time special measure/drive to be taken up by the KV so that all the pending/regretted cases may be considered and all the bereaved families may be provided with a good living opportunity.
KVS follows the instructions of DoPT, Government of India which do not have such provisions.Dropped.
2Since many of the posts of Section Officer are vacant, until OA 1048/2011 is disposed off, Adhoc appointment should be made on the post of Section Officer based on the Final Seniority List of Assistants as on 01/01/2004, as directed by the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam Bench in OA 1042 of 2010.The Recruitment Rules to the post of Section Officer is under review.
As regrds the ad-hoc promotion to the post of Section Officer the same will be examined.
Will be reviewed in the next meeting.
3Promotion from the post of sub staff to the post of Lower Division Clerk: Amendment in the Recruitment Rules of Lower Division Clerk (with some relaxations) as per the Model recruitment Rules duly accepted and circulated by the DoPT, Min. of Pers., PG and Pensions, Govt. of India vide OM No. 14017/32/2009-Estt. (RR) dtd. 07th October, 2009.Already discussed in the meeting JCM, KVS held on 18.10.2012.The Chairperson was of the view that the quota for recruitment for the post of LDC may be considered as:-
Direct – 90%
Limited – 10%
Departmental Exam
The necessary action may be taken by KVS.
4Establishment of full-fledged Academic Section (with full staff strength) for all the Regional Offices as presently only Administrative and Finance Sections are allotted.03 Assistant Commissioners alongwith Stenographers are posted in each of the Regional Offices to look after the work of academic wing and in such a situation there is no need to establish another full fledge academic section.After due deliberation the matter stands dropped.
5of Hindi Officer in all the Regional Office and Hindi Assistant/Translator for all KVs for scrupulous and effective implementation of Rajbhasa Hindi. Dropped.
6Transfer policy of KVS: Transfer policy of KVS is to be discussed in the JCM or a separate committee be constructed in compliance of order passed by the Hon’ble CAT in OA 264/2011.It is submitted that the Hon’ble CAT, Ernakulum Bench vide its order dated 14.10.2011 in OA No. 264/2011 has directed the respondents to consider the representation of the applicant in accordance with law and intimate the decision thereof to the applicant within a period of 02 months. The Hon’ble Tribunal has made it clear that as transfer policy affects all the staff members, it will be appropriate that sufficient opportunity is given to the applicant in the deliberation so that a consensus may be arrived at.
In this connection it is submitted that the representation dated 20.12.2011 submitted by the General Secretary, KEVINTSA (applicant) has already been considered and disposed of by the KVS vide letter dated 20.04.2012 in compliance of Hon’ble Court, Ernakulum Bench Order dated 14.10.2011. The applicant’s subsequent representation is being disposed of very shortly.
However, the transfer policy has been discussed in the last JCM meetings held on 25.07.2012 and 18.10.2012
7Department Promotion Committees: DPCs for granting ACPS/MACPS/Promotion to be held in timely manner, and grant of promotion before the Annual Transfer ProcessThe meeting of Deptt. Promotion Committee for granting ACPs/MACPs Promotion are being held regularly. Last meeting was held on 05.12.2012 in KVS Hqrs.
Annual transfers schedule starts in April and completed by July. It is not possible to conduct all DPC meeting for promotion by July as it is a continuous process.
Discussed & dropped.
8Filling up of all the vacant posts of non-teaching employees on a war footing basis, and until such time, existing NTS be appointed on the higher posts on Adhoc Basis (as a temporary measure) under the provisions of FR 49, as already approved by the BOG of KVS and communicated by the KVS vide letter No. F.12-9/96-KVS (Admn-I) dated 05.02.2001.Process of filling up all the vacant post of non teaching staff are in progress.The Chairperson directed to expedite filling up of vacancies. The Commissioner, KVS however, informed that the Senioiry List of Assistant is disputed and the matter is in the Court of Law.
However the provisions of FR 49 are already implemented in KVS and the cases received from the concerned KV/RO are being examined accordingly.
9Deputation of non-teaching employees to other Central Govt. Deptt.: In KVS, the non-teaching employees do not get their timely promotion. Now barriers are being erected in the career progression of non-teaching employees and extension of deputation period are also being refused whereas provision for contractual appointment against vacant NTS posts is also exists in KVS.Deputation of non teaching employees in KVS are given due consideration subject to constraints to Admn., such as shortage of staff, administrative exigencies etc.Item discussed & dropped.
10Burden of additional duties on the non teaching employees. A proper and comprehensive “work study” should be conducted by forming a committee consisting of representative of recognized Associations. Work study conducted by the MHRD and views of Associations also taken into account and comprehensive report to be submitted in a time bound manner.The matter pertaining to study of work among Sangathan’s various establishments i.e. Headquarter/Regional Offices/ZIETs and KVs is a subject matter of consideration at the level of KVS as well as MHRD. Thus, will be examined.The matter will be reviewed in the next meeting.
11Implementation of “Note Sheet System” in all the KVs as per the norms and office procedure and to eradicate corruption & to also to save low paid non-teaching staff from victimization.The demand of association will be considered. However, the association should refrain from using such base less comments.Necessary action has to be taken for issuance of guidelines for use of note sheet system in KVs.
12Pay revision/Seniority List/Promotion of deprived Lift Operations in KVS.Consequent upon implementation of 6th Pay Commission, there is no post of lift operator in KVS. All the then Group- D cadre posts have been upgraded to the level of Group-C granting the Grade Pay of Rs. 1800 designating the post as sub-staff.Discussed & dropped
13Cadre Restructuring of the posts of non-teaching employees in KVS (at all levels).The matter is under examination. Although the Committee constituted for the purpose has submitted its recommendations yet, to make the proposal conducive to submit before the Board of Governors, some more details are being collected from Ministry.
However, the association may also submit their suggestions regarding various cadres with supporting documents for examination.
After due deliberation the association side was directed to submit their proposal for cadre restructuring for further examination of KVS. The matter will be reviewed in next meeting.
14Payment of TA/DA to all the non-teaching employees appearing in limited departmental examinations for promotion to the clerical cadre posts against vacancies exclusively reserved for them, in consonance to SR 130 and 130(a).Already discussed in the meeting JCM, KVS held on 18.10.2012 and dropped.Dropped.
15Constitution of Regional Councils of JCM: The KEVINTSA” had filed a contempt petition before the Hon’ble HC, Kerala for the implementation of JCM scheme in KVS. Thought the KVS has constituted the JCM at departmental level and meeting are also being conducted, many Regional Offices could not yet constituted the JCM at Regional level. Further some of the Regional Offices have constituted the RJCM, but are refraining from conducting the meeting of RJCM, defeating the very purpose of formation of RJCM as approved by the BOG of KVS.The Regional Offices are conducting JCM. In case any Regional Office is not conducting the same it may be brought to the notice of KVS.The AIKVTA informed that the following Regional Offices are not conducting the JCM as per code provisions of education Code:-
1. Bhubaneswar
2. Jabalpur
3. Ernakulam
4. Bangalore
5. Lucknow
The Chairperson was of the view that these Regional Offices be impressed upon to conduct the JCM as per the codel provisions of KVS.
16Duty hours of non-teaching employees in Kendriya Vidyalayas: Provision of honorarium/OTA to NTS who have been compelled to work beyond normal duty hours, until matter is resolved by KVS in the reasonable manner.Regarding honorariu/OTA to NTS: KVS follows Govt. of India orders in this regard.Discussed & droped
17Availability of all rules regulations including Education Code, Accounts Code in the public domain (website of KVS) (Mandatory Disclosures under Article 3 and 4 of the RTI Act, 2005). All the important circulars are also not available in the website of KVS.All the circulars received from various sections are being uploaded. Also draft Education Code is now uploaded on KVS website.The matter stands dropped with the suggestion that all important circulars/OM including Education Code and Accounts Code be uploaded on the website of KVS.
18Circulation of unclassified orders, circulars etc. of general interest to employees, be supplied to the staff side Members of the JCM. Two sets of latest Accounts Code and Education Code must be supplied to the recognized Associations.The circulars/office memorandum/orders of general interest to employees are already being endorsed to the recognized staff association. Education Code and Accounts Code are under review.The matter stands dropped with the suggestion that all important circulars be uploaded on the website of KVS.
19MACPS: Grant of Grade pay of Rs. 4200/- to the UDCs/LDCs on ACP with effect from 01.08.2009, who were granted Grade pay of Rs. 2800/- before 01.08.2009 (as per Para 6.2 of DOPT OM dated 19.05.2009 in view of up-gradation of pay scale of the hierarchy post i.e. Assistatn Superintendent). Necessary instructions for grant of financial upgradation under MACPS and review of the past cases, may also be issued in compliance of OM No. 35034/3/2008-Estt.(D)(Vol.II) dtd. 04.10.2012 issued by the DoPT, Govt. of India.The matter is sub-judice in the court of law.Since the Hon’ble CAT has not pronounced final judgement it will be reviewed in the next meeting.
20Medical facilities to the non- teaching employees working in a rural/remote area: Inclusion of more AMAS and hospitals as recognised for the purpose of reimbursement, preferably a sub committee consisting of representatives of recognized Associations may be formed to identify areas to suggest.The Agenda is not specifying clearly. However, the association may submit their proposal with more clarity in this regard to the Deputy Commissioner concerned for onward transmission to KVS HQ for examination under CSAfter due deliberation it was advised by Chirperson, JCM that the Association side should submit specific proposal(s) through Deputy Commissioner concerned for further examination.
21The non-teaching employees be excluded from the purview of Article 81(d) of the Education Code: The BOG of KVS never decided to include NTS in the ambit of Article 81D of Education Code at the time of implementation of that draconian provision.Article 81(d) of Education Code has been introduced in KVS to ensure the presence of employees for smooth functioning of KVS.
By introducing this article unauthorized absence has been put on check and employees do not leave the place of posting without prior approval of competent authority. This has improved the discipline amongst employees and KVS has been able to maintain continuous progress and is considered as roll model in the field of education.
The provisions of Article 81(d) of Education Code are applicable for all category employees of KVS as approved by BOG. Hence the claim of association is in correct.
The Chairperson was of the view that the contention of the association is not correct and the rule is equally applicable to both teaching and non-treaching staff of KVS. Hence item was dropped.



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